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The question has been brought up multiple times by the bomb crew, most recently on the latest Volgarr Breaking Brad episode (mere minutes ago). Personally, as a dude, I think the mixture of formal with casual clothing is what stands out to me as unique to the 2000's. For example, someone in the chat mentioned J Allard,

Although I personally prefer a hooded trench coat rather than wearing a hoodie underneath a blazer.

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I'd say jorts and/or bleached/dyed hair.

So basically Guy Fieri or early 2000's era Jeff and Ryan.

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Nobody knows; we were all on the Internet.

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Early 2000s had more of a style I'd say, it was bleed-over from the late 90s. Frosted tips, spiked hair (gelled hair of any kind i guess), bowling shirts, baggy shirts, tons of different stuff. Very late 2000's saw more of those hipster styles which I definitely prefered to the early 2000s look. Always hated that early 2000's look though so I never dressed like that.

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I don't know, but I'm sure trucker hats factor in somehow

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I tied an onion to my belt. Which was the style at the time.

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Only marketers and douchebags wore a hoodie/blazer combo by choice.

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I'd like to throw this into the mix for consideration, and because it always makes me smile seeing Ryan lose his goddamned mind with joy.

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PS: Alter Echo came out mid-2003

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It's the 1950s turned punk.

Think about it: suit coats, but with hoodies. Clipped hair, but with duckbills.

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The one TRUE glorious vision of the future.

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The protagonist of I Threw It On The Ground represents the 10s.

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Yeah. The style of 25 year old men changes all the time. The style of 45 year old men hasn't changed much for about 200 years. IMHO that is a good thing. The inclusion of the jeans was probably the last big thing.

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I was wearing t-shirts, black jogging bottoms (sweat pants), and skater shoes with black/navy/grey socks in the 2000s, when I was aged 11-21. It continues to form the entire basis of my "look". I am just about the least fashion conscious person in existence. I also used to wear a knit cap (beanie, toboggan, whatever) a lot, including indoors and during summer.

That aside, hoodies is clearly the biggest fashion trend of the 2000s in the UK. It had everything you look for; they were ubiquitous across multiple groups and age brackets, and old people regarded youngsters wearing hoodies with suspicion - hoodies were even banned from major shopping centres because they were associated with young hoodlums and kids with ASBOs. I own three hoodies, and I never wear them with the hoods up; the hooded nature of them is entirely irrelevant.

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Yeah, zip up hoodies is a good answer

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A lot of Polo and Ralph Lauren type clothes from what I remember. (by future rapist and certain gang bangers)

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Some groups wore Dickies with lip nose ear piercings. Lot of Sean Jean first came out then too. Some Mecca and Ecko and FUBU.

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Christian Rock bands turned secular. Big oval belt buckles. Crew cuts. Fake British accents. Plaid long shorts. Fedoras. Vests. Ponchos. Navy blue Ambercomby light hoodie with a studded extra wide black belt. Paramore. Rubber sandals with crate pattern holes in them. Boots with the furrrrrrr. Chinese tattoo with a backstory.