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#51 Posted by hunkaburningluv (568 posts) -

I completely destroyed the tendons in my ankle - couldn't out any weight on it for a good month.....

#52 Posted by SmithSyndicate (87 posts) -

No bodily harm, but I hurt my video game system (which we can all relate to).
I went to my friend's house to a party and was bringing my 360 stuff for the next day when we were just planning on hanging out and gaming.  Needless to say, I somehow managed to drop my harddrive 4 feet into a snowbank.  After that, I accidentally threw it down his flight of unfinished stairs (they were just the wood, so no carpet yet) which absolutely wrecked it.  
I lost everything on the harddrive.  :(

#53 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2914 posts) -

I was trying to sleep after drinking heavily once and suddenly had to throw up. So I tried to roll out of bed really fast but managed to faceplant on the nightstand pretty hard. Needless to say, the next day I was hung over with a dirty carpet and a big bruise on my face.

#54 Posted by Anna214 (1 posts) -

I drank 2/3 of a vodka bottle and don't remember anything, although someone saw me get hit by a car, and someone else found my unconscious with my head bleeding. Woke up in hospital with concussion, a gash on my forehead, and a gash down my leg. But saw all over

#56 Posted by Nodima (1319 posts) -

Was walking quickly down the hall all energized about whatever was gonna happen when I got through that door and I smashed the outside of my right foot into the door frame. This was about 4 years ago at this point and I'm pretty sure I broke something at the time because I still feel a weird tingle when I put pressure on that foot the wrong way, and it'll also go numb from circulation if I've got my legs folded up or across in anyway. I was a Jimmy John's delivery driver at the time and I had to walk on the side of my foot for nearly two weeks and could barely press the gas pedal.

#57 Posted by Hitchenson (4682 posts) -

My dignity (or lack thereof).

#58 Posted by two_socks (237 posts) -

I've woken up after a long day/night of drinking with lots of bruises and small cuts all over that I can never remember happening. Worst was probably a solid 3 inch cut across my thigh that I still don't know how it happened. Once saw a friend climb on to the roof of a frat house and then we found a dirty old mattress laying around and 4 of us held it and then chanted his name until he jumped on to it. He was fine though, I think. At the same party another dude walked into a wooden fence so hard he tore the whole thing down. It was pretty fun!

#59 Posted by stonepawfox (236 posts) -

my alcohol-based damages have been by and large monetary ones

#60 Posted by Codeacious (960 posts) -

Yikes, you people get way rowdier while drunk than I. The worst I've done was dropping a cabinet on my toe while attempting to move it (yes, while drunk), and I lost the whole toenail and couldn't walk on it for a while.

#61 Posted by SMTDante89 (2603 posts) -

Had my first (and last) drink when I was a kid of about four. Saw a beer can and thought it was some sort of soda. Had a sip and made some pretty nasty faces. That's really it and I haven't had one since.

#62 Posted by Scrawnto (2472 posts) -

I bruised my shins once trying to vault over the railing around a dance floor. It was embarrassing more than anything else. I'm not a very reckless or violent person, even drunk.

#63 Posted by Optix12 (628 posts) -

never injures myself besides the hangover the day after. The worst I have done though is come back from a messy night deciding i should watch something on my laptop. Woke up to a broken laptop and had to open it up to realize I had puked on it. Cleaned that sucker out and gave it a day to dry and that guy is still fine

#64 Edited by Nictel (2515 posts) -

Nothing to bad, jumped down three meters of stairs twice in a row to catch a train once. Didn't feel anything at the time but my ankles hurt for like four days afterwards. Mostly I just did stupid stuff that make me want to drink more to forget it all.