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B motivates me more, but honestly both of those scenarios are low on my motivation list because I try not to worry about what others think.

What motivates me the most is if someone is counting on me.

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I think I'll also post a thread with a similar question later. It's to cure my curiousity.  
BTW, according to psych research, I guess B would be the answer for most of you. Self-fulfilling prophecy and what-not.

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Winning. I don't care if you believe in me or talk shit the whole time or whatever, if I feel like there's something I can win at, that's my motivation. Basically, I like to try to be the best at everything I do(except school, I'm a fucking terrible student).

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Absolutely no idea.

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Neither of those, I don't really care for other's opinions on me.

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Definitely B. I don't find myself getting anything positive out of people talking shit at me, but when someone tells me they believe in me it really boosts my confidence.

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@NickL said:

What motivates me the most is if someone is counting on me.

That is probably the one thing that motivates me the most as well.

However, I must say that if someone tells me I can't do something, a combination of rage and determination rises up within me. Unless it's something I know I'll never do or master.

If someone tells me that they believe in my abilities, I just swell with pride. No amount of praise will motivate me, it's only when my abilities are questioned that I motivate myself.

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It kinda depends on the situation I think.

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A because I want to prove people wrong

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If I think I can do something it doesn't matter what other other people think, positive or negative.

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Positive reinforcement FTW.

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Positive reinforcement. A could apply, but I can see it being more of a bring down or me just not giving a fuck what that person says.

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The blood of my enemies. 

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Honest answer?  
Top of the list is Lexapro followed by excessive caffeine intake.  I require both of those just to function as a conscious human being. 

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I recall someone did a study in my school on our rowing team, and found that people who were receiving negative feedback (i.e. choice A) did better on their 2,000 meter row than those who were encouraged (i.e. B).

This obviously only applies to certain people in certain situations, but food for thought

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I don't think I have been in the position where someone has doubted my abilities.

Motivation comes from fear for me.

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I don't know, and that sucks. I think it would be B, but I never get any positive reinforcement so I don't know for sure.

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C. Cause I'm an unmotivated piece of shit. There are a very few things left that i care about, 3 as a matter of fact.

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D. When people give me money.

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A. I love proving people wrong.

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I've never been motivated by anyone other than myself.

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I voted B, but I don't think I've ever really experienced A. People generally seem pretty confident in my abilities for some reason.