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I have a nice wide format printer that needs some testing tomorrow morning, what shall I print to it?

I prints on an A0 wide roll (that is 1118mm/44" across for those of you who still use crazy paper standards).

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Wendy Fiore.

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Nicolas Cage, natch.

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Print a picture of William Shatner and bring it with you when going out for a meal. No you wont look awkward sitting alone at a restaurant.

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Print out a screen cap of this thread.

Whoaoaoao, it's so widescreen!

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Be sure to Photoshop an image of a wide format printer printing a picture of a wide format printer in place of the flowers.

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Not to be a spoilsport, but this may just tread the line between image spam and not image spam. Is a little close to call. I leave it to @sweep or @mb or any other mod to decide.

And might I suggest Susan Coffey as worthy of printing?

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Tara Long.

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a ryan davis body pillow