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I got some Sobe and Lindt chocolate.  I guess that's not much, but it made my day! 

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This site being launched.

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seeing the forums open here

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 This place being launched and seeing friendly faces here.....

Seriously, I spent most of my day here. :P

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This Site


and a 24oz Rockstar Energy Drink

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yeah, this site, haha.

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waking up to this site coming up.

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Probably this site launching, besides this site my day was utterly uneventful.

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i saw caron butler (nba player for washington wizards) at the mall today lol

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This site, I'm impressed by its features.

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The site and getting any new gaming system or a highly anticipated game.

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The new Facebook. It looks really cool.

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twenty0ne said:
"The new Facebook. It looks really cool."
Dude, I want that, but it still hasn't updated it for me. =( I hope they hurry up and get around to everyone soon.
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Posting the first topic made by a regular user in OT!! YAY FOR ME!!!!

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Well it was'nt the imposter LJS's thread anyway.

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This site made my day

oh. and winning the lottery was pretty cool

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this website.

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Hanging out with friends.

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The Launch of the beta site of Giantbomb and some yoohoo from the gas station!

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The launch of the site for sure

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Pikachu said:
"seeing the forums open here
Same here, i c u r working towards having the same post count here and GS pikachu. BTW if DD asks u about the site, tell him its false and the site didnt launch :O.
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Exactly, the GB launch made my day, week, and month.

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getting a slurpee at 7/11.  it was epic, 'specially since it was hella hot outside.

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Sleepy_Insomniac said:
"This site being launched.
This, pretty much.
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the launching of the site^^

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Forgetting I'm almost 19 and getting all giddy over the ability to say "fuck" here.

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This badass website made my day.

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Nothing yet... But its still early.

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I spent most of my day on here, so nothing particularly made it. This is the pitfall of working from home...

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LouChou said:
"I spent most of my day on here, so nothing particularly made it. This is the pitfall of working from home...
Can't go wrong with that, can ya?
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waking up and watching Anthony Bourdain on my favorite episode :D

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erm,,, the screecher is gone :)

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DaWhiteAsian was banned. IDK I like that I finally have some points but nothing special really.

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....hmm....OH!!! I found out that my friend Mary Kate is going with me to an amusement park on Monday...so yeah...im excited

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My dinner.


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Laughing at the person who made 650 posts in less than 48 hours.

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Getting in touch with a friend that had distanced themselves.

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Beavis and Butthead came on TV. I haven't seen that show in ages.

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Seeing Angelina Jolies ass in Wanted.

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My grandma coming from maimi

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Seeing this site launch and talking to the GF.

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prolly goin on a date with this hot latino...thats street cred my frenz...valuable street cred

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There was a big ass thunderstorm today while I was at work.

I love thunderstorms, oh god, they're awesome.