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So after watching Iron Man 3 I came to the conclusion that I wanted to spend my Sunday watching more buddy cop flicks of the 80's early 90's. I started marathoning through some of my favorites today. Watched some Bad Boys I, Tango and Cash, Rush Hour I, and Junior (don't ask why). Then I started thinking that video game characters are more or less these characters but crazier. So if I could make a buddy cop film from video game characters this is who I would have.

My first pick is with Cole Train and Big Bo in a "Bad Boys" remake. It'll just be them mowing down enemies shouting out their nicknames to each other which pretty much sounds like a Michael Bay movie to me. Both characters are fairly popular and both talk massive shit with their other halves who aren't as witty or funny as they are. Take out Baird and Dan Marshall out of the equation and what you got is pure awesomeness!

Second choice I'm going to go with is Luigi from Super Mario and Bladewolf from Metal Gear Rising in a nod to Jim Belushi's 80's comedy hit "K-9". Luigi like Jim is the forgotten of the brothers at times But what they lack in talent they make up with in heart. Bladewolf I thought would be kinda cool as the dog of this film because while he is seen as a straight laced kind of cyberdog he is actually a goofball killer at heart.

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Kratos and Nathan Drake. I just like the combination of violent insanity with an 'it'll be fine' attitude. I think there's some great moments to be had with Drake talking Kratos down from just wiping out everyone.

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Aren't 'buddies' in the whole buddy-cop routine supposed to be polar opposites? I think Cole and Big Bo would get along too well. Though seeing which one can be the more exaggerated black guy caricature would be fun to watch. Their entire exchange would just be an increasingly loud duet of ''SUWEEEETT'' and ''WOOOO''.

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Tommy Vercetti would be the crazy guy and Gordon Freeman would be the straight man.

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Mario and Wario in a Lethal Weapon remake.

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Not quite a buddy cop movie, but I think this thing I made some time ago still fits.

"Hello EDI? Could you patch me through to C-Sec HQ? This is Officer Garrus Vakarian, badge twelve forty seven."

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@i_stay_puft: Surely the logical buddy cop movie to watch is Lethal Weapon for the shane black connection?

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Raiden from Fatal Fury and Raiden from Mortal Kombat are my pick. MK Raiden teleports them into crimes in progress and SNK Raiden dropkicks everything in sight.

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Princess Peach and some ultra slutty barely clothed lady from any other game. The slutty one teaches peach to let her hair down and show her wild side from time to time while peach teaches the slutty one that sometimes being proper and fully clothed can be good too. /SARCASM Why you guys gotta be so sexist and only have male buddy cop combos? /ENDSARCASM

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Victor Sullivan aka Sully. He would play the hard drinking, cigar smoking, prostitute loving, heavy gambler wise yet weary of world street sergeant.

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@marcsman: Team that guy up with soda popinski and you got some heavy guzzlers going.

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