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Currently when I'm indoors it's just the standard t-shirt and jeans. Outdoors I'll add a long-sleeve shirt or maybe an open cardigan. During winter / spring I wear a hooded trench coat (georgio armani, apparently) that I've grown to like quite a bit. I'm thinking of changing to chinos and loafers, and maybe getting some better dress shirts to go with the cardigans.

What's your style? Do you care? You can post pics if you want.

Also an important question when it comes to style, what about comfort? What balance do you strike with yours?

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A long, black cloak and my Crown.

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T shirt + sweat pants. Occasionally I wear jeans if I want to class it up.

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A long, black cloak and my Crown.

Nothing but your birthday suit under that cloak, huh.

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By that logic, you're naked under your clothes, too.

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By that logic, you're naked under your clothes, too.

I have undergarments, sir. A simple blow of the wind will not expose me to the world.

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A housecoat that is a little too short and leaves not enough to the imagination.

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The thread title reminded me of that song in yakuza 4. Where you had to dress up those hostress girls, and make them look like a lady.

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T-shirts and button ups. I like skinny jeans a little. Etnies.

Actually, this is my favorite hoodie I wear. @_@

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Business casual when I'm out doing things, shirt and jeans for relaxing.

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I'm a t-shirt and jeans guy. Occasionally I would wear a opened up long sleave shirt.

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T-shirt and jeans. Depending on weather, add a hoodie, subtract pants for shorts.

Sitting at work every day wearing a tie just makes me go for comfort when I'm out of there.

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@aegon said:

@video_game_king said:


By that logic, you're naked under your clothes, too.

I have undergarments, sir. A simple blow of the wind will not expose me to the world.

Nor will it I.

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A t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

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Shorts, everywhere. Also, robes.

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When I'm at home or at work I wear tracksuit bottoms, a random T-shirt and a jacket.

When I'm going out I wear skinnys, converse, and either a hoodie or a jacket.

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It's pretty cool but I'm bald so it doesn't matter what I wear, the bald head ruins everything. Especially my life.

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Casual. Jeans/shorts and a T shirt. Sometimes in the winter I might put a long sleeved button down shirt over top.

That's about it.

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@cale said:

It's pretty cool but I'm bald so it doesn't matter what I wear, the bald head ruins everything. Especially my life.

Way to throw dark, man.

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@aegon: Thanks for teaching me a new phrase. I like that. I do tend to throw dark, but I'm not at the Jeff level of darkness throwing quite yet.

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Business for my job, either business casual or full suit depending.

Me time is t-shirt and shorts or jeans depending on the time of year, collared shirt and jeans if going somewhere a little nicer, and typically my leather jacket or my trenchcoat if cold enough.

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A t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Yep. Some running shoes complete the look of "I'm a guy who gives a fuck, but not that much of a fuck." Not a shorts wearing man-child, or a sweatpants wearing hobo. Just a guy.

...not that I'd judge or anything.

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T-shirts with cool designs and jeans. If it's cold I'll wear a jacket/hoodie, and if it's freezing I'll also wear a coat.

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Tennis shoes, loose‐fitting blue jeans, a Cheetos‐covered anime t‐shirt, an oversized leather coat, and a black fedora.

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Fig leaf.

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Depends on the time of year. Usually T-shirts and shorts in the summer, and long sleeve shirts and jeans or cargos in the winter.

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suit and tie

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I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy, but I do love the occasional overly-fancy wear, and hats even more so. I'm especially partial to the top hat.

I'll happily forgo comfort to look properly ridiculous.

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Just a bow tie.

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Jeans all day every day unless it's summer. I prefer long sleeve shirts over T-shirts but I'll wear a T-Shirt if it's really hot out.

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T-shirt and jeans, with a hoodie or a heavy coat during the winter depending on how cold it is and how long I expect to stay outside.

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Usually a long sleeved shirt with buttons like a dress shirt or a henley. During the summer I'll wear the occasional short sleeved band shirt or something with a design. For pants I stick with blue jeans, khakis, or cargo shorts. During the winter I'll throw my brown leather jacket on for the extra warmth.

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I'm a goth.

I'm kidding. :D

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Denim jeans and a black or grey blank T-shirt.

If I'm leaving the house I'll usually put a button-down and a sweater over that.

If I want to tell the world, "That's right, I don't care what you think," I'll put my Giant Bomb hoodie over it instead.

EDIT: Oh, my sock box is nothing but woolen REIs. My shoes are either my Vasques or whatever I bought at Goodwill last year.

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Black skinny jeans cos' they go with everything from dress shirts to t-shirts plus my leather jacket. And if I'm out clubbing I'll Travolta the fuck up with white trousers

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I generally go with the 'I don't know what I'm doing' style.

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jeans, t-shirt and an open button-up usually

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Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.

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lazy fuck up, most of the time

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T-shirt and Jorts (jean shorts. Is that how that would be spelled?) during spring/summer. Long-sleeve shirts and jean pants + water resistant jacket for fall/winter.

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Jeans plus t-shirt and/or shirt. That's really all I wear.

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I've kind of gone down the Vinny path of dressing when not at work. Plain black t-shirt and jeans. I hate picking out what to wear so I've been trying to simplify.

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I thought this was an Animal Crossing thread... Maybe I need to stop playing that game so much and return to real life...

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T-Shirt and Shorts for most of the time; Sweat Pants when it's well into winter. Usually keep wearing shorts until it snows or has a crazy cold wind chill. Visor and Jacket when I go outside (though with the current Summer weather - no jacket).

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@beachthunder said:

Nothing at all.

Nothing at all.

Nothing at all.

Nothing at all.

Nothing at all.

This is the correct answer.

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Cam'ron socks

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Boxers at home or pajamas if it's especially cold.

Mostly slacks and single-color, non-branded t-shirts at work. Slacks and a button-up, if I'm hitting the town, sometimes with a tie.

If it's cold, I'll wear a flannel shirt over the t-shirt or a nice sweater over a button-up.

I used to wear a lot of henleys, but all of the henleys I own are too big for me. When I got them, I thought I'd grow into them. I didn't. I'm trying to dress a little better these days, so I've been building up a wardrobe of clothes that do fit.

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Here in Northern California most people wear a plaid longsleeve and jeans, myself included. Polos and shorts in summer. Sometimes I see punk and/or hipster wear as well although I don't try to pull it off.

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standard jeans and plain minimal shirts