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I'm afraid I don't know how to create polls, so I'll ask this more generally. What is your favorite instrument? This question may seem quite general(perhaps it is?), but I think it really depends on what you tend to listen to.

Personally, my favorite instrument is the bass guitar. I feel very tempted to say the synthesizer, but I won't. This is because, while the synth is arguable the most versatile instrument (and almost certainly my favorite to play) , I wouldn't necessarily call it the most distinct. I think the bass quitar has a very distinct sound, which can always be recognized, regardless of the medium in which it is used, electronic, rock, or acoustic.

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Percussion/bass are, IMO, the most important (especially for modern music), but nothing sends chills up my spine like some good electric guitar playing. So that's my pick

An instrument I love but can't play at all is the saxophone.

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I got pretty decent at playing my ukulele because I lived in a tiny apartment with my friend and didn't have the space in my bedroom for my guitar or piano. Now that I'm living in a much larger place all by myself, my ukulele is all I ever want to play. So, my favorite instrument is my ukulele. It's small, black, and has a dinosaur decal on it.

As far as listening to music? I don't really know. Piano, and its variations, seem pretty versatile and striking. I also appreciate a good bass line. To me it depends more on how the instrument is used than the sound it's making. I like artists who force something unique out of their tools. I don't want to hear yet another 60's inspired guitar solo. I don't want to hear generic, poppy riffs on a piano. And I don't want to hear boring, trudging bass lines.

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Computers :D

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I'm an enthusiastic banjoist. I have a feeling the banjo wouldn't have made it into a poll.

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@hatking: In keeping with my original post, I would say listen to some SquarePusher (particularly "Cooper's World" and "Bubble Life"), and the Chemical Brother's "Lost in the K-Hole".

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Drumkit, drum machine, beat making device.

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Percussion instruments but I am biased because I play them. If I had to pick from an instrument I didn't play...Bass guitar.

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@nodima: Any in particular? I own an MPC60, but always feel slightly jealous of SP-1200 owners.

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Maracas are just plain fun. You can't not have a good time with maracas, I dare you to try.

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I'm obsessed with the harp right now. I want one terribly.

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@sbaitso: moved this to Off Topic. General is for stuff about games and the site. Thanks

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@mb: Sorry bout that! Not generally a topic starter! Thanks!

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A good old mid 1980's Yamaha FM synthesizer, I guess.

Stuff like the DX7 and the TX81Z.

The Blaster Beam is pretty cool too, used in the Star Trek: The Motion Picture soundtrack.

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@tildebees: one of the most difficult instruments to learn but I still encourage your curiosity!

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@tycobb: Do you mean the role of bass more generally? Or do you mean a certain bass instrument in particular, for example the synth or bass guitar?

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The erhu, by far. I've been playing guitar for a dozen years, but the erhu is just a beautiful, fascinating instrument.

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@fisk0: yessssss. The DX7 is a beautiful, if under appreciated, instrument. Iconic, even.

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@xanadu: I've gotten the chance to sit down with some harps before and idk it was incredible just to noodle around with them

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I can play a few different instruments, but bass guitar is definitely my favorite. There's something really fun about playing a good bass line.

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Favorite instrument to listen to for me would probably be violin/fiddle. I don't listen to a ton of songs featuring said instrument(s) and I can't play it myself but something about that sound soothes my soul whenever I hear it. I'd like to learn how to play it some day. Of the instruments I can play I like guitar the most.

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I play guitar a lot, so there's one. But I also love listening to jazz piano.

Besides that, I really like listening to sitar and shamisen / sansen.

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Dunno if I have a favorite instrument, but I guess I have a bias towards cello, considering I used to play.

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@sub_o: Is there any particular style of guitar play you like? I personally love the heavier, almost droning style of some post rock/noise groups, though I also enjoy metal, prog, and jazz guitar.

@mezmero: I love listening to some bluegrass, particularly when visiting family in Arkansas, I get plenty of fiddle around that time!

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@deadpancakes: I've gotten to record some cello in my time and I love it's depth. It can cover a range of emotion if you let it. Everything from aggression to empathy and ecstasy.

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I play guitar and saxophone, but I think that the organ is a vastly underappreciated rock instrument.

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I'm a huge fan of the saxophone. No other instrument has ever been able to leave me with the tinglies after hearing it.

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Uh, i dont think i have a favorite instrument, but i think percussion instruments in certain soundtracks and songs really elevate it in a very primal way. Stuff like the BSG soundtrack, some stuff from FTL and halo.

Heres an example of what i mean.

It just has a very primal natural feeling to it all. Like i should be fist fighting a bear or something, and i love that. But thats me, im no expert on music.

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@sbaitso said:

@tycobb: Do you mean the role of bass more generally? Or do you mean a certain bass instrument in particular, for example the synth or bass guitar?

Bass guitar or stand-up -- I like it all.

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I get pretty stoked when I realize the song I'm listening to has some violin in it.

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Violins, especially electric.

I mean, seriously, how incredible is this:

Guitar and piano are also wonderful, as are bass (in drum and guitar form) and harpsichord.

... Fuck it, I just love instruments.

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@tycobb: I've actually recorded a double bass before (part of a fusiony jazz band), it's a tough one to capture.

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To those of you whole are a fan of the bass: how do you feel about the acoustic bass? In my mind it's a wholly different animal.

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@sbaitso said:

@sub_o: Is there any particular style of guitar play you like? I personally love the heavier, almost droning style of some post rock/noise groups, though I also enjoy metal, prog, and jazz guitar.

@mezmero: I love listening to some bluegrass, particularly when visiting family in Arkansas, I get plenty of fiddle around that time!

I enjoy listening to jazz and metal guitars. Technical intricacies are very interesting to me. Currently I'm listening to Marty Friedman's Inferno and Paul Gilbert's Vibrato, that should give you some idea about what I like. For contemporary jazz guitar, I listen to Alex Skolnick Trio a lot.

Here's Alex and Prassana (Indian jazz guitarist) improvising:

I'm very sloppy and intermediate in my guitar playing though.

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The Synthesizer, nothing is better in music than a rad synth.

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@corruptedevil: Do you happen to like any synths in particular? What sort of sounds do you look for in your synths? If I were to guess, that's a Moog Modular in the background of the video you posted. Though I doubt theres one in the song itself.

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@sbaitso: Not really, I pretty much like every synth I've heard, though I do prefer the deeper sounding ones. I'm not educated in music at all though, I just like to listen to it.

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Well I play guitar so I feel obligated to say that. Cello, piano, upright bass probably follow close behind. Oh and the theremin cause those are weird and wonderful.

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@corruptedevil: The wonderful thing about synths is that they all have a very distinct character if you get to know them (talking mostly about hardware synths here). Once you learn a bit about the classic synths, as well as the companies that made them, architecture of the synth, etc, you can pretty easily pick out which synth is which in a lot of synth heavy music.

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I'm partial to flutes and tubas!

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dimebag darrell's guitar.

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Violins, few instruments get to be so integral to the core melody of every song they are used in. I'm also quite fond of the heavy sound of a bass, I wish it got to play less of a support role a little more often.

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@sbaitso: I too love the sound of the bass guitar. Whether it's an upright or an electric bass. they all have a great sound.

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Violin, because it's my primary instrument at Uni and because it's the king of all instruments.

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