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Currently i wear a pair of vans and some black low cut converse, i used to wear Nike but my feet always hurt after wearing them for a while

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Onitsuka Tiger

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I just buy whatever is on sale at the time I need shoes and so far that has led me to buy Nike 90% of the time, although I did have a pair of New Balance that lasted me a long time and were quite comfortable. 

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i have adio kenny anderson.

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Vans and Converse

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puma :D or etines :D

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Right now I'm wearing a pair of Pumas though. Fits like a glove and was on sale for super cheap.

Cheap yet comfy shoes is my thing so any brand that fits that criteria is what I wear.

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Im Size 17, whatever I can get.

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@RE_Player92 said:
" I just buy whatever is on sale at the time I need shoes "
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Whatever I can find, size 13's are ridiculously rare in most shops over here for whatever reason.

Usually Nike though, super comfy, affordable and they last extremely well.

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Nothing but New Balance shoes. Flat feet.

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  • Asics (Onitsuka Tiger)
  • New Balance
  • Vans (Classic slip-on)

That's about it, really.
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I've been wearing Nike for a few years now. The last a long time and are great for people who have arched feet like me.

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Globe, usually only



rocking a pair of elements now though

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Vagabond <3

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In order of most recent purchase: Nike Air Mogan 6.0, Marc Ecko Pratique Chocolate, Etnies Arto Saari:

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Standard tan boots, black Converse and a nice pair of dark brown Beatle boots.

 Ho Yay!

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The pair of shoes I wear the most is Adio followed by a pair of Vans.

But most of my flats and low heels are American Eagle. I own a ton of shoes.
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@EuanDewar said:
" Converse. "
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Nike and Vans.

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Yeah i think i am going to buy a new pair this week cause my current pair of converse are starting to become pretty torn up, i have had them since 06' and i think its time for a new pair lol

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Nikes, Vans, and asics, polo, brooks, addidas all have 3 or more slots in my closet some more than others.

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I love black suede Clarks Wallabees & Nike Rift's

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I wear a pair of trainers that say "Red Level" on the side of them, I buy them from Brantano. Never seen the brand anywhere else. They are blue and understated, I've gone through 2 pairs in about 16 months I think, need to order another pair. These are the shoes I wear 95% of the time. I also have some walking boots for mountains or when it snows that have Hi-Tech on the side, some non brand workshop boots with toe-tectors, and some nike running shoes.

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Low Converse All-Stars

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Converse, all day, every day.

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I think they're called Rebook or something like that. I just buy a pair of decent looking and comfortable shoes and use them till they break.  I think I've had about 4 different pairs of shoes the last 10 years. Oh, and I have a pair of sandals that I wear when it's very warm outside.

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Nike SB.

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Currently some VERY nice black and red Nikes for running and special occasions, as well as some cheap white DC's I got for school and casual wear. The Nikes haven't gotten worn out AT ALL in 6 months of use, and the DC's are completely trashed and permanently dirty, but they're not ripping apart at the seams...yet.

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I stick with New Balance because I know my exact size with them and don't need to try them on.

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Nearly always adidas.

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Adidas. Pretty much exclusively.

I gots Gazelles comin' out the wazoo.
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Classic black and white Converse high tops. Occasionally go for the navy-blue variant.

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Anything that looks good...

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Right now? These two (Got them both on sale).

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Topman, will resort to new look if they've got some decent pairs in though.

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Nike or New Balance.
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Love me some adidas footwear. Currently got the black/gold Good Year sneakers, they're pretty rad. Also known for wearing Puma from time to time.

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Adidas/Nike/Ralph Lauren.

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DC at the moment.. i usually change it up whenever i buy shoes though

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"What shoe Brads do you wear?"

Brad Shoemakers, of course!

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Nike. Formerly Reebok, formerly Saucony.

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nike and rebook

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Converse always.

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Besides dress shoes for work, I usually wear flip-flops. Tennis shoe wise, I wear whatever doesnt cost an arm and a leg and comes in a size 13 while also being comfortable