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Just got a pretty nasty case of bug bites on my feet and ankles and I'm pretty sure they're chigger bites... I hate chiggers the most. Even if you're wearing shoes and socks those little bastards will crawl underneath and get to your ankles/feet.

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Any kind really. Cause Fuck bugs and their bites.

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I've gotten spiderbites between my toes before. GOD DAMN was it super annoying. Cus they swelled up and the toes kept rubbing against each other, so it irritated it and made it take forever to heal.

And I'll admit a few years ago my cat dragged fleas into our house and we had a massive flea problem for awhile. Now that shit was annoying. It was during the summer too, so i'd be wearing shorts and walk through a specific area of the house (where the infestation was the worst) and have literally a dozen fleas jump onto my legs. It was disgusting. Luckily we dumped gallons of poison on them and it took care of it. but those were pretty annoying too, not so much the individual bite, but the quantity.

OH! and when i was 5 or so, my older brother took me to go fishing at a nearby lake. I stepped on a bee hive, had over 150 bee stings. My brother dragged my limp body back home via our red wagon we had our fishing gear in. I nearly died lol. So yeah, thinking about it, that was probably the worst...as it nearly killed me.

but yeah, FUCK BUGS.

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Bugs are the future of mankind.

But yeah, bug bites are awful sometimes. I remember when I was a young lad, I was quite allergic to California ants. A bite made my whole calf swell up.

Though, my worst experience was at a camp in Colorado. At the top of a rocky path, I accidentally walked into a bee hive, and bees chased me down the mountainside a bit until I tripped and fell the rest of the way. Then, bruised and bleeding at the bottom of the path, one bee finally caught up to my shattered body and stung me on the face.

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@truthtellah: Luckily I've only been stung by a bee once in my life so I haven't had to deal with them that much.

Man these chiggers are freaking brutal. Ugh didn't figure they would be in my backyard..............

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I got had by a scorpion once. Still got the scar, like a boss! A muthafutha scorpion boss, king, thing. It affected my sanity.

But tbh any bite that itches like mad. I don't think we have that many bugs in the UK that bite that badly. I've never been bitten by a spider at least and I pick them up pretty often. I don't think I want to know what a chigger is...

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Chiggers are annoying, fleas are annoying too.

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Green ants (green-headed ants to non-Queenslanders) are a bitch. Their bite isn't necessarily big but they have a venom that makes it hurt and kind of itch for ages and nothing makes it stop.

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Hornet's. I was a kid back then. It bit my leg and the pain was so intense I couldn't walk. On the next day I woke up with a pimple as big as my calf muscle. It hurt when I touched or walk. Took it a whole month to recover using medicaments. After that just about any bug bite is like "meh, whatever".

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Nothing is worse than forgetting your Off spray, and wearing flip flops like a FUCKING MORON when you're out camping. Those motherfuckers ate my legs and feet up.

Most uncomfortable week of my life.

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I didn't know what a chigger is, so I was incredibly offended!

I really hate mosquito bites because of how common they are where I come from. They're the worst if they get between the toes and fingers.

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I got a bite from some unidentified insect while I was sleeping in a hotel room once. The thing was right on the tip of my nose, was bright red and had around 3 different heads. I think it gained sentience by the end of the month long period it was stuck there for. I had to get antibiotics for it, and I still have a small scar.

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I had a fire ant crawl all the way up my pants and proceed to bite me, which was terrible.

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I am actually at the LA bug fair as I type this, so for me it is quite topical. I have never had any really bad bug bites, but you all should read about the sting of a Tarantula Hawk, it is said the be the most painful.

I don't suppose any other duders are here, but anyone is post a reply to this or find me at the silk worm booth.

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Not many things here can bite, usually if they can it'll be a little itchy.

I would say wasps, i've been stung so much by them as a kid, they used to nest all around the area, and I would burn them, or spray foam down their holes.. kinda got fucked up a few times.
Stinging nettles are worse than any insect in Ireland

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Mine wasn't that bad, I don't think. I got bit by 4-5 fire ants all in the same area on my right ankle once. It swelled up really bad and then it started getting hard to breathe. So I said, "Fuck that" and took a Benedryl. Then I was fine in an hour or two. Been bitten by fire ants quite a bit since, but only one each time. Not too bad. It just itches real bad like a mosquito bite only there's pain when the actual bite occurs. I think the close grouping of the bites and concentration of the "venom" was what fucked me up that one time.