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I guess it would realistically be G, but I chose A. I don't have a lot of fear for snakes, but spiders to me, the majority of them, just look nasty to me. And whenever I see one, I choke up. It really depends on what kind though, if it's a tiny little one, I may not care, unless it jumps. Also, it would also be G because I don't have a lot of experience seeing snakes, so maybe if I saw a cobra or something it'd freak me out. I was just looking at Google images at spiders because I was checking what the most dangerous spiders here in WA are, it was pretty nasty. Now I feel like there are bugs all around. I'm not scared of a lot of things, but spiders are nasty.

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Spiders! Snake's don't really creep me out.

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Spiders. Snakes are awesome.

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Isn't the only sensible answer G?

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spiders, cus you can keep track of a snake and know where it is at all times. you see a spider? you look away, guess what? that fuckers gone. where'd he go?

where'd he go?!


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Does Jeff pick both of them? He has a fear of Spiders but I'm not sure about snakes

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Spiders....those multiple eyes..insane fangs...fuuuuuuck.

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Snakes don't bother me at all. Spiders are ok when they keep to themselves, not ok when they are close to your face or you're touching them.

Spiders can be cute too
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@BeachThunder said:

Isn't the only sensible answer G?

Pretty much.

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Even though I had a spider crawled on my mouth, and I held a snake on my arms before. They don't really creep me out much. It really depends what type they are.

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I hate the way spiders move. Watch the Deadly Creatures QL, Jeff's reaction totally encapsulates my feelings on spiders.

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Fuuuuck Spiders. I hate anything you can't keep tack of. All tiny insects are assholes in my book. But spiders take the cake because they can be dangerous and they look goddamn disgusting.

@RockmanBionics: Not cute in any way whatsoever.

I do like snakes though. They are one of the more interesting animal species.

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Fuck spiders! John Goodman is my hero!

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I voted neither because there is nothing scary about them.

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Snakes are just creepy.

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Neither but ever since I got bitten by a spider a while back I kind-of get scared. But I still kill it.

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We don't have snakes here other than pet ones. We also don't have any spiders bigger than an almond so I really have nothing to fear. As a kid I was afraid of them both but I got used to spiders since they are always around. I haven't gotten used to snakes since we don't have them here.

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If it's not venomous, I'll be fine with it. Now clowns, yeah those are freaking scary.

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The answer is june bugs. Nothing is worse than a giant, loud bug that exists only to fly at your face as fast as it possibly can, only to bounce off and do it all over again because their too gross and juicy to step on.

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@mosespippy said:

We don't have snakes here other than pet ones. We also don't have any spiders bigger than an almond so I really have nothing to fear. As a kid I was afraid of them both but I got used to spiders since they are always around. I haven't gotten used to snakes since we don't have them here.

Lucky devil. Living in exotic delaware every night I roll the dice coming home from work if I'm going to to be walking through a giant orbweaver web or not. I leave all the outside lights off because otherwise I'm entering with about 6 moths.

My shed doors depending on who knows can contain a plethora of web/nests. I have one of those basic setups right inside basically plywood with holes drilled in it to hold rakes, shovels etc. One day I went in the shed and movement caught my eye, a small/young garter snake was intertwined on the tines of a leaf rake. - An hour or so later I found a larger snake, same type. Released both in the backyard at the tree line/woods.

Scared no, definitely I avoid unnecessary bites. Also love what spiders do around the household as far as controlling other pests but I'd appreciate they stay the fuck away from me.

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I don't think I've seen a wild snake, but I've seen plenty of wild spiders to be fucking scared shitless by them.

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@BeachThunder said:

Isn't the only sensible answer G?

Fear is often an irrational thing. I hate cockroaches and will take off a shoe as soon as I see one to bludgeon it. They carry disease, but they don't really bite or mean harm. It is just my irrational fear....but it feels perfectly rational once I see a cockroach.

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Well I'm not really afraid of neither since here in Finland there is only one mildly poisonous snake in the wild and no poisonous spider whatsoever. If I lived somewhere where one bite could kill you in few hours I'd probably have a different attitude.

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@cid798: The really lucky thing is we don't have raccoons either. :) The unlucky thing is that if you want to leave the island it'll take a day just to travel as far west as Nova Scotia unless you fly.

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I'm going to have to say snakes. They usually pop out at the worst times, and make me jump, which is the primary reason. I've gotten used to spiders. I've been bitten by spiders many times in my life, and it's really killed my fear for them.

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Neither, because I live a country where, to my knowledge, there aren't any dangerous species of spiders or snakes.

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@BoG: Do you live in the jungle or Australia?

G. Normal varieties of either don't bother me, but I don't ever want to stumble upon a dangerous species of either.

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If I see a snake, I'm running the fuck away. I wouldn't do that with a spider. But spiders are pretty terrifying if they're up close to you or lowering themselves on your head.

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G. I can hold a boa or a tarantula but the smaller they get the more I'm afraid they might be poisonous.

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I saw a pretty big spider the other day. I live in England, so what I would define as a "big spider" would probably be hilarious to someone from the Southwestern United States or Australia. Nonetheless, it crawled along my carpet and I caught it out of the corner of my eye. I was a little unsettled at first, but then I managed to relax. The fella crawled in the space between my desk and my drawers and I went straight back to what I was doing (Crusader Kings II, goddamn that game...). I didn't see it again; maybe it died in the gap and I'll find it's body later.

That is a situation that my mind is perfectly capable of dealing with. I have, however, never had an experience with a poisonous or large snake, and so I cannot predict my reaction. I would say however that I would definitely experience fairly normal levels of anxiety if confronted with either a very large spider (tarantula size), a huge cluster of spiders, or a spider that I knew to be poisonous.

So G. I am not inherently and irrationally scared of either, but confronted with the right situation and I'm sure I'd be terrified. I'm fairly freaked out by stories from people who live in places like Australia, where there are massive insects and arachnids everywhere. The idea of a scorpion just crawling into my shoes at night and me going to put them one without knowing...

tl;dr version: fear is the mind killer!

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I don't like spiders but I wouldn't say I'm scared of them. I kill them at every chance!

Don't mind snakes though... obviously if there is a super poisonous one I would probably be scared but that's more about the danger of getting bit.

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Snakes are scarier, i wouldn't want to be around either, but if there was a guy just holding a snake that wasn't harmful it wouldn't bother me. If some dude had a spider that would be weird. But if i walked into my bathroom and in my tub was either a snake or a spider, the snake would be scarier. I've seen enough spiders crawl on my bed while sitting there playing games at 3 in the morning to kind of just go Oh shit then quickly get some toilet paper to flush it.

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I don't really know for sure, but I feel like I'm more likely to die from a venomous snake than from a spider. So fuck snakes.

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I would rather not be around either, but I hate spiders more then anything else.

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@pyromagnestir: I live in Utah. Honestly, our spiders here aren't dangerous at all.

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Spiders, definitely. I can't enter a room with one, or look at a photo of one. Snakes are fine though, but of course I wouldn't like to be stuck in a box with a venomous one.

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@BoG: Utah? And yet you have snakes jumping out at you and spiders biting you regularly enough that it no longer bothers you? I wasn't aware Utah was such a wild and exotic place.

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Snakes don't bother me. Only large spiders/large quantities of spiders or spiders that resemble/are venomous spiders. A small house spider doesn't bother me much, but I still kill them if they are in my bedroom.

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@oldenglishC said:

The answer is june bugs. Nothing is worse than a giant, loud bug that exists only to fly at your face as fast as it possibly can, only to bounce off and do it all over again because their too gross and juicy to step on.

This is the correct answer.

Or those redish/black bugs that kinda look like crickets that walk slowly and barely move but when you go to get rid of them, they spread their wings and fly right at your face kamikaze style.

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Spiders are my bros, they kill far more annoying insects. Snakes aren't really a part of my life and on the whole are pretty cool.

Disgusting sea squid creatures and black holes scare me.

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Well, G is the ideal answer I guess.

I'd probably go snakes though. We don't get many in my part of the world so seeing one would freak me the fuck out and think it was the end times or something. We get a bunch of spiders though so I'm used to dealing with 'em. However, if they're those huge bastards that you can hear walking then something instinctive awakens in me and I turn into a little girl even though in my head I know can easily kill the fucker. I once sucked up one of them with the vacuum cleaner and it still didn't die. So yeah, spiders are still assholes.

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My mom has a tarantula named Caesar. I've had it crawl up and down my arm before. It wasn't freaky, just felt like small little needle pokes.

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Spiders don't scare me that much (unless they're giant spiders), but a fucking anaconda hovering above my head scares the living fuck out of me.

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@pyromagnestir: Garter Snakes in the lawn always scare me while doing yard work. They're harmless, but scary. On hiking trails, I often encounter rattlesnakes. As for spiders, I've been bitten while sleeping. Most spiders in Utah are tiny and, for the most part, harmless. I just have bad luck.

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Snakes don't really creep me out unless a fucking anaconda is attacking me. Spiders, when small enough, don't really creep me out either. Fucking tarantulas, though....

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Neither. Bees scare the living shit out of me, though.

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Spiders freak me out more, Snakes are pretty awesome.

But seriously, only answer is G. Those snakes that shoot long range super-poison at your eyes and are really fast and accurate? Fuuuuuck that shit.