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I actually live in London but I have a friend coming to visit and I'm the worst tour guide in the world. They've been here several times before and we've been to all the touristy places and I don't really venture outside too much of my local area so much of London is unknown to me. I'd love to get some suggestions on where to go or eat during my friends nearly 3 week stay. Thanks.

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... the Olympics?

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My friend doesn't arrive until after the Olympics and it's not just something you can turn up to anyway. Despite all the empty seats.

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There's a cool kind of Japanese restaurant in Soho called inamo. There are no waiters and instead you order food directly on the table which projects the menu from above and you have a kind of touch pad. You can also play battleship and watch direct feed form the kitchen on the table.

Also, maybe go see a movie in Leicester Square after which is quite close. Also lots of small arcades around there with fighting games and stuff.

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The Reddit London Wiki has some non-tourist areas that might be cool to checkout.

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@49th: Thanks a lot duder. That restaurant sounds really cool and I'm sure we'll go to the Prince Charles at some point (saw Submarine there last summer and it was awesome). She's not really into games but if someone can direct me to a place that has lots of pinball machines I'd be grateful for that too.

@1DER: Oh wow, some really cool stuff. Thanks a lot duder.

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Go see The Lion King, it's awesome.

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@GunslingerPanda: Hmmm, she does love the film, I'll have to mention it. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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Go to Camden Market, have a walk around, try some different types of food and go to a gig/pub at night.

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@RazielCuts said:

Go to Camden Market, have a walk around, try some different types of food and go to a gig/pub at night.

this is good, a trivia night would be cool.

also high street, picadilly, knotting hill, tate modern and surrounding area.

your food isn't a high point in london, except for the BLTs. fine BLTs.

assuming your friend is from the US you can go to Subway and watch in horror as they try to put corn on your sandwich.

for a trick you can ask for provolone and hear their confused answer "do you want cheese or not?"

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If your into it see a show. London is basically the broadway of Europe. Do lunch in a place called Burough market, trust me. Enjoy crazy crisp flavors.

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@stinky: My friend is from Canada but we've actually done a large percentage of what you've suggested so you can see why I'm struggling thus my posting here.

@RazielCuts: We went to Camden market last year. It's not my fave place but she didn't particularly care for it and probably wouldn't want to go back there.

@Irvandus: She really hates musicals unfortunately (she's missing out) which is what a lot of stuff in London is. We did manage to see a really good one woman show last year though.

She saw the opening ceremony of the Olympics and now she's even more pumped. She just thinks London is this most perfect place but being a Brit and being quite pessimistic, I tend not to agree. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far, I really need the help lol.

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Go to Namco Arcades.

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Does your friend like video games? If so, go to this shop


Its a small place but it does have some awesome stuff.

Plus the Eurogamer expo is at the end of September.

Also the riverside in Kingston Upon Thames is quite pretty if its sunny.

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Prince Charles Cinema, can't recommend it enough. Especially to a cool event, like the swear along with South Park that I'm hitting up on Friday 10th. But it's a cool indie cinema in London that is totally worth checking out.

*scrolls up and realises you mentioned it*

Oh, well, consider this a second recommendation. And you've been there so you know. Well in that case, regardless, fucking come along to this south park thing with or without your friend. Having a load of people sing along in the cinema is a truly excellent experience.

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Poop in a phone booth.

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Go to Wimbledon...Strawberry's and Cream. Maybe see Andy Murray win something that matters

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The same thing we do in L.A., riot!

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@JerichoBlyth: @Stete: Unfortunately not into video games but thanks for the recommendations. I wasn't actually aware that stuff was still around in London.

@Tylea002: Haha, Prince Charles is awesome. I really do need to go there more often. I saw that they're having an all day marathon of the Muppet movies very soon. My friend won't be here when the SP thing is on but I may just come along for that anyway :P

@ShadowConqueror: But if I did that, I might get poop on my shoes.

@clumsyninja1: Not sure if serious...

@JamesValdes: Old news. We did that last year. Left quite a number on London.

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Look up Michelin star restaurants in London and eat there.

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@mrcraggle said:

@GunslingerPanda: Hmmm, she does love the film, I'll have to mention it. Thanks for the suggestion :)

If you go, there's a sick burger restaurant nearby called GBK. They do Wild Boar burgers!

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Don't go Inamo, the food's a joke, and the while the experience sounds good on paper, the technology doesn't hold up in a post-iPhone world, would have been cool in the '90s/Early '00s. If she likes dancing, take her to Notting Hill Arts Club, you'll both have a hell of a time. Also, if you like Thai food, Busaba's not a bad place to start. Some tickets have been put back up for the Olympics, so definitely try and get some if you can, I'm sure she'll enjoy that.

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Hire someone to follow you in a helicopter with a live overhead chase cam feed, steal a mini cab then do this IRL.

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Forbidden Planet!