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Pretty self explanatory. State what secondary languages you speak and how/why you came to learn them. I'm an English minor, so I find this shit fascinating for whatever reason. I'll start!

Japanese - fluent. Started in 8th grade because my dad wanted me to go into business...which worked until I changed my major after Freshman year. Fuck business. But I stuck with it and now have 9 years of it under my belt.

French - semi-fluent. 3 1/2 years under my belt. To be honest, started taking it because my girlfriend at the time had a thing for it. I rarely use it now when I'm not in class unless I (surprise) have a girlfriend or am talking about food.

American Sign Language - Does this even fucking count? anyways, I know the alphabet by heart and a lot of words, if I needed to I could communicate through it. haha

Spanish - Fractionary. Took one year of it. If youre dying, dont depend on me. I can order a mean arroz con pollo and roll my r's, though.

For the lulz: fluent in Binary, because fuck it, why not

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French (fluent): Born in Quebec + our awesome "loi 101" essentially forced me to learn the language.

Spanish (very, very little): Secondary 3-5 Spanish classes. Retained a bit of it.

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Just Spanish because I grew up in a Spanish speaking family. Somehow I've managed to have spoken it my whole life, but lack the ability to roll my r's though. Go figure.

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Not counting my native tongue, four other Lunarian languages. I'd really like to know, Japanese, though, and am finding it immensely difficult learning the damn language.

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I just came here for a stare-down over our avatars.


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@mlarrabee: hahaha god fucking damnit.

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Fluent in Russian. I just really, really like Tolstoy... also passable in Romance languages, should the need arise

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I know an okay amount of German but I'm not fluent. I'd like to get back into learning it again. I took Spanish in high school because it was the only foreign language offered an I hated it, but I was pretty good at reading and writing it. Lost pretty much all of it now.

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@wmaustin55: @mlarrabee: This is the internet equivalent of the girl at school wearing the same outfit as another girl isn't it?

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Dutch and Afrikaans, because I really like them for some reason and decided to study them, despite the fact that they will likely never benefit me in any way. I also know a fair amount of Swedish.

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Spanish because I'm hispanic

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@NegativeCero said:

@wmaustin55: @mlarrabee: This is the internet equivalent of the girl at school wearing the same outfit as another girl isn't it?

Ill pull that bish's hair.

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esperanto because when the world ends we will need it

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@wmaustin55: I am so going to slap you in the hall after first period.

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Norwegian: My native language so duh (given as background information). Swedish and Danish is so similar that I can understand and make myself understood in those languages as well.

English: Fluent with a slight accent. There's so many English movies and TV shows in Norway to back up what you learn in school that you quickly become skilled in reading and speaking English. Not to mention so much of the internet is in English. My current job also requires me to read and write fairly complicated articles and read high level textbooks in English and I'm currently living in NZ/AUS for 4 months.

French: Know a bit but in no way close to fluent. Learned it in school for five years and have been to France a couple of times, but it's been 6 years since I've really used it and think I would have trouble making myself understood unless it was a basic inquiry.

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My French is probably that of a 7th grade French immersion student. If I go to Quebec, I can get by with really disjointed sentences and understand people if they talk at me really basically. I can't write French for shit though.

Bon jour quand je peux jouez avec chameau marde. Good, right? Me and a friend would routinely get kicked out of french class for answering chameau (camel) over and over when the teacher did an oral test with the class. I learned a lot more from watching the French channel that showed porn on weekends than French class. Bleu Nuit was the shit when I was 12.

I also speak fluent Newfinese. Try going to the coast of Labrador and understand what they're saying. It's a language.

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Gaelic or irish so I could talk to my grandmother.

spanish because my wife is a latina

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First language is french(canada)

Second language is English cuz french movies sucks.

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i got piglatin down pretty good

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I took spanish from 8th grade-12th and don't remember any of it. Closest thing I have to a secondary language would be french because I have a decent amount of french(canada) relatives.

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English is my second language =)

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Semi-fluent German. Because.

Some conversational French. Wife's native tongue.

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English is my secondary language

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English, enough Finnish to pick up chicks and order booze (yes, that's seriously as much as I know), and a broken little bit of Japanese. Gotta polish up the Japanese to the level I had it at in 1999 when I quit studying since I'm dealing with Japanese clients daily. Communication to the degree where you can convey your message is essential, but as much as they actually respect and acknowledge where things are at (they love this weird ass Egashira-wannabe foreigner), I wish I could speak their language like ten times more fluently than I currently can, and understand conversations a bit better. Learning to read it isn't that bad.
As for English as a second language for my fellow foreigners, I highly recommend a sweet accent with a little British in it if you're the kind of guy with an active outdoors lifestyle. It doesn't just get you popular, it gets you places, people will listen for real if your accent stands out as something serious and unique.  Finnish is fucking terrible to learn and I swear I only get by with Finns because I'm Finnish blooded and know the body language, Esperanto makes more sense to me.

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@mlarrabee: I'm going to stay firm on the fact that we both like good literature? Ive changed my shit too many times. At least its diff color? haha

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Fluent in Spanish: Moved to Mexico when I was little. My mom had to teach me because there wasn't any schools that had secondary language programs.

Poorly in German: Instead of being assigned to an elective in high school. I got signed up for German I by accident. I really liked the class and stuck with it. I ended up taking German II the next year. I didn't continue after that because of scheduling conflicts.

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Um, well let's see. Just English and Klingon... (Just kidding).

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I am fluent in Spanish and have studied it extensively over the years.

I speak a bit of German because I was trying to learn a new language a few years ago but very little of it stuck.


@mlarrabee said:

I just came here for a stare-down over our avatars.


Don't forget me my droogs!

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I'm fluent in Italian, because my family is mostly so, and I'm learning Japanese right now, because I've always wanted to learn it.

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To be fair, all of you are fluent in binary, even if you dont know you are

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Smattering of words in a few languages. Trying to get my wife to teach me Wolof.

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@Leptok: bark

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I took a couple years of French in middle and high school but I never really studied it very hard. I still remember a few things but not enough to really read/write it or have any kind of conversation.

I've recently been thinking about trying to learn Italian. Maybe not a particularly useful language to learn. My interest comes from the fact that I've got some Italian ancestry.

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Two years of French in high school, two in college. Most of it gone and forgotten now. I'm sure I could manage to get directions or order a cup of coffee or something if I had to.

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Tagalog and English

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Japanese: because I wanted to play their porn games. Spanish: because I live in New York city.

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I want to learn moon language. But I don't know any real viable way to learn it without going to a class to learn japanese. Anyone know a good place to start?

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@byterunner said:

I want to learn moon language. But I don't know any real viable way to learn it without going to a class to learn japanese. Anyone know a good place to start?

I'm honestly not sure what the fuck you're going for with this post.

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A little bit of Spanish

A VERY little bit of French

@DarthOrange said:

Don't forget me my droogs!

Never. All in all, I've seen six or seven of us, we globby bottles of cheap, stinking chip-oil.

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@Leptok: bark

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@Video_Game_King said:

@byterunner said:

I want to learn moon language. But I don't know any real viable way to learn it without going to a class to learn japanese. Anyone know a good place to start?

I'm honestly not sure what the fuck you're going for with this post.

I'm would like to learn Japanese. I'm best learning from a teacher in a physical class, there are none of those near where I live, I'm trying to find a place to learn it on my own. Yet all resources I've found have been hard to use and not really teach me.... So I was asking if anyone knew of a good place to start learning.

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I live in the U.S., and I'm fluent in Spanish, for obvious reasons.

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In high school I had a choice between French and German classes, I wanted to learn French, but all my friends chose German, so ended up taking two years of German and remember none of it.

I still kind of want to learn French. And Spanish.

Edit: My answer to the OP would be "none" unfortunately.

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Un peus francais 

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I have a masters in lingwant. Yeah, I pretty much know them all.

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English is my secondary.

Polish is my native.

I know some Spanish.

I know a little bit of German.

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I know English.

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Spanish was my primary language at home for a good while.