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Poll: What's your favorite Easter Candy? (26 votes)

Chocolate Bunnies 15%
Peeps 4%
Reese's Eggs 27%
Whoppers Robin Eggs 0%
Chocolate Marshmallow Candy 0%
Jelly Beans 8%
Cadbury Creme Eggs 31%
Cadbury Mini Eggs 4%
Lindt Chocolate Carrots 0%
WIlly Wonka Golden Eggs 0%
Crunch Nest Eggs 0%
Other 12%

Since today is Easter, I'd thought of making a poll to see what the community's favorite Easter candy is. Are you a chocolate bunny duder? Is it all about the Jelly Belly? If you choose other, specify which candy is your favorite so I can see which dope candy I'm leaving out of the poll.

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what's up man, I'm currently eating on some Starburst FaveReds jellybeans. They cut out all the bullcrap and just put in what you came for.

#2 Posted by Clonedzero (4196 posts) -

i dont really like candy.

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Something called cozonac, something whose awesomeness you will never experience.

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