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Ocarina of Time

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Wind Waker. Not only is it my favorite Zelda game, it's the only one I like.

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Skyward Sword, maybe? It is a pretty cool game.

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I can never decide between Ocarina and Wind Waker.

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Never cared for the Zelda games, but I respect the first game greatly.

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It's really hard for me to enjoy the top-down ones, even the DS ones. They just don't have the feel that I come to Zelda for. Also, I ended up enjoying Twilight Princess way more than everyone else thinks I should've. I'd love some more dark Zelda, but everyone else disagrees.

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Never played one. Which is odd for me I think.

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Wind Waker. I never get tired of the graphics and the music. And it makes me want to own a boat.

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Wind Waker / Links Awakening / Skyward Sword. In no particular order.

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@notdavid said:

but everyone else disagrees.

No, I like dark zelda!

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@Halos_god: You should read my design doc for "Legend of Zelda: Orgy of Blood".

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Hells ya!

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2D: Link's Awakening

3D: Darksiders >_>

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Link's Awakening was my first and to me it's a god damn masterpiece. I thought that my love for it was mostly nostalgia, but after replaying it fairly recently I think it still totaly holds up. It also has the best music in the series, in my opinion.

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the one in the trash can

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Majora's Mask.
But I really like all of them and would play any of them again.

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Link to the Past. Second would probably be twilight princess.

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Twilight Princess. I didn't like Wind Waker all that much.

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Between Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time. So hard to choose!!

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The Legend of Zelda. Only good Zelda game made. I agree that Darksiders is the best 3D Zelda game.

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A Link to the Past!!!

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Majora's Mask.

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Ocarina carries the most emotional investment for me.

@matthias2437 said:

I agree that Darksiders is the best 3D Zelda game.

You know what, if that was an option I would probably pick it.

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I haven't even played Wind Waker.

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Wind Waker. I loved the open world and the art style. There seemed to be so much to do. Though I hate the wallet limit of 300. Why couldn't they just give you 1000.

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LttP for me!

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Wind Waker. I thought it had the best music and the art style was fantastic.

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Darksiders by far

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Well, Ocarina has the nostalgia factor. Link to the Past was also a lot of fun. I'm not keen on the art design in recent ones.

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Majora's Mask 

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Majora's Mask

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Ocarina of Time.

There's been better Zelda games then this one. But, this was the first Zelda game I had owned and played all the way through. I played it when I was 12-13 which was the perfect time to play it. All that nostalgia makes it my personal favorite.

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I love how you have included Crossbow Training.

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WW , best Zelda game and strait up the best game .

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Majora. That game is so unique. I'm frankly a little surprised to see Wind Waker leading this. I liked it and all, but it's one of the lesser Zeldas to me.

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Link to the Past.

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Majora's Mask.

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Link to the Past.

The only Zelda game I like.

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ALttP with Ages/Seasons in close second.

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Tough question. I like everything from the original up to and including Majora's Mask. After that it gets kinda dicey for me. I will go with A Link to the Past since that is the Zelda game I have probably played the most over the years.

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Not trying to sound like a jackass, but how many times have people asked this question? It seems like I every time I come on the forums this question always pops up.

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Wind Waker for me.

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Glad to see Wind Waker is actually leading. I chose Skyward Sword, because I honestly think it's the best Zelda game yet. My top three would go Skyward, Past, then Wind. Honestly though I've played the majority of them and they're all amazing.

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Zelda II has the most fond memories for me.