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Ice cream soda :)

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I don't drink soda anymore, but nothing will beat cola. What is cola flavor? Most of he others have some sort of basis in reality (oranges, straweberries, etc.), but what is cola?

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I'm gonna bump this and remind myself that Diet Dr Pepper is a fantastic soda.

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Cola, Coke mainly as i dont really care much for Pepsi.

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normal cola.

but i dont drink soda very often. i'm a coffee / beer guy myself. you know MAN drinks.

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Ginger ale, then cola, then orange soda, then spezi, then pineapple soda.

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try some of this its called tropical it tastes best from the glass bottles pretty much only ecuadorian restaurants sell them though, theyre delicious

Inca Cola is pretty good too

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It's a Midwest thing. I've lived in/around Chicago my entire life, so I've never had trouble finding it but I don't know what its availability is like in the rest of the country. It's kind of like a cross between Mountain Dew and Sprite.

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Orange muhfucka.

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My favorite is just plain Coke. I don't like most other cola drinks though like Pepsi or generic Cola brands

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Well lemon-lime would be more like Sprite. Mountain Dew is kind of it's own thing.
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Coke (By far the best cola for me) >>>> Lemon Lime = Orange = Ginger Ale >> Rest >> Root Beer = Dr Pepper

That's how I would rank them. I don't particularly hate the taste of Dr Pepper or Root Beer, they just taste way too sweet to be a good soda for me.

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I wanted to vote orange, I clicked on lemon-lime.

It's the maintenance man !

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All this other shit always tastes good the first time, but all end up being too sweet, heavy, and not refreshing, which is what a soft drink should feel like.  
Basic Cola or Canada Dry.

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Root Beer, followed by Dr. Pepper.

I likes the sweet ones, I guess.

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As an avid soda drinker and seeker of diabetes, I am always in the mood for a good fountain cola. Nothing beats it, if the mix is right.

Also I'm a big, big fan of Cherry 7up.

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Cola, love me some Coke Zero.

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Water is the best flavour soda.

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Followed by Strawberry

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@Godlyawesomeguy said:

I don't drink soda anymore, but nothing will beat cola. What is cola flavor? Most of he others have some sort of basis in reality (oranges, straweberries, etc.), but what is cola?

Most cola has no Kola nut extract at all, but rather just extracts form various spicy barks, fruit rinds, and nuts. Coca Cola (1890s style w/o coca), according to some, probably got most of it flavors from Orange oil, Lemon oil, Nutmeg oil, Coriander, Neroli (Bitter Orange), Cinnamon, and vanilla. Modern coke probably uses a simplified (cheaper set) of ingredients to give the same 'essential oils' taste. Modern 'cola flavor' is 'chemistry'; i.e. mostly laboratory created flavors brought to you by food science that can be called natural...but are not made from what you think. For example vanilla flavor is made from guaiacol or lignin....err wood...which is a byproduct of the wood pulp industry.

The reason why cola is so hard to place is because it is several flavors at once. If you go to specialty stories you can buy cola with Kola Nut extracts, but its is not that different in most cases because - citrus oils, vanilla, and cinnamon - are in there too which is 90% of the cola flavor.