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Honestly the best soda i've ever tasted was a strawberry soda i had back in middle school. Haven't found it in stores since then though

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I'm a root beer guy myself.

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strawbery soda? never heard of it.

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I miss Vanilla Coke.

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No birch beer?  Screw you, guy.

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What ever the flavor of ice cold Dr pepper is

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Pineapple Crush is my hands-down favourite!

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@MonetaryDread: It's not a very well marketed soda, but it's out there. Hard as hell to find

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@w34ky: It still exists in Western PA :) Not sure about bottle form, but there are 12 can packs.

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Apple soda from the dollar store

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I voted grape, but then immediately remembered Pepsi Blue. So yeah... that.

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Dr. Pepper.

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I like almost any flavor of soda, but if I had to pick I guess I would go with cherry, because I love some Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, and Cheerwine.

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strawberry crush is probably the best soda that i've ever had

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@Grilledcheez: Not really an option. Being Canadian and all.

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@Spoonman671: You wouldnt happen to be from either Newfoundland er Labrador would you?

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Mountain dew is my favorite so I guess lemon lime

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Newfoundland represent! I'd go with Coke. I only ever drink it with rum though.

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Cherry Coke is pretty damn great. It edges out a win over Cola and Lemon-Lime for me. Also strawberry soda is gross. What kind do you like @j0lter? The Fanta one is the only one I have seen and it tastes gnarly.

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Pepsi Max. Is that a flavor?

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@DarthOrange: I think the one that i had was Fanta. Haven't tried any other brands because i can't find them anywhere lol

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In the absence of Ginger Beer, I voted for Ginger Ale

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@w34ky said:

@Spoonman671: You wouldnt happen to be from either Newfoundland er Labrador would you?

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Cherry Coke, biiiiiiiiiiiitch!

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my friends call me an old man but ginger ale will never stop being my favorite

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@laserbolts said:

Newfoundland represent! I'd go with Coke. I only ever drink it with rum though.

oh yeah, this reminds me coke might be the best because of how well it goes with crown

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Aqua Libra

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I can get sick of Cola flavor after less than a glass-full. Orange is my favorite fruit in terms of flavor, and I like nearly all of the sodas that taste like orange that I've had (I think).

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I like Colas, but specifically Moxie. Moxie is a lifestyle, not just a beverage choice.

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Orange Soda, the beverage of the gods.

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Root Beer.

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Dr. Pepper!

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I'm a sprite man... or anything with no caffeine

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Top tier soda is Coke, Cherry Coke, Dr Pepper, and Orange Sunkist. There are other orange sodas that taste exactly the same, but Sunkist is the one I used to drink the most.

Second tier is some Barq's/A&W root beer and Pepsi.

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Tossup between whatever Dr. Pepper's flavor is and Mountain Dew Code Red, which I guess is cherry.

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Root beer for me but I miss Pepsi Blue

Anyone else remember that

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@j0lter: How can you not have included apple flavor 0_0

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I remember going to Portugal about 5 years ago, and they had a 7UP variant that had a mint flavour added. That was a awesome drink, but it seems to be discontinued now.

Sans that, maybe Coke or Dr Pepper.

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Canada Dry has this green tea ginger ale that is pretty good.

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Root Beer, specifically A&W

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Favourites off the top of my head are Coke, Rootbeer, Vanilla infused drinks, 7-up type light drinks and I dunno... I like most Sodas except orange.

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@w34ky said:

I miss Vanilla Coke.

Vanilla Coke is totally still in production. Sadly the vastly superior Pepsi Vanilla is not.

I also miss Pepsi Twist/Coke with Lemon. So with the absence of those I'd have to say Orange is my favourite followed by Vanilla Coke.

EDIT: nevermind i see that you're in Canada where it is not sold. Bummer.

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@w34ky said:

I miss Vanilla Coke.

Man I hadn't thought about that for a while. That drink was the shit.

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Red cream soda. Grape soda when it's the summer..

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Man I LOVE being able to still buy Vanilla Coke where i live......although Pepsi Vanilla was the only time i preferred Pepsi over Coke