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#151 Posted by Icemo (656 posts) -

Long time ago in a far away country an Englishman tried to pronounce my first name "Ismo" and it sounded like "Icemo" so I just started to use that as a nickname.

#152 Posted by Svenzon (728 posts) -

An alternate spelling of my last name. Dad and I would always joke about replacing the standard double S's of Swedish surnames with a Z just to be pretentious.

#153 Posted by Vexxan (4623 posts) -

It used to be only "Vexx" but then there was a game released with that name so I added the -an because I didn't want to be associated with it.

#154 Posted by Winternet (8035 posts) -

There's no real reason for my username. It kinda appeared to me the first time I created an account to play Counter-Strike. So yeah, it's kinda of an old username, but still I can't find a reason for it. It just is.

#155 Posted by MetalThrashingMatt (212 posts) -

I like metal music, and my name is Matt. I took the name of the Anthrax song "Metal Thrashing Mad" and just replaced Mad with Matt cause it sounded cool.

#156 Posted by MideonNViscera (2257 posts) -

My Everquest character was named Slapnuts, but at around level 12 Guide Eryss (my arch nemesis) said it was inappropriate so I better pick a new one. Well, Mideon was about the shittest wrestler ever at the time, so I picked that. Then at level 20 when I got to pick my last name it obviously had to be N'Viscera.

#157 Edited by Akyho (1692 posts) -

For me I was one of those kids that did RP boards in the early 2000s. Unfortunately I am horribly dyslexic more so 10 years ago so I must have been a pain 12 year old dyslexic doing text RPGs.

One character I had was Akyho Mareno. I just randomly made it up on the spot, as it turns out Akyho is mostly unique on the nets. Meaning 98% of the time I can easily register it, 0 need for numbers or such and so it comes out very clean.

The best I can figure is somehow I picked up Akiho which is a Japanese name, except its not in any of the anime I watch untill Desert punk in 2008. I still use Akyho Mareno as my game characters, despite Otsa Kadamadaki being my preferred character. When I was making up a new character and was watching Gunbuster at the time. So I took the the name of the trainer in that...except my dyslexic brain came out with Otsa instead of Toda....????? and I was watching Tenchi Muyo aswell so I got Kamadaki out of my mind from that. Except I see how Otsa worked as the two guardians to Ayeka is Azaka and Kamidake.

I found out in recent years Mareno is an Italian name aswell is Marino is sported by one of our mods. So thats a kick for considering I was making shit up.

#158 Edited by MideonNViscera (2257 posts) -

@akyho said:

I found out in recent years Mareno is an Italian name aswell is Marino is sported by one of our mods. So thats a kick for considering I was making shit up.

Yeah, I can't wait to hear his undoubtedly fascinating journey towards choosing his username haha


#159 Posted by Marino (4749 posts) -

@akyho said:

I found out in recent years Mareno is an Italian name aswell is Marino is sported by one of our mods. So thats a kick for considering I was making shit up.

Yeah, I can't wait to hear his undoubtedly fascinating journey towards choosing his username haha


Dan Marino was pretty good.

I'm not Italian.

#160 Posted by captain_max707 (499 posts) -

This was the name that I used in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy when it was thriving and awesome. It was the first game I played where I really got into the online.

Man I miss Siege mode...

#161 Posted by Cathryn (549 posts) -

It's my actual first name :)

I have a username I use in most places online, but when Giant Bomb launched, I was in a weird phase of using my real name for stuff on the internet. I sort've regret it, but I don't really want to bother changing it -- it's always confusing when people do that around here.

#162 Edited by Nodima (1277 posts) -

At a very young age I started using Nodima as my password on AIM and such things. It was maybe five years before I realized it wasn't just the name I was going to give my kickass Breaking Benjamin style rock band (...sigh, adolescence...), it was also my last name backwards. I was totally amazed at myself for never noticing that, it was just a word that came to my head when I was 6 or 7. It's stuck as my online ID ever since; you can find most of my internet history searching for this login, for better or worse.

#163 Edited by btsjigs (27 posts) -

bts-I was in a band called beneath the sky. jigs-nickname friends called me (some still do). I combined them for a email address years ago and have proceeded to use it for pretty much everything online since lol.

#164 Edited by HelicopterSpy (147 posts) -

I was looking for a cool sounding username that was also a reference to a song. I was really into early 80s post-punk at the time so I went with The Swell Maps' The Helicopter Spies. It's a great song. I'd embed a video for it, but I can't find a version that hasn't been pulled from YouTube. It's on Spotify though. I've been using it for ages, probably about 8 years or so.

#165 Posted by RPGee (763 posts) -

I wanted something kind of dumb.

That's it, really, no sub-text.

#166 Posted by Tubaker (15 posts) -

I was playing one of the Project Gotham games online. I think it was actually the first PGR. It was for the original Xbox.

I was racing with some friends, and one guy with a THICK southern accent kept calling me a Tubaker. Or at least, that is what I was hearing through the badddd bad bad original xbox headset. After we dropped from that lobby and my XBL subscription expired months later, I picked 'Tubaker' as my tag. I went about 5 years thinking and wondering why in the world this guy would not stop calling me a Tubaker. It became a running joke with my friends. We'd call each other Tubakers not knowing what it meant.

I don't know anything about cars. I knew even less back then, but I find online racing relaxing. I've come to the conclusion that I THINK that guy was making fun of the slow car I chose, a STUDEBAKER, and it was just getting lost with his southern drawl and the bad headsets. The thing is, I didn't even know what a Studebaker was until about 2 years ago, and it just clicked in my head.

Everything went down so organically. I think the name is perfect, and I actually like the story behind it.

#167 Posted by living4theday258 (680 posts) -

living4theday isnt a user name its temporary untill the day comes that i think of a user name for myself.

#168 Posted by Launch (62 posts) -

I came up with mine back in the days of Diablo 2. I couldn't think of a name for my character, and so I read the back of my GameCube Freeloader box, and used the first word that caught my eye.

Thinking about making a switch over to Saucepan Man though, because I cried with laughter at those two bombcast-bits.

#169 Edited by ShockD (2431 posts) -

My origin? Yes.

#170 Posted by Socuteboss (60 posts) -

Because it's pretty much the manliest name ever.

#171 Posted by GnomeonFire (776 posts) -

I could make some shit up. But I was just being dumb.

#172 Posted by Glottery (1361 posts) -

From Commando, of course...and I've been meaning to change it to something tad more original over the last years, but it just feels wrong, with how much stuff I have done in the past under this alias. Very troublesome, I tells you.

#173 Edited by envane (1164 posts) -

this album

#174 Posted by MegaLombax (420 posts) -

One of my all time favorite game franchises is the Ratchet and Clank series. Hence Lombax.

#175 Edited by EricSmith (362 posts) -

It's my name. Considering a lot of my life is already on the internet, I didn't feel the need to hide behind a pseudonym.

#176 Edited by TruthTellah (9419 posts) -

I used to go by the name "Truth Tempest", which came from back when I wrote commentary on politics. Then I met someone online named SpoonyBard, and I jokingly changed my name to "Truth Tellah" as a reference to Tellah, a character from Final Fantasy IV who famously called someone a "Spoony Bard". But then, I realized I kind of liked the double meaning of Tellah and an informal "Truth Teller". And other people seemed to respond to it, often citing it when they agreed or disagreed. For example, "This guy tellahs the truth!" or "More like truth-lie-ah." That people could use it positively or negatively was nice, and I've just stuck with it.

I don't consider myself a flawless "truth teller", as I can only give my best personal view of what is true, and no matter how hard I try to be informed and share what wisdom I have, I am certainly not perfect. But the name serves me well and people seem to be able to remember it. It's just part of my online identity now. :)

#177 Posted by Lelcar (741 posts) -

It's the name of a city in Suikoden V.

#178 Edited by ZeeL (37 posts) -

I decided I wanted a very short simple gamertag for Broodwar whisper commands when I was about 14. I decided to go with two letters, same as my real nickname. I came up with Z_L (Broodwar demanded an underscore). As time went on and many games started requiring 4 character minimums, so I started using ZeeL. When I started using it, I never ever saw dupes, and now I see them all over though. It's actually hard to get my username in places these days :P too many new gamers I guess.

#179 Edited by MariachiMacabre (7099 posts) -

I'm @sexytoad the sexiest. Wait...no that's not right.

I drew something once of a Mariachi guitarist but he was a Dia de los Muertos/Grim Fandango-like skeleton and I entitled it MariachiMacabre. And then I used it as my XBL gamertag and then everything else.

#180 Posted by DarthOrange (3878 posts) -

OrangeCountyStarWarsFan seemed too long.

#181 Posted by LotusKing (14 posts) -

Originally I signed up for this sight under the name LotusPrince.

But when the web sight got revamped I could not log on with my old username, so USURPED THE LOTUS THRONE AND BECOME KING!

Now you may be asking, "How did you come up with the name 'LotusPrince?"

Well...it all started in in the Free Marches...

#182 Posted by SimplyCheese (38 posts) -

I simply like cheese.

#183 Edited by lanerobertlane (146 posts) -

AOL gave it to me randomly in the 90's and well it is too late to switch now.

Same here. Robert Lane was taken in 97 when i tryed to use my real name as a screen name, and AOL recommend LaneRobertLane. Being British I chose that because it's like Bond, James Bond.

#184 Posted by ArtisanBreads (3970 posts) -

Action Bronson. "I drive around, I smoke weed, I look for cheese shops, I look for all kinds of ArtisanBreads"

#185 Posted by Picsl (203 posts) -

Initials followed by birthday. I'm lazy btw.

#186 Edited by T1000 (45 posts) -

the movie TERMINATOR.

#187 Posted by MEATBALL (3396 posts) -

A goofy song by Devin Townsend.