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Everybody's different and I'm just wondering what your perfect weekend would be.

Personally, where the sun is out, its super hot, BBQ, beers and pool and your best friends. Once the suns goes down, inside for some games.


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Rain outside and video games all day.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Rain outside and video games all day.

ooh I like this one. It barely rains where I live, so if there's a good one going on (usually happens once or twice for the year) I usually sit outside under the patio and relax and enjoy the rain. Maybe have a cup of coffee or something.

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The perfect mix of gaming in the morning, going out for a drink with a friend after midday, making a perfect dinner and ending the evening with a good book and glass of wine.

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Grinding through video games and hoping that there's something worthwhile on the forums?

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Bottle of vodka and some video games. Sort of depressing to think about really.

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Some combination of sex, music, games, spending time with the people I love, and a good nights sleep (which actually ends closer to noon, so a good mornings sleep might be a more apt description) sounds good to me.

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Snowboarding. A powder day on the mountain then back home for gaming with my friends. All with plenty of herb to smoke.

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I don't even need a weekend, I miss just having a bunch of friends over playing N64 4 player games, fighting games, magic the gathering, and going in and out of a pool on a hot day.

You know, before everyone started getting older and hating each other for political, religious, and life choices we took. Or just simply having girlfriends, wives, kids, full time jobs, and really just no time for anything.

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Working my way through a large chunk of a textbook.

Topped off with admiring a fine door, of course.

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Any weekend where I do something new is good in my book. Add some rain in there too, I love rain.

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Sleep til 1 pm, wake up, watch Dave build a fortress. Go back to sleep.

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My perfect weekend would be any weekend I spend in a warmer climate. I'm getting tired of Washington's bi-polar weather.

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Watching good porn with great quality and sound design. 

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@falserelic said:

Watching good porn with great quality and sound design.

When you say sound design are you talking about the music or the acoustics of the room in which the debauchery is taking place?

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@CaLe said:

@falserelic said:

Watching good porn with great quality and sound design.

When you say sound design are you talking about the music or the acoustics of the room in which the debauchery is taking place?

Listening to the women scream...
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Jumping a flight to the Gold Coast, staying in an apartment with my wife and some friends.

Days at the beach, nights at bars and restaurants and then curling up on the couch watching shitty movies.

Copious amounts of sex in the evenings and the mornings (preferably an orgy, but more likely not haha)

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Video games all day and nothing to worry about! :D

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I had a perfect weekend once, When me and my wife were first seeing each other we spent an entire weekend locked in a hotel room when we were supposed to be visiting Niagara Falls. It was great. If I could have any weekend back it would be that one.

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I'd play a new game I'm enjoying from the morning into the afternoon, while eating good food for each meal, then I would spend the rest of the afternoon outside under a patio watching the rain while getting some writing done, then after dinner I would talk to some of my friends online, while perusing Giantbomb and my other preferred websites (comicvine, cracked, destructoid, etc), before bed I'd read for an hour or two, then I'd have awesome dream like I'm a superhero or John McClane or something.

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Vacations (so not being worried about homework) and having a bunch of videogames to play.

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FNM on Friday, video games. UFC, and drinks with friends on Saturday, and then sleeping in until 2 and lounging around on Sunday.

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Video games!

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Bora Bora. A bungalow over the lagoon. My old lady on one side and a nice cold drink on the other.

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It's sitting inside big bathtub full of jelly accompanied by two beautiful women as explosions occur around me with jets flying overhead.

Not too much to ask is it?

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Right now, I just want to spend a weekend with my college friends and my girlfriend. Summer sucks.