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According to the AV club. Conan O' Brien's return to TV will be at TBS in November. Where he will be the lead in to the show Lopez Tonight. I think it's an interesting choice not going with one of the big four networks and instead going to a cable network hopefully they treat him better. 
for those interested in reading the story heres the link 

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First thought was that TBS seemed like a major downgrade.
Then it dawned on me that he will have reduced expectations (not really competing directly against Leno/Letterman), which will allow him more freedom for his material. He doesn't have to play to that mainstream base he tried to woo with The Tonight Show. Also being on cable will let him do raunchier stuff.
It might be a blow to his perception, but ultimately I think the show and his style will benefit from this move.

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He confirmed it using his twitter account.  I don't have TBS :/, hopefully Letterman retires soon.

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@septim: Ya, but Conan is good enough for something like the Tonight Show. Its a fucking shame that they booted him. 
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Yeah that's exactly what I think. Being a successful TV show on network TV is a hell of a lot harder than cable. The best thing about it is that cable has lower rating expectations, also it's easier to be a success on cable with less viewers.

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I thought he was readying to go on Fox.

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Conan is doing a tour right now doing some live shows across the country.  

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@Cloneslayer said:
" @septim: Ya, but Conan is good enough for something like the Tonight Show. Its a fucking shame that they booted him.  "
I watched Conan pretty religiously for a decade before he got The Tonight Show. His turn at the gig certainly wasn't awful (in fact it was miles better than Leno,) but it also wasn't nearly his best stuff either. I would like to see him go back to his more subversive roots.
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people should check before re-posting the exact same topic.