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I was browsing Amazon and realized how poor a resource it was for checking which games are coming out. So, what site do you use to browse new and upcoming games?

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I have not found a good one. I like the way the new releases are laid out here on GB, but it only going a month ahead makes the damn thing useless. I used the IGN one for a time, but that's not that great. I mostly just keep an eye on the coming soon tab on Steam now.

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Gamefaqs is alright.

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I usually look at the steam 'coming soon ' tab. Of course that doesnt include games that are not on steam but these days those are few and far between.

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I used to use gamefaqs since they seemed to have almost all bases covered sorted by console and region. Now mostly I just check steam and here.

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It is crazy that there still doesn't seem to be a good site for that kind of thing

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I, unshamelessly, use kotaku for news related stuff and giant bomb for wacky related stuff. Ive always liked the layout of kotaku (a constant stream of articles, as opposed to a regular site layout). I check the site, look through all of the articles I havent seen until I reach the point where I start seeing stuff I HAVE seen. Also, they're pretty on top of getting news out really quick; way faster than any other site.

I also appreciate some of their writers (though, not all of them)

Go ahead, bash me all you want

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There isn't really a super good one. I use wikipedia, and that works alright, though sometimes the information on there is a little outdated. Personally I don't like Giant Bomb's new games page, a month isn't far enough ahead, and ports really clutter the list.

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I use Amazon and sort by release date, but it isn't ideal. Otherwise Gamefaqs isn't terrible.

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IGN or Wikipidia

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IGN or Wikipidia

Pretty much this. The new games section on this site sucks butthole.

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NowGamer.com's release list is actually really good, it's basically a month to month calendar with the UK releases on it. It's way better than the straight lists you see elsewhere.