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i've been listening to a lot of OFWGKTA stuff lately so i have this Tyler, the Creator and Casey Veggies song stuck in my head:  

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I Can't Wake Up by KRS-One.

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No Time by The Juan Maclean.   

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Daft Punk - Steam Machine x Around the World mix
When they transition into Around the World I get goosebumps every time.
(I can't embed videos for some reason otherwise I would have.)

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  Damn L4D blog and their video winners. 

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Terran Soundtrack from SC2.

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While You Wait for the Others by Grizzly Bear.  

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  Downloaded the album last week and might be going to the Halloween show they do in Cleveland. This song hasn't left my head in 3 days.
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The Back to the Future theme tune.

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Everyone loves magical trevor....
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Does it have to be an actual song with lyrics or can it be an instrumental piece too?
Because I've got the "Bull Run" from Knight and Day in my head. That single piece is better than the entire movie (which I enjoyed, I admit).

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Megalomania by Muse.
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Seriously, this spontaneously started playing in my head again about 1 minute before I saw this thread.
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A non existant mashup of Brodyquest and the Mortal Kombat theme

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I have a popular song from the 70s or 80s stuck in my head, but I have no clue what its called. I'm sure you'd know it if you heard it.

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@mau64 said:

" Thanks to robot unicorn attack: "always" "

That song was stuck in my head for weeks.
Anyway, now it's this song.
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Controller - Howl 
It's the FIFA 11 menu track I always seem to get. 

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  Biffy Clythro
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Alejandro by Lady GaGa...

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We Drummin from birdy nam nam, And Weekend wars from MGMT. They both are switching it up in my head :D

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Muse - Plug in Baby 
But that's probably gonna change in a minute or two when I decide to whistle something else

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  Switchfoot The sound, pretty good track
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This song for some reason: 

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
Fucking love that song, especially the 2nd half of it. Dare I say it, EPIC.
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@Djeffers03:  actually, Shinoda's new rap attitude is repulsive and offputting, so im not very fond of that track, however the chanting in it is worth the listen :P 
the only thing i would call epic about that album is the Shinoda's bit at the end of Blackout..
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In the episode of Mystery Science Theater where they mock "Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues..." there is a scene where some hillbilly is startled by a southern version of Sasquatch while he (the hillbilly, not the creature) is taking a dump in his outhouse.  In his fright, he accidentally steps into the hole full 'o' shit.  After the commotion, his wife hoses the shit off of his legs while this weird-ass bass music plays. 
AND THAT WEIRD-ASS MUSIC, dear readers, has been stuck in my head for the last year or so. 
If you just have to experience it, it happens in the first 20 sec. or so of this clip.

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  I can't do anything right today.

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the pirate song   

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Pull Me Under- Dream Theater
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@Shirogane said:
" Er, some song...bleh, i don't remember which one is is, but a certain guitar part is stuck in my head.  It's one of the Girls DeMo songs... "
You and me both, buddy. Except its all the GirlDeMo songs for me . They're just so good. 
" @HitmanAgent47 said:

Don't laugh, I have an anime song stuck in my head called fuwa fuwa time. It's like running in my head over and over even though I have no idea what the lyrics mean.

O_O....... Fuwa Fuwa Time is amazing......... "
Fuwa Fuwa Time has a strangely addicting tune to it. Also, the guitar part is a blasty blast to play. 
Nearly all the songs from K-On! are growing on me... What have I become? ,_,
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@Ahmad_Metallic: All the more reason why the second half of the track is so good, Shinoda is barely in it.
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20th Century Blues - Noel Coward.
I really didn't need to play Minerva's Garden on Hard with VitaChambers turned off, but I'm hard headed.

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The Tetris tune.