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Mine is Roseanne, this family became an extension of my own in a sense.

1. Roseanne

My favourite show of all time.

2. Dexter
Great show dark, deep, staying strong for the most part.
3. The Simpsons

Seasons 1 through 8 were gold, I will not speak of the trash that they have become.

4. American Dad!
I think this is a great show, Roger is hilarious.
5. Star Trek: Voyager
Loved this show, the only Star Trek I truly loved.

What is yours?

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Boy Meets World.

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M.A.S.H. followed by News Radio.

For animated tv shows it would be Futurama.

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Arrested development and West Wing

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Frasier by far.

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Too many to chose from. I would have to say either Firefly, Arrested Development or Full Metal Alchemist.

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It's a tie between MASH, Bacccano, Scrubs, and Full Metal Alchemist.

There. I can't decide and don't want to. All of those are so far different that comparisons don't amount to much.

@DillonWerner said:

Too many to chose from. I would have to say either Firefly, Arrested Development or Full Metal Alchemist.

Aw damn. We got a Mustang here!

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Probably South Park.

Not saying it's the best show on TV or anything but it just has so much nostalgia value for me. The one constant in my life has always been South Park, so despite quality, it basically has to be my favorite show.

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The Wire, after finishing it I can still go back to random episodes and find stuff that I never noticed first time round

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Never enjoyed a show more than I am enjoying Boardwalk Empire.

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Arrested Development or Spaced. I can't decide which is more amazing....

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ZeD. It is why I have such a high standard for film, TV, music, writing and art. It opened my eyes to just how great the best of each medium can be.

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The Twilight Zone. I just love everything about it: the idea, the stories, the (now) retro-ness.

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South Park. It has the most hilarious little touches and lines, it has horror episodes, it has drama, it has gross shit, it has everything.

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Arrested Development, although recently I have been loving the hell out of The Wire and am consistently thrilled by Game of Thrones. Oz might still be my favorite HBO show though.

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Married with Children quickly followed up by Leave it to Beaver.

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In no order


South Park (originals, seasons 1-6)


All in the Family



Las Vegas



How I (almost) Got Away With It



Cowboy Bebop


IT Crowd

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Community, Doctor Who, The West Wing

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@JEC03 said:


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If I had to choose one, probably The Simpsons (Seasons 3-12). Although I really enjoy older episodes of The Office, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, Friday Night Lights and a little known show called School Rumble.

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Arrested Development. Followed closely by the Simpsons when it was at its peak

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Game of Thrones

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The Wire

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Six Feet Under.

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Futurama. It's the only show to ever make me cry of both laughter and sadness.

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I can't pick. My answer would probably change every time you asked me.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Runner-up prize goes to Mad Men, followed by Community (though Dan Harmon leaving is distressing to me. Still, three amazing seasons)

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batman the animated series, house just to name a few

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The Wire  

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Is it wrong that everybody's answers made me look at the posted date to see if this thread was from the 1990's?

Mine would be Doctor Who, or Paranoia Agent.

@Stonyman65 said:


Damn it, for got about Jericho.

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absolutely due to pure childhood nostalgia i have to give it to Batman: The Animated Series.

by god! what a great show. i'm going to make my future kids watch that show.

as for shows that are currently still on tv? i'd probably say game of thrones.

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Of all time I think I would go with the Blackadder series. Never gets old. My favorite tv show recently would be Breaking Bad.

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I Love Lucy.

@Kremly: Also an amazing show.

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Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, early seasons of the Office, The West Wing, and The Simpsons.

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@HarlequinRiot said:

The Twilight Zone. I just love everything about it: the idea, the stories, the (now) retro-ness.

The little girl lost one is fucking awesome! I always record that one and keep it until the DVR I have dies.

Also, Since Gurren Lagann appeared on SciFi channel once. THAT! Also Southpark and FMA: Brotherhood too.

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Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

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@Killroycantkill said:

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

What!? Don't you mean that crazy Japanese one where people have to go through a near impossible challenge? Because if so, I loved that show!

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Chuck, Fringe, Breaking Bad

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Favorite Show - Dexter

Favorite Single Season Breaking Bad season 4

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If you asked me when I was 17, my only answer would have been M*A*S*H.

Now I don't know. So many HBO series that I really enjoy (Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire etc).

Community is consistently great still at this stage, so too was Arrested Development. I just can't choose.

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Doctor Who, Game of Thrones.

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@SolidOcelot said:

Chuck, Fringe, Breaking Bad

eh, chuck sorta fell apart for me once whats his name and girlie pants got together. after that the show no longer had a main focus, so it sorta ran around with the side characters who were side characters FOR A REASON. it was terrible.

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I have to have one? I can't do that, but if I had to, I guess Star Trek: TNG. I think I like Miami Vice as much, or very close, and I like Home Improvement because it kind of reminds me of my own family, and I like Full House. The first couple of season more than the latter ones because I think (especially) Michelle, and Stephanie are cute characters and kind of remind me of how cute my cousin is and was when she was a baby, but really, other than that, Full House, while having likable characters, a great theme song that makes me want to visit San Francisco because of it, is pretty corny kids stuff.

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Dexter, Breaking Bad, Justified, Archer, Arrested Development, Community and The Daily Show.

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Comedy: Father Ted

Drama: Dexter

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Friends and Seinfeld for sitcoms.

Extras for comedy.

Lost and (I know it may be early to call but I am doing it) Game of Thrones for dramas (Sopranos is up there as well as almost everything HBO)

I loved DBZ as a 12 year old but Cowboy Bebop is probably the best anime series I have watched.

And finally Luther and Sherlock are probably the best crime dramas ever made.

Shout outs to Friday Night Lights, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Breaking Bad, Rome, ST: TNG and Entourage.

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Has to be the original series of the Twilight Zone.