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I just bought some new headphones from Tweaked Audio, with a discount code.. geekbox I used to use the cheapest black Sony ear-buds from Best Buy. And they were often on sale. [I got that black electrical tape, wrapped on my plug cuz they were breaking pretty bad..] I really don’t want this to be spam, any. Its just interesting to know what you you guys buy. You know, to listen to Everything. E.g. Music, Podcasts, Movies, Etc. Da Bombcast.

Do people here actually buy beats by Dre? Do you buy multiple headsets? Like:

  1. For Out and about in the world, and
  2. One for your house?

Do you just use your gaming headset for your listening?.

Anyway, beats by Dre. I’ve seen like one guy at school with these. And he has an over-the-ear version. Those are expensive, I would think.. I mean, aren’t the in-ears’ version better for out and about?. It doesn’t seem he uses a case for his.

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Personally, I use Sennheiser HD 202s. They're cheap and probably the best headphones I've personally used. I'm on a tight budget though so there's probably better ones out there, but for the price they've been good to me.

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Beats and other garbage such as skullcandys suck hard. You should'nt buy things based on brand names and advertising.

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I use these things called speakers. They're kind of loud.

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Get a pair of HD-25-1 II's from Sennheiser. I am not kidding, these things are amazing. Closed system so your not bothering people when your on the move and they produce incredible sound for their size.

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I use a pair of klipsch s4 II's and I really love them. They are easily the best buds under a hundred bucks. Sound is great, not amazing, but the seal is perfect for me.

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I use some Sennheiser hd449s for home use, and some SoundMagic E10s for non-home use.

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@jimmy_p: Thanks for teaching me a lesson. What do you use?

@devilzrule27:Is that like headphones? You go to the Wal-Mart, and listen to Ryan Payton talk about Unity Game Engine efficiency, and Nintendo's finances. "kind of loud"

@vman: I just searched these. Woah!. Neat. I bet they're comparable to beats and stuff.

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Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones. Nothing amazing but it's fine for listening as an over the ear for an affordable price.

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@blu3v3nom07 Well, get them at a good price and they are as good and better then the beats. Your not paying for all the Dr Dre branding. Go listen to them somewhere, take your own player with you so that you can listen to your own music.

Oh also make sure you don't get the SP ones, those are the cheap ones and aren't nearly as good.

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Razer's Orca's, comfy and sound great.

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Sennheiser HD419's for home use and a pair of shitty Philips in-ears for use outdoors.

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The ones that came with my Samsung Galaxy S, and when those go kaput I'll head to best buy and grab whatever costs $10.

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If I want to use an open pair of headphones, I use my Senn HD555s. If I want to use a closed set, I use my Beyerdynamic DT-770 32 Ohms (fancy 88th Anniversary edition ones. My favourite pair of headphones I own by far). If I am out in public (walking home from university or the like) I use either my Hisoundaudio PAA-1s or PAA-1 Pros (They're Chinese domestic market earbuds that are really really good sounding for their price. The first set is like $18, the second is $50. You can get them off eBay). I also have a couple sets of Apple earbuds sitting around too that I use once in a while.

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I use an Astro A30 (on the ear gaming headset) when I'm at my desk at home and Shure SE215 (In-Ear Buds) when I'm on the go. Both sound excellent. I'm considering upgrading to the Astro A40 when my A30 breaks.

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Apple ear pods.

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apple buds > beats???

i use alessandro ms-1i at home and vmoda m-80 on the go. ms-1i is open backed so it leaks and is not good for portable use, but MY GOD the sound. not really 3d soundstage but such great crispness and detail, and surprisingly deep bass. prob not best for gaming. m-80 is more laid back but still sounds very lush and musical, with some tight and reverberant bass and clear vocals. also very nice soundstage. kinda hurts at first and not great isolation, but both improve appreciably w/ use. warning as the m-80 is pretty tight on hideously large heads (like mine).

hope to graduate to high end senns or ultrasone someday when i'm rich. head fi is mighty tempting. ;)

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I used to have Grado SR325i headphones at home and Grado SR225s at work. A while back I got the PSB M4U 1s to replace my work headphones and to use for travel since they are closed back and leak less sound, but I like them so much that they've also replaced my home headphones. I carry them back and forth every day. They sound damn good, have a lot of nice usability features, and they're a bit cheaper than the Grado SR325i to boot.

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I have Sennheiser HD 555 headphones, which I use while at home (that is, when I'm not using my speakers). Then when I'm walking outside or drumming I use some crappy Philips earbuds. They wear down pretty quickly, but because I use them while drumming and stuff I don't want to use expensive ones I could fuck up while playing.

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I have Bose Ie2's they sound good and are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

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Sennheiser HD555s for my computer; music, movies and games. As well as for video editing work when needed. Also have a pair of speakers hooked up to my system. I believe they are HD558s now, as I bought mine about 5 years ago.

ThinkSound ts01 for earbuds. I also like Klipsch S2s and S4s;



I go through earbuds every 6 months from washing them on accident, to my cats destroying them or just plain losing them. I usually spend around 40 bucks on a pair as I like comfort with good quality but not overboard for the price.

Brands to avoid; Skullcandy, Beats by Dre and Bose. Skullcandy are just utter crap and you are paying a decent price for low quality. Bose and Beats you are paying for a name and to be honest just bass bumped headphones. Sennheiser, Audiotechnica and Sony is your go to for good headphones. Ear buds, plenty of good stuff out there pending your budget.

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For in ear out and about Denon AH-C260 or Novero Rockaway bluetooth earphones for the phone. For on the PC Audio-technica ATH-AD700 which are an open-air dynamic headphones, they take a bit of burn in but man they are good earphones, I also put them through a Fiio E7 DAC amp and that also helps.

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@takenbytrees: I've got the E17, which I think is probably the followup to the E7. It's a neat little DAC/amp. Definitely an improvement over the noisy signal from your average PC headphone jack.

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Yup, Beats are decent compared to out-of-the-box stuff you get with phones etc but in no way worth their price (nor are they particularly good in any way compared to their similarly priced audiophile equivalents).

For those looking better buys than the Beats by Dr Dre cans, I'd recommend;

  1. Sennheiser Momentum or the AKG K550 (both ~$300-$350) - I haven't listened to the PSB M4U-1s, but those are supposedly great too.
  2. Shure SRH-840, Logitech UE6000 & Sony MDR-1R (all around $190 and all great)
  3. Audio Technica ATH-M50 (<$130)

These are all closed headphones and good for both around the house and portable use - much like the intended uses for the Dres. But hey, don't just listen to me, check out the reviews.

As for me, I have a bunch of headphones, my mains being a pair of Denon AH-D5000s at home, for portable cans I've had the AiAiAi TMA-1s, Shure SRH840s and Denon AH-D1100s and I truck some cheapo Sony buds for the gym/everything else since all the earbuds I get keep breaking anyway.

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You're paying for a brand/fashion statement with Beats. They're better than your Apple earbuds. But not $200+ better.

The Senheiser 555's are good for the money. They're open sets, so you can still hear what's going on around you. I use these for gaming along with a Rode NT1A as my microphone.

I also have a set of 595's that I use on my synth. Nice set of earbuds, but they're pretty much just more expensive 555's. Nicer materials, but the 555's internals are almost the same. There's a film on the 555's that people remove that brings them on par with the 595s.

I have a pair of Klipsch X10's which are pretty good in ear buds. They're very comfortable to wear and sound as good as one would expect for a $100 set of in-ear buds.

Each one of those was cheaper than a set of Dre's. Heck, I could include a cheapy portable amp and still come out under a Beats headset.

If you actually want to listen to music, the recommendations in this thread are good.

If you want the 2012 version of Z Cavaricci's, Beats by Dr. Dre has you covered.

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I use a Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 headset. It was relatively inexpensive (Around 50$) and the previous X11 lasted me for a long time. To be honest though, a good pair of hi fi noise reducing earbuds is a lot more comfortable and does a pretty good job for long gaming sessions on my PC.

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Back when I still managed for a certain massive music equipment retailer (years ago), I used my store discount to get some dope cans. Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro headphones. These puppies are still kicking into my earholes to this day, and for their current price, tough to beat. Also, for anybody who plans on making the jump up to cans that run beyond the "OMG JUST NEED DOPE BASS" 32 ohms, grab yourself a sweet headphone amp to go with them. When you're spending 200 bones or more on a set of cans, you start getting into reference level territory, so the amp helps immensely with pushing them.

I also use the Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro's for live sound mixing since they are closed. Honestly, there are better out there (these are more performance style headphones for use in a studio) for my needs, but I used that same discount back in the day and these suckers are still working out for me years later.

Beats are overrated as all shit. I mean, if you like low frequency information, sure they are great. But if your mixing or actually give a shit about the other 19,000 frequencies that the human ear can discern, try something else. To be fair though, I've never mixed with them, just ran some sound through them. I guess I just take issue with how much they charge people for those things.

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I have a pair of Sennheiser HD558s that I use at home for music/movies/gaming/etc, and just a cheap pair of sony earphones for when I'm not at home. I do 99% of my listening at home though, so my 558s get a vast majority of the use.

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I use a pair of Sony Professional MDR-7506 headphones for use during video production, but I also use them for just listening to music, gaming, watching TV etc. They're extremely comfortable too. They need to be as I often have to wear them for a quite long time.

I've owned a fair few pairs of headphones from the likes of Technics, Panasonic, Sennheiser, Philips, JVC and Sony, but I think I've liked these ones the most (I even bought another pair for my brother for Christmas last year)

The best part though is that, because they are part of Sony's Professional equipment division, the warranty and after-care are excellent as well as the fact that the parts are made to be replaceable.

I don't normally wear headphones when I'm walking about as I prefer to be more aware of my surroundings, but if I'm on a train or something using my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S2) to listen to music, the radio or a game, I'll just use the headphones that came with it. They are decent enough for the situation.

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@ripelivejam: @scrawnto: Nice to see some Grado fans on here. I've only got a pair of SR-60s, but they sound fantastic, especially for the price.

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I use Sennheiser HD-25, they're definitely not made for music production because they give you anything but a good reference of what everybody else will hear, in that way they're not exactly right for music listening either. With these headphones you get to hear imperfections in mixes, the loudness war kind of mixes become directly uncomfortable, you'll find a lot of tracks you wish had been treated better - but the masterfully engineered tracks with a little bump of extra bass will be the greatest you ever heard.

Audiophilia - Because you're worth it

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If you have the money to spend HD-25-1 II's i have had a pair for about 2 years now they are robust and sound incredible!

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Sennheiser HD280s.

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I have a pair of Sennheiser HD558s that I use at home for music/movies/gaming/etc, and just a cheap pair of sony earphones for when I'm not at home. I do 99% of my listening at home though, so my 558s get a vast majority of the use.

This is what I use for everything. I like them.

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Get some.


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I got a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50S to deal with a noisy office at work. Only downside I've found is how hot you can get wearing them for a long time.


If I'm doing just about anything that is not sitting at a desk i have a bunch of cheap earbuds that I don't care if i lose or break.

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I have a pair of Bose AE2s that I got for free, I'm sure there are much better headphones out there. These are pretty flimsy and the foam that's in the ear cushion actually gives my ear a rash.

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I use my siberia v2 gaming headset for everything computer. And I have a pair of Sennheiser Precision CX-II or whatever for portable.

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Apple EarPods. They've kinda lost their bass after a few months of moderate use, though. I'm thinking about getting some actual over-ear cans as replacements.

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i use the Sennheiser HD 700.
amazing sound, design and fits like a glove but would not recommend them since they are insanely expensive (roughly $1100 where i live) and i was lucky to get them dirt cheap
heres what they look like

and to the beats part you where talking about, i have only tried the studio and the pro versions and my god the sound in them are bad, i mean really bad the only reason they are popular imo is because of the name dre and people who use them dont know what real sound is and only use them as a fashion statement. i mean you can get so much better headphones both in design and sound quality for so much less.

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I use some shitty generic brand ear buds when I bring my music to places. When I'm at home I use my Turtle Bitches.

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Whatever comes with a new phone or generic ear buds.

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Ear buds are my favorite style. Beats actually do have great sound quality but they're very bassy and, in my experience, aren't very durable. I got a set of Adidas-branded Sennheiser earbuds for $50 on Amazon. They're made for working out in and have a teflon-reinforced wire. So you can get sweaty with them on, snag the wire here and there, and they'll still work good as new. I blacked out one night and when I woke up the left earbud was separated from the wire totally but that was my drunken buffoonery that led to that. So yeah, Sennheiser. Affordable, durable, and good audio quality. Audiophiles will probably disagree but you don't seem to be an audiophile so fuck 'em.

Plus, audiophile sounds an awful lot like pedophile. Are you a pedophile? Think about that before you make your purchase.

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Beyerdynamics DT-770 the studio 600 ohms version. Doesn't need an amp for a computer. But anything like a cell phone and mp3 player cannot drive it.

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@everyones_a_critic: Haha! No, I'm not an audiophile. I wish I was, me being in my supposed career field.. I just try to get the best stuff I can, for the cheapest price. These Tweaked headphones man.. They feel like $90 headphones.. But, I don't know. They just seem dope.


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Sennheiser HD280s.

That's what I use, but now that I think about it, I never plugged them into an actual audio device. They are always hooked into my amp and then have the music routed through it while I play bass. Maybe I should actually test them out tonight and see how they sound.

I still really loved the Bose around the ear headphones I bought about 5 or 6 years ago. Those were great and were only around $130 I believe.

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Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi10s. They used to be like $400 but can be had for $180 or so now, which is a fucking steal in my opinion.

If you don't mind the feeling of earplugs, you cannot beat IEMs (in ear monitors, or canalphones. The name doesn't matter as long as you don't confuse them with earbuds). The sound isolation and bass response blows just about any over the ear set out of the water.

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@everyones_a_critic: that's a very mature post there. i'm not one for snobbery of any kind, in this case whether it's "audiophiles" bashing earbud users or the other way around. live and let live eh?

(besides it's pretty easy to spend $20-50 and get something that blows earbuds out of the water. like these.)

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