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Hard to pick only one, but this is one off them.

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I have so many good ones, but i can't be arsed uploading them to imgur just to post here.

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I'm not at all taking sides in PS4 vs. XBox 1 but this gif made me laugh pretty hard.

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I don't know if this game will ever exist but the trailer was amazing as is the soundtrack.

Otherwise i will never get tired of watching Niko punch a nurse in the face.

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FF: Dead Inside

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Current Favorite:

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@splodge said:

Edit - I keep coming back and staring at this one. Its just so.fucking.funny. The little wave / jazz hands at the end kills me.

You fucking win, sir! I'm crying laughing over here!

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@pr1mus said:

@bigjeffrey: I could look at that MGS one for hours. So good.

@intro said:

@pr1mus said:

I don't know but i like those from GB a lot.

I made the Jeff and Vinny one!!!

Excellent work!

Thank you!

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Oh man, I've been waiting forever to use those Jeff "Burn with me!" gifs.

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The classic. And still the best. ♥

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I feel a little like Matt Rorie, but...

There was also a great one that I can't find where a corgi runs full-on into a room and immediately flops to the floor at a dead stop. It's hilarious.

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@splodge said:

Source : Reddit

The lionking gif is wayyyy worse with the text. The original is way better. The other gifs are pretty good though. Good cat gif. If fact, text-inserted gifs in general are bad. Some exceptions exist though.

Heres the good version of that one:

Here are some other good gifs:


well it doesn't seem to let me add more. Shame because they were just getting good. Wish this site would just let me link to externally hosted ones so I can just add in the img tag and call it a day, having to upload them takes way more time.

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Cheating here but i watch this last night, some really funny ones.

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this thread broke my internet

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A somewhat crummy gif I made when trying out some new gif making program.

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Bump. This thread has had enough recharge time.

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@hwy_61 Oh man, that Hamburglar had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.