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I'm curious to hear people's input as always.

I was hearing people talking about it at the gym before. The only thing I know about ecstasy is that it can make people be more sexual. I don't know if it has anymore side effects, but it seems more of that type of drug used at party's.

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I knew some dude that would take it constantly.

He said it would feel like he was flying when he was driving, also something about drinking water. He also use to sell it. I have no problem with it, I dont do drugs the Drugs do me.

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The fuck is ecstasy?

Are you talking about Molly?

(That's the extent of my knowledge of MDMA, and also the end of my contributions to this thread.)

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I dont do drugs the Drugs do me.

LOL! I like that.

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Aint this kinda against the forum rules?

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'Ere you go. Thought you could use that before diving into this topic.

Also, this seems like something that people should dance around real carefully, lest this thread get locked.

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What a strange question to just ask on a message board.

@jimmy_p said:

This. Stay safe kids.

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Aint this kinda against the forum rules?

It's not like I said anything nasty. I just wanted to hear what people think about it.

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A great 2 hour experience followed by a 2 minute paranoia attack

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Drugs are for losers is what I think of ecstasy.

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I've had it go really badly before.

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It's a bad idea to use it.

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I've never done ecstasy. It scares me. Too hardcore for my taste. I bet it's great if it goes correctly but horrible if it goes incorrectly. Everyone be smart!

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I get all the ecstasy I need from the ladies. Awwww yeaaaaaah (says the single guy)

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The temporary benefits don't seem worth the long term effects to me.

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@brendan said:

Long term effects don't see worth the temporary benefits to me.

People at my gym makes it seem like its the greatest drug on earth. Though to me it just seems weird why they would take it.

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People still take ecstasy? How come acid died off, but ecstasy is still around? Wouldn't you want awesome acid flashbacks?

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@falserelic said:

@brendan said:

Long term effects don't see worth the temporary benefits to me.

People at my gym makes it seem like its the greatest drug on earth. Though to me it just seems weird why they would take it.

I'm sure you can figure this out for yourself but there's no such thing as "the greatest drug on earth". There are just substances you might come across that alter your perception, feelings and health. It's always a choice of psychological and physical detriments vs. recreational benefits. In this case a significant strain on your liver and short-term dehydration vs. an urge to move/ be active and a sense of elation. The sexual activity thing is not entirely untrue due to the drive to be more active but also a bit of a myth when put that blatantly.

Not that I would know anything about this sort of thing. Also, talking about illicit drugs isn't entirely kosher according to forum rules though it's obviously a common topic and thus a bit of a grey area.

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Sucks. Do mushrooms instead

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Why would you post this.

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I've never done it because of the risk you run of coming across pills that are cut with coke, meth or other harder drugs to lower the price of production and increase the potential for buyer addiction, but I don't look down on anyone that does it. If I were in the right place at the right time being handed a pill by someone I trust, I'm sure I'd take one with few questions asked. Everyone I know in real life who's done it has nothing but praise for the drug, but I just don't find myself in situations where ecstasy would be appropriate. I've always been more about psychedelics/marijuana than anything meant to hype you up.

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It was fun in its day but it's also something you have to leave behind eventually.

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I don't know about X, but I heard heroin addiction is absolute hell, so I would steer clear from that.

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It's bad. Don't do it.

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The last time I thought about ectasy, I thought that a more mature society would lead to MDMA laced rubbers. Like all on the up-and-up. Over the counter at my pharmacy.

I find the prohibition of recreational drug use inexcusably irresponsible. Childish really, for the only people having any good reasons to think that way are parents, which are inherently corrupted by their relationship with their offspring. Two sides of the same medal they are, parents and kids - childish fears stemming from this parent/child relationship are responsible for many of the more ignorant designs of our global society - prohibition being chief amongst them.

Grow the fuck up. And the next time I'm having some strange, there's better going to be some MDMA on the in- and outside of my rubber.

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mdma can be dangerous, both because of the propensity for extended periods of activity + dehydration, and also potential reactions with other drugs/prescription medication. Use with extreme caution and only if you can verify the purity of your pills with a test kit. Do not mix with alcohol, narcotics or anything else the dude in the bathroom sold you. Do not use if you are taking any prescription medication. Do not use if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. Do not use if you are a teenager who has no idea what mdma means. Do not drive. Do not use without at least one responsible and sober (ish) person to watch you for signs of serotonin syndrome (rare but likely if the person is currently taking anti-depressant medication), overdose, and extreme dumbassery.

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@nodima said:

I've never done it because of the risk you run of coming across pills that are cut with coke, meth or other harder drugs to lower the price of production and increase the potential for buyer addiction

Coke is more expensive than even pure MDMA. IIRC from my misspent youth, getting Pills cut with coke was often seen as a plus...The actual risk was always that you'd get MDMA/Pills cut with like, rat poison or something,although more often than not it's something harmless like flour or something.

It was fun in its day but it's also something you have to leave behind eventually.

Definitely this. It can lead to some great all night sessions, and you'll have conversations with strangers that feel like the most significant conversation you've ever had, but there comes a time when you have to decide whether your time is worth so little that one fun night is worth 3 days feeling shitty and depressed and your jaw aching like balls and not wanting to eat at all. As for the "more sexual" stuff; it makes you feel horny and your sense of touch is affected in some ways, but to put it bluntly it negatively affects your ability to feel sensations down there. Marathon but unsatisfying sexual encounters are the order of the day. The main thing about it is that it makes you feel like you have loads of energy, and it lowers your social inhibitions like, a lot, although it also makes you super happy so you don't see people get as agressive as people who are drinking. That may just be in the trance community though, I feel like gurners at dubstep shows were more aggressive, but they might have been on other stuff too.

So yeah, I dunno. These days I doubt I'd take it for free; I had some fun times with it but I don't know whether it was worth it at all.

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William S. Sessions is gon' be piiiiiiiissed.

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"Winners don't use drugs" except when it comes to the Tour de France.

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drug drugs drugs. why do people pussy foot around them. I have never done any "hard" drugs before but I don't see the big deal. yeah most of them will probably ruin your life but if all you want to do with your life is to get high then how is that bad. get really high and then die, seems like a great life to me if thats what you want out of life. I would rather spend my life playing lots and lots of video games but thats just me, videogames seem just as ruinous to my life as drugs so who fucking cares.

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wait ecstasy and MDMA are the same thing?

you learn something new every day I guess!

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This isn't a drug forum so I won't be surprised it gets capped. Having said that, I think there may be a few things once... for the experience and perspective? Our society doesn't think so in the main. I myself would point out that molly might be damaging too much too many times....

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Rick Doblin from M.A.P.S. has said a lot of interesting things about it. He and his group sued the DEA in the mid 80's to get them to halt the scheduling (banning) of the drug. It was used safely by therapists since the early 1970s. They now have approval to run studies on it treating PTSD.

It should have never been made illegal. There was no scientific evidence of harm, but plenty of evidence that it could be useful in psychotherapy.

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No drugs in this body son ... dem bad for you

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Oh man, the misinformation in this thread.

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Going to lock this up. Asking people's thoughts on legal matters or their opinions on how the drug can affect people is one thing, but just asking for peoples' "input" opens the floor to people talking about their consumption of illegal drugs, and that is against the forum rules. I'd be more inclined to leave this open, but there are already multiple people here discussing that they've consumed illegal drugs and encouraging others to do so.