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Poll: What's the 'polite' way to dispose of gum? (245 votes)

Spit into a trash can. 44%
Put one's fingers in one's mouth. 21%
SECRET THIRD ANSWER: Swallow it. 35%

Chewing gum still has a bit of social stigma, but it's no longer rare for people to chew it in a professional setting.

After the (false) rumor circulated about swallowed gum remaining in one's system for seven years, a lot of people refused to swallow their gum and chose instead to be rid of it by one of the first two poll options.

Which is the lesser of two evils, or are they both so evil that the only answer is the SECRET THIRD ANSWER?

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There's like no logical reason to do anything besides swallow it. It isn't dangerous, it's immediate, it's the easiest/lazy route, it doesn't waste paper (not that I give a shit about that), it doesn't ruin furniture, and unless you're eating ten packs of gum a day it isn't going to affect your health (due to the sugar; not the debunked urban legend).

Oh, and your shit will sometimes have gum in it. It'll cheer you up.

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Chew multiple pieces and then stretch them into a cheap alternative to a condom

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@egg said:

Why not use a napkin or crumple a scrap of paper and spit the gum into that?

Better yet, though, don't chew gum at all. In my opinion the sale of chewing gum should be banned.

This, not because i agree with you, but because i want a world where gum prohibition is a thing and people make some weird bootleg gum to sell at chew-easys.

Also, i just spit mine into a trash can...

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Spit it directly on the ground.

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Stick it on your jet pack to cover a hole in your gas tank. Or swallow it. That's the only other alternative.

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@smitty86 said:

-Go outside if not outside already

- ball gum up in mouth

-spit gum out just slightly in front of body

-kick falling gum into air with foot (choice of foot is up to individual)

- give middle finger to judging "mature" individuals

-repeat as necessary

I came in here just to say this.