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So I'm doing a bit of cleaning today, an found a ginormous stash of old magazines. Expert Gamer, Tips & Tricks, Nintendo Power, GameNOW....the list goes on.

I imagine some of you are/have been in the same boat as me, so I ask you: what did you do with your old magazines? Throw them in storage for a nostalgia trip 20 years from now? Recycle them? Something in between?

Give me some ideas, duders. What should I do with the vast amount of pages of gaming tips, news, and reviews?

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Yeah, I have wondered this too. I have no idea what to do with my old magazines. Sometimes I like looking through them, and they provide a cool way to see what was happening in games at certain times. So I don't want to throw them away, but they take up so much space.

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Recycle them. Unless you have first issues they are not usually worth much.

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Scrapbook them.

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Got a scanner? It's time consuming, but then they won't take up physical space.

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Eat them.

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i had this problem with my old porn mag collection. i ended up just putting them in a carrier bag and leaving them near a tree in a local park.

with luck some youngster will find them and put them to good use.

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Dump them in the woods. Kids will be so disappointed when they find them and they aren't porn.

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At least that's what I tell myself every time I look at my 8 storage boxes of books and magazines.

That and I could never cope with throwing away my old Nintendo Powers. NEVER.

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: @Apparatus_Unearth: These are both great ideas. I think I'll....wait a sec...

@Ravenlight said:

Eat them.

Well....I am pretty hungry....

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You could take them to a Half Price Books to donate. If their less than two months old, they might pay you for them. It won't be much though. I'm not a fan of HPB anymore, and this will cause extra work for them.

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put them in the blender with water, yogurt, ice, and milk, and make a delicious magazine smoothie.

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Put them in the bathrooms around your house. It is always nice to see what games used to look like, what kind of writing there was in these, reviews for games and compare to what we think of them now, previews are always hilarious where a game is getting hyped up even though back then it looked bad or we later found out it was a piece of garbage.

Yup, keep em because old game magazines are awesome when taking a dump.

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Re- read all of them and clip out all the hilariously wrong predictions!

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@49th said:

Recycle them.

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I'm not really a collector...of anything. So I just throw them away after I'm done with 'em. I never go back to stuff like that anyway.

Or, I do still have some magazines from my childhood, but that's more for nostalgic reasons. I haven't really kept a single magazine the last 10 years.

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Definitely scan and recycle.

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I recycled quite a bit of my collection. I had Gamepro's, going back to the N64 era and was sad to have to toss them but toss them I did.

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Burn them.

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recycle or sell. Unless I really wanted to keep them for nostalgia and had a way to do so that I would actually be able to access them on demand

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Bury them in my backyard.

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Don't throw them away dude, I love finding old magazines and comics.

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Only mags I keep now are year end issues of a music magazine I buy irregularly, Terrorizer.

Otherwise, recycled in one way or another, either into the recycling depot or else passed on to other people. I used to hate letting go of magazines but face it brother, you're not going to care what score Spyro 2 got today, never mind in the future. Use that space for something better.

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Cut them up and make collages with the pictures.

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Art them.

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Penis pedestal. 

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stack them up in the bathroom for your guests

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Burn them.

This is really the only right answer.

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Glue pages together that have pictures of women on them then give them to your little brother. Do this for every magazine.

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Recycle or sell if they're worth anything (usually not; I was saddened at the extreme lack of value that Nintendo Power #100 fetched), but I am not much for nostalgia.