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Alright, sorry if I didn't put down certain choices above. This poll isn't about how many TV's you have, it's about what you use. I'd understand it if there are some that change from one to the other; for instance, maybe there are those of you that play a certain console in one room with a type of TV, and then also play another console on another TV situated elsewhere in your house. That's too many choices to put down though.

The reason I made this was because I was curious as to how many people still use standard TV's for gaming. This has nothing to do with having a better TV or not, just about me being curious as to who uses what. I personally use B in my room. There is one D in the living room, and two A's; one in the living room and another in another room. And no, when I say there are two TV's in the living room, it's not in the same room. Hard to explain. Anyways, what about you?

Are you happy with your set-up, if not, what could make it better? Not only with TV, but sound system as well and what have you. What's your ideal set-up? I like mine, the 720p TV I use, though small (19"), has a really nice picture. All the TV's I've ever tried to use other than the one I currently use just doesn't seem as good to me, but I do wish I had a bigger, nicer one. I use a 5.1 Dolby Digital home theater system, but the majority of blu-ray films don't support the system since most of those are 7.1.

I think it sounds really nice most of the time, but that could be better as well. So, it's not all perfect, but it's a little more than adequate. I also think that how it's set up in the room, and how the surroundings of the entire room factors into the ideal way to enjoy your play time, or viewing of a film.

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I was on a 32 inch Samsung TV until the wife and I recently moved to a larger place and got my own room for the computer/music stuff/gaming, so I picked up a 23 inch AOC ips monitor. The colors!!

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I use a 24 inch dynax tv that does 720p but apparently does 1080p during blu ray movies, I still don't get that but it looks nice and is a good gaming tv for me.

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I got a 37 inch Vizio TV. It's great for my games.

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I have a 40 inch Samsung 720p/1080i in my gaming room. Almost has every console I ever bought still hooked up to it and my pc. So many cords ahhhhh. Would be nice to have a better set of speakers hooked up to it for better audio quality but I guess I'm used to horrible audio out of a TV. Still have a old 32 inch Magnavox on the front porch if I ever want to play my old games the way they were meant to be played.

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A 1080p 23" LCD monitor with Denon 5.1 nestled around it.

“White man build big fire, sit way back. Indian build little fire, sit up close.”

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A 40inch Samsung 1080p TV in my bedroom that I bought for late night movie viewings and a 72inch in my home theatre/basement. The bigger one is mostly for movies though.

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Still rocking a hand me down 32" Olevia TV. Really want to upgrade to a more modern TV that can do more than 720p but I'll invest in that later.

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I use my Asus 24" monitor. It's great.

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90" 1080p projector. It's pretty cool :)

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50" LCD Insignia.

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When I'm at home I have a 55" 1080p 3D television, and when I am at College I use my 23.6" 1080p Computer Monitor.

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32 inch Sammy, 720P.

Would love to move up to a 40 inch since they can be had for less than what I paid for my 32, but I just can't rationalize spending the money. I'll just continue playing the waiting game.

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I mainly play my console games on a 4 or 5 year year old 22 inch 1080i TV that sits on my desk and doubles a second monitor, but I do also have a much nicer TV (1080p, 32") in the living room that usually has at least on console (combined between me and my two flatmates we have 2 PS3s, 2 360s, a PS2 and a Wii) hooked up to it, but that mainly gets used for watching movies.

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26in Vizio

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@Sinusoidal: Yeah, I use AOC as well. It's weird, I don't believe its a huge company, or at least a popular one, but they make nice TV's.

@kaos_cracker: Yeah, I was telling someone that for some reason it doesn't seem as if some companies don't advertise their TV's correctly, 'cause my family has a "720p" 3DTV, and yet it does everything in 1080p, except for cable which only supports 1080i.

@awesomeusername: Yeah, my family has two Vizio's, though it isn't that one. It may have been because I just wasn't used to it yet, but I thought it looked far worse even in its 1080p-ness (ha... ha. That wasn't intended). It's cool that yours is nice though.

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Ive had my Samsung 56" DLP 720P for probably 7 years looking to upgrade over the holidays. One of the best purchases ive made, but its time to take it out back and have it put down.

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32" Samsung 1080p.

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26" Vizio LEDLCD 1080p HDTV. I use it for all of my gaming - my PC, Xbox 360, and sometimes my Wii or PS2 are also plugged into it.

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50" samsung DLP - HID lamp source. Great color gamut, great contrast, only 1 frame of display lag, ~16ms.

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26" Sharp 1080p LED/LCD. It's not the biggest or anything, but since I sit literally no more than 2 feet from it, it is actually perfect for me.

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I have a 37" LG. At 1080p, that was as big as I could get without it looking terribly pixelated from 10ft away. My sound setup is terrible, I have two tower speakers, but I can only use them by playing audio through my HTPC (which is linux, so limited options and bad drivers).

Can't wait for 4k. Although it does look cool (or nerdish) having a x360, ps3, wii U, sega genesis, N64, and gamecube stacked under it.

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Just sold my 51" Samsung plasma :(

I will be using a 24" BenQ now instead...

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50" 1080P Plasma, Sit less than 1m from it (my eye balls hurt) i have this problem where i cant sit far rom a tv if im gaming (nothing wring with my eyes) i just cant seem to enjoy it if im sitting at a normal distance :S

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42" LG Plasma 720p.

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55" Sony Bravia LED.

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I have a 1080p HDTV, but its pretty tiny, maybe 20".

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I'll probably be on my laptop monitor until a little after Christmas.

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A cheapo RCA HD 720p. 
Cus consoles don't get higher resolution then that so why care. And I don't really care about HD with movies so much, it looks fine and I can watch a movie at 1080p on my PC so meh.  
Mainly just needed an HD TV because all games are made in HD now so text is near impossible to read on a standard definition TV. 
I put way to much thought into this reply.

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F. But I also have my 3DS :o

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24inch 1080p Asus monitor with a fast response time for competitive gaming and I switch to my 50 inch Samsung 1080p 3D Plasma for more immersion.

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Vizio 30-something inch 1080p. 

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50" 1080p Samsung plasma. I've had it for about 3 years and am pretty happy with it.

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a 32" sony bravia 720p/1080i. i like it a lot. it has a HD-tunner in it but the cable box we had to put on doesn't give HD anymore. it was a lot of local channels that were HD.

i also have a 23" monitor that does 1080p, i can also use that but i haven't.

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42" Samsung 720p

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SONY Bravia 48" 1080p. And a LG Flatron 22" 1080p for PC gaming and additional console when a friend comes over.

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42" LG LCD.

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40" Samsung LCD, 1080p. Hooked up to my PC (main platform) and PS3.

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I used to use a big 65" 1080i projection TV, but the color went on it. Now I use a 42" 1080p. It's still amazing to me that anyone would bother playing a PS3 or Xbox on a standard def TV, but clearly not too many are doing that anymore. I just can't imagine how frustrating that would be. I did use my 22" PC monitor for a bit with my PS3 before I got rid of it--probably the best looking setup I've had, even if the screen was a bit small.

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56" Samsung LED 1080p 3D TV.

Plenty of connections for all platforms and satellite. Fantastic set aside from it's remote.

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32" 1080p Bravia on my desk

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55" Samsung LED LCD 1080p HDTV for all consoles and PC gaming. 27" Apple LED Cinema Display for Mac gaming.

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I use my PC monitor. No point in buying a TV just for consoles.

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I use a 27" PC monitor for my computer and console gaming needs.

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A 23" 720p 60 Hz IPS monitor with extremely low input lag. Pretty much the only requirement for my console monitor is that it doesn't lag a bit, which is why I can't really go for TVs.

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I use a 23'' HP 1920x1200 monitor for my PC but want to upgrade to 25"-27" (maybe 3d) monitor, possibly even 3, but that's not gonna happen for a while...

My cable box is also hooked up to the HP monitor.

I have a 40" 1080p Bravia about a foot and a half to the right of that which is also hooked up to cable (of course) and my consoles.

The Bravia is also connected to the PC.

So I can have TV on either screen (both, if I really want to party, hah) or have TV on one and either PC/Console on the other.

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People still use SD TVs? Oh god why

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Still on my 720p "HD Ready" TV, since it was expensive and I didn't really have any reason to upgrade.

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99% of the time I'm on my PC playing there, but when I do fire up my PS3 to play the exclusives I'm now using a 50 inch Panasonic Plasma TV that I bought during Cyber Monday on amazon.ca. Before that I had a 37 inch Magnavox LCD TV that I had been using for the last 5-6 years. Which really pissed me off because I play on my consoles so little that there was literally years there where I never turned it on, then one day out of nowhere the dam thing just up and stopped working. Never going to be buying a TV from them again I know that much. Here's hoping this Panasonic does me better.