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[Original] I've been trying to find new rock albums I should be listening to, but I keep going back to new rap. I like the whole Equal Vision and Rise Records realm, Epitaph. But lately I've been on Game's "Jesus Piece," and Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares." And I'm the last person to just get on the new Kendrick Lamar.

But yup, what are guys listening to these days? I'd like any input from you guys. I do notice that you guys seem to like dubstep a bit more.. But, I just can't relate Too much, and I used to love The Chemical Brothers. [Edit: I don't mind some Thievery Corporation. Skrillex? I guess?]

~ Thanks

[Edit, Spring Cleaning] So yea, moderators don't seem to like the YouTube filled posts. They close those if it gets too hectic. I imagine hundreds of people trying to view one forum thread filled with YouTube links, probably just clogs their server, forum site and all. If this thread does get closed down at some point, for the same YouTube stuff, I'll probably just open another one again. Maybe try to regulate it a Little more.. An easy solution would be to just include a YouTube link, shortened or not. And LINK that instead of embed. ex) [In GB Editor: Link]:YouTube: Robotobots: Slaves or MySpace: Every Time I Die: Last Night In Town: Emergency Broadcast Syndrome

[Yo] Also, you could post about Whatever music you like. I've just been into new rap as of late. I'm from '89. ~ And there's totally nothing wrong with any old rock, dubstep, or indie stuff you might like. Post yo shit! Talk about what stuff you liking now and why, or Something. I kinda want this thread to go BIG really.

[Rock] Oh, and my dumb ass rock examples that I listen to are like: Sharks, letlive., Green Day, Of Mice and Men, Emarosa, Spark Is A Diamond, The Menzingers, Circa Survive, Chiodos, The Sounds of Animals Fighting, Parkway Drive, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Every Time I Die, Mastodon, I Set My Friends on Fire, The Dillinger Escape Plan

[Seaserpent] Right, I'm really loving the beta site, this editor's great! The whole thing. And the giant tab-thing on the right. That's just nice to remember what the real rules are.

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Alt-J,An Awesome Wave,The friction between experimentalism and pop catchiness makes An Awesome Wave different from any other top 20 album of 2012.

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Sorry, I've just been listening to an unhealthy amount of Hunky Dory.

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Alt J is the time stuff I need to try. And I'm glad David Bowie is still coming out with new stuff.


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I bought a bunch of my favorite game soundtracks from last year, including Spelunky, Super Hexagon, FTL, and Hotline Miami.

I finally have a copy of Take Care on my iPhone and laptop, so I can pretty much just listen to that on repeat.

Before that, I wasn't really listening to anything newer than Yellow & Green by Baroness or Swing Lo Magellan by The Dirty Projectors.

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Sorry, I've just been listening to an unhealthy amount of Hunky Dory.
What the hell is Bowie doing...? I just want to him once before he dies!
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The Fez soundtrack. It's really good.

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nothing right now (no new albums).

though I am waiting for the new cult of luna to hit

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Need to listen to the new A$AP since it leaked a while ago. A few other releases from Tuesday I'm curious about, but haven't checked any.

Peep: The Aprocalypse is also really good, best mixtape from last year I listened to and second best hip-hop album behind Ab-Soul's Control System.

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Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes. It's been out a couple months but it's special.

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Been going back and listening to some old favorites recently like Godspeed You! Black Emporor's F♯ A♯ ∞ & Title Fight's Shed.

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You might like The Stepkids.

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I'ma write these down. Thanks! Or what albums are you guys looking forward to? I'm waiting for Bad Religion's new album, and the new plus-Craig Owens-Chiodos. Apparently David Bowie has a new album, so I need to check that. Oh and Brand New and Queens of the Stone age, 2013!.

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@Ravenlight said:

Thanks to the inimitable Matthew Rorie, I've been listening to Ronald Jenkees' new Bandcamp album.

that dude should make music for Mass Effect or something....

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Been loving Baroness's (slightly) new album Yellow and Green, Time I by Wintersun is as epic as I could ever could have expected, and Apocryphon by The Sword is probably their best album to date. King Animal by Soundgarden is easily my favourite of last year though, blew me away with how great it is after such a long hiatus.

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all that remains- war you can't win

Stone sour- house of gold and bones vol.1

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Chief Keef's "Finally Rich" and T.I.'s "Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head"

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@Blu3V3nom07 said:

I'm waiting for Bad Religion's new album

Really? I haven't been able to listen to a single Bad Religion record since Stranger Than Fiction. Suffer is the one true BR record.

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Hieroglyphics - Full Circle, maybe their best album.

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So damn good.

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@planetfunksquad: Ah, I'm 23, I don't try hard to find good albums. Still, I'll check out "Stranger than Fiction, " then. I'm writing these down, trying to figure out good driving music to plug these on. Or like, figuring out if the album is a good "wandering at the mall," album..

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Imagine Dragons' Night Visions, Coexist by The xx, Some Nights by Fun, among others.

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@jdh5153: Shit, I love that new Trouble Man! I tried some Chief Keef, couldn't figure it out.. I listen some more though..

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@JacDG: I liked this. Sounds like real smooth, mm, MF Doom, maybe?. Thanks!

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@Blu3V3nom07 said:


I'm 23, I don't try hard to find good albums.

I have no idea what you mean with this sentence. What does your age have to do with it?

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I dunno, I just didn't listen to that much music back then I guess. Didn't have the access to buy albums and such..

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Some "new" rock artists I listen to these days

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Man there's just too much (Baroness was already mentioned so didn't add them here).

Edit: Wow. I think I am Satan.

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Man I've never heard of at least half the bands listed in this thread. The last cd I bought isn't new but it's new to me Emperor of the Black Runes by Domine. Before that it was A War You Cannot Win by All That Remains and Silverthorn by Kamelot.

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I actually just got way into Wasting Light by Foo Fighters. I've been getting the songs piecemeal and liking them more and more as time goes on.

Also, Sí by Julieta Venegas is really good but it's not exactly a rock album. More like Latin pop. But it's fantastic anyways.

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This is all great stuff! "Witchcraft," "Horisont," "Martin Rossiter." Cool stuff.

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Well, this is not rock, but the technophiles here might like it.

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@Blu3V3nom07 said:

@JacDG: I liked this. Sounds like real smooth, mm, MF Doom, maybe?. Thanks!

I should say that it isn't new, just bought the physical CD after streaming their stuff on Spotify for ages, so it feels new to me. As far as actually new albums, it's been a while, 2012 disappointed me.

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Still listening to GKMC

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Got a ton of new music, these are some of my favourite.

Night Visions - Imagine Dragons

Lindsey Stirling - Lindsey Stirling

2 - Netsky

The Truth Is... - Theory of a Deadman

Home School Valedictorian - Adelitas Way

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I don't know about new, but these are the albums I am currently listening to.

My Dying Bride - A Map of All Our Failures

Adominable Putriidity - The Anomalies of Artificial Intelligence

Wintersun - Time 1

Gza - Liquid Swords

And finally, Xanthochroid - Blessed He With Boils, which is probably the best Black Metal I have heard this year.

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So what we need is a Spotify list?

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If you do checkout The Stepkids, try "Shadows on Behalf" or "La La" first.

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@HaltIamReptar: Alrighty, I will. I just looked at that Stepkids stuff. Seems neat! Nice.

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@Christoffer: Um, sure, that could work. I always had a bit of trouble on my computer with Spotify, makes it chug. Its slow anyway.. ~ But I do have Xbox music pass. I just stream whatever to my phone.

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@HaltIamReptar: That is really very very good. Thanks for the tip

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@Spoonman671 said:

Sorry, I've just been listening to an unhealthy amount of Hunky Dory.

No amount of David Bowie is unhealthy.

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Long Live A$AP, by A$AP Rocky

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That recent Stone Sour album continues to blow me away, it's easily my favorite album from them and my top album for 2012.

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@Christoffer said:

@HaltIamReptar: That is really very very good. Thanks for the tip

I saw them open for the act I was there to see. I hadn't even heard of them at the time. I was blown the fuck away. Great band.

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@JacDG: Alright, well I just started listening to Hieroglyphics. I'm definitely enjoying the album.

I'm sure I'll get back to everything else. :)

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Newest album I've listened to is probably Time's End by Theophany
I have to thank the end of the world for introducing me to this, it's really good.

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Alright well I'll just put this here. Right now I'm thinking 2013 is gonna be a great year for rap. The artists' abums releases I'm waiting for are:

Big Sean, Ludacris, Method Man, Redman, Bow Wow's album seems like its never coming out anymore, Jae Millz is doing wayy good I think, I'm excited for Fabolous', Tyga's will probably be alright, Busta Rhymes I guess, Juicy J's is gonna be way too weird without the Three6Mafia influence i.e. too much Khalifa not enough Hypnotize Minds Lil Wyte; Eminem will probably do just fine, 50 Cent sure, when the hell is Tony Yayo coming out with something? What happened to SwizzBeatz? Nelly's mixtape was actually pretty good, And I hope Jadakiss keeps up his 'Consignment,' theme for his album

You could post about whatever you listen to, its fine. I just posted this because I wonder if I should make a new thread about upcoming stuff, but it'd be about the same like here.