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This topic is dedicated to all the scary moments in our favorite horror videogame/movie/books of all time! Whether they be moment by moment or just a single one that is in your mind that haunts your nightmare, let it be known here!

For video games. I has to be the REmake of the original Resident Evil on Gamecube. I still have yet to go through this game. But damn is it frightening. The one moment where I literally jumped up and turned off the game was the hallway dogs... dear sweet merciful... fuck man... those things scared the ever loving shit out of me. I am a pansy when it comes to horror games though... so expect me to post more often on this topic later on when I get to Fatal Frame...

For movies. Poltergiest. Fuck that tree and fuck that clown doll! Fuck them both from now until infinity, those things scared the shit out of me when I was younger and I ran out of the room I was watching it in as fast as a 11 year old could. Seriously though. Fuck both those parts! Rest of the movie was creepy, for some reason the face falling off scene never bothered me...

I wonder why?

With books. I really haven't been scared by many books in my life. But there is one story from a book that haunted me when I was a child.

This one. The Big Toe.


Having an older brother read that to me had scared the fuck out of me and gave me nightmares over a week. Seriously... the entire story is pretty bleeped up anyways. Who eats a fucking toe from the damn ground? WHO?

I totally recommend that guys videos for how awesome they are. They have a very... Deadly Premonition vibe going on.

What are your three favorite horror videogames/movies/books?

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When it comes to movies I remember Event Horizon scaring the shit out of me when I first saw it. Games on the other hand normally don't bother me too much, I do remember those super tense parts in Dead Space though, those would scare me a bit. And Amnesia: The Dark Decent of course is another.

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Audition directed by Takashi Miike (1999). So damn difficult to watch. I don't play or read a lot of scary games/books. Twilight Zone is still pretty scary, at least the better episodes. The stuff holds up.

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Amithy ville scare me a little bit.

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@le_zane said:

Audition directed by Takashi Miike (1999).


I also recall Pulse (Japanese version) really got to me as well; I slept with my lamp on that night. Playing SH2 for the first time when I was 11 was a tough time. I actually remember listening to Justin Timberlake's first album with my headphones to calm myself... I can't stress enough that I was 11 btw... @_@

EDIT: It also kinda made SH2 a bit of a laughing stock for me. To this day I can't help associate the scene where Maria's behind the bars with Timberlake's Señorita...

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Video Game - Silent Hill 2 - It was creepy as hell. I really enjoyed playing it with the lights off and the volume up just to enhance that feeling.
Movie - The Ring - The American version of course. It fucked me up. I shouldn't have watched it alone in the dark.
Book - Pet Sematary - This book was just full of wild and scary moments. I read it while in the Navy in a room with 80 other guys. I still felt scared.

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Silent Hill 2

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Scariest game I've ever actually finished would have to be Dead Space. The first one - the second one isn't so scary. But the first one has a great sense of atmosphere and tension to it. Also, the FEAR expansions are scarier than the actual game. The best (or worst, depending on how you view things) is when you walk into a room and Paxton Fettel starts talking behind you, and then you walk to the next room where there's a glass wall. The whole screen turns dark and flame and mangled bodies start screaming and beating on the glass right in front of you. Keep in mind that the 30 minutes before this moment is almost completely quiet save for some things there for atmosphere, and when I finally did walk into this room, it was 2AM, I was wearing headphones, and the volume was turned up.

Scariest movie I've ever seen? I don't know. Actually, I'm not really fond of scary movies. I did read the Wikipedia story summary of Paranormal Activity and it just sounded scary.

Scariest book I've ever read? Can't tell you.

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The first time I played Penumbra was pretty scary, those first couple of hours really get to you.

Movies don't tend to scare me much, the last one that did was this movie "The Hole" from 2001 and being so scared I started hallucinating but I was pretty young then and I haven't been that scared by a movie since, at least that I can remember.

I also remember reading The Shining when I was about 13 and having trouble sleeping.

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Silent Hill 2, and Blair Witch Project.

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Demon's/Dark Souls. Not scary because of the atmosphere or enemies or anything--although the mimics are terrifying--but scary when you're trying to make it back to your bloodstain, with no potions left, and dying means losing hours of progress.

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Not sure about movies or games, but for books, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and really Lovecraft in general. The Call of Cthulhu, The Dunwich Horror, At the Mountains of Madness, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Herbert West - Reanimator, Dagon... the list goes on.

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None of the people in this thread have played Amnesia.

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Scream, i saw it when i was quite young and i couldn't get that costume out of my head at nights.

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Some Berenstain Bears game for the Philips CD-i scared the shit out of me as a kid.

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Video game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Movie: The Exorcist

Book: The Haunted: The True Story of One Family's Nightmare

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Lu Bu in Dynasty Warriors 3. Do NOT pursue Lu Bu.

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Clock Tower

How is this not the most terrifying thing ever?
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Computer games: Amnesia, hands down. Had to stop playing 10 minutes in because it was making me too uncomfortable.

Films: Human centipede - didn't so much scare me as freak me out, and that was only from watching a trailer! Actually had a nightmare about it, I hadn't had nightmares in years prior to it.

Books: Um, nothing I guess. Then again because Im not a horror fan, I dont think Ive ever invested in reading any horror books. Closest probably being "John Dies at the End" by the editor at Cracked.com, but that was more dark humour than horror.

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The Turn of the Screw is a pretty scary book that I strongly recommend

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A popular answer is SH II. My answer is Silent Hill 3. Maybe it's putting myself in the shoes of Heather, a more vulnerable character. Maybe I just found it more scary. I don't know. I should replay both, as it's been ages.
My movie pick is Exorcist III. While it doesn't scare me as much as it did when I was younger, the disturbing imagery in the film lingers long after I watch it.

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@SockemJetpack said:

Lu Bu in Dynasty Warriors 3. Do NOT pursue Lu Bu.

Dude... I completely know what you are talking about. People, listen to this man! Lu Bu will fucking destroy people just by looking at them! Do NOT pursue him!

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I don't get "scared" per se(totally desensitized to it), so I just get tense. But in regards to that...

BOOK: None. I don't find books remotely scary.

MOVIE: The Strangers, just because it was at least semi-realistic compared to most horror movies.

GAME: Siren: Blood Curse. DAT HOUSE.

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There's plenty of movies that scare me, even the 'mainstream' stuff like Saw. I tend to stay away from scary flicks - that's not how I get my kicks.

I haven't read many books that have scared me per se, but The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Gilman is a good short story (like 15 pages) that is incredibly unnerving. Whoever doesn't get goosebumps by the end of the story must be a robot.

Like movies, I stay away from scary games. I bought SH2 for the first time a couple months back, have barely touched it.

@1nfinitum said:


I know it's not a book or anything, but it's a really captivating and horrifying short story. I suggest you read through all of it in one sitting, it would be hard not to.

I'm at the part where he's starting to crawl into the hole, and I'm already terrified - not because of the 'noises', but because of the pictures. I can't imagine what kind of maniac would subject himself to that.

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For the past couple days I've been watching day9tv ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5fmpMPnzd8&list=PL153911B7FFAB0CA2&index=1&feature=plpp_video ) go through Amnesia, this is scary just watching it... I would not be able to make it through this game. (for anyone interested in watching a good playthough, I recommend this one, this guy is great entertainment)

I remember when silent hill 2 came out, my friends and I would try to play through the game sitting right next to each other in a dark room... and no one wanted the controller lol, I was terrified. I just can't do scary games.

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I won't say that original Condemned scared me, but it was the most intense game play I've ever experienced.

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Dead Space and Resident Evil 4. Especially Dead Space. Playing that game at night with lights off? Stupid idea

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@Fasckira said:

Computer games: Amnesia, hands down. Had to stop playing 10 minutes in because it was making me too uncomfortable.

Werd. That's easily one of the creepiest games ever. I'd say original Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame 2 are up there, and really Dead Space 2 has some of the creepiest scenes ever too. That game tired me out I felt so stressed at parts. Hell, as far as stress goes, I'd put Demon's Souls up there too.. Not so much the sequel, and neither one are "scary", but they can put you on the edge of your seat for sure. I spent the entire first game in shear terror, sure that the next step would kill me. And it usually did.

Movies are easy. (I'm a horror fanatic). The Descent (the first time you see it) is on of the creepiest experiences in recent memory.

Human Centipede is unsettling/disturbing, but I didn't fint it to be scary or gory in any way. They don't really show you anything, it's mostly just in your head.

Someone here mentioned Event Horizon; when that first released I thought it had a good creepy vibe to it, but I just watched it last week, and it didn't hold up very well imho...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 scared the bajeeezus outta me the first time I saw it... Bill Moseley should have won an Oscar for that performance. It's tough to look at it subjectively now after seeing it so many times, but I would htink that would scare most people.

I've never read a book that scared me, and I've read about everything King, Rice, and Barker have ever written... A couple of King's books are creepy (Shining, Desperation...) but none actualy scared me... I'd like to experience that from a book; never have...

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Amnesia is the scariest game ever made. :(

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Game: Amnesia. That shit is downright unhealthy. Didn't make it all the way through it.

Movie: Poltergeist, probably. I really don't care much for horror movies.

Book: Silence of the Lambs, maybe? Or some Lovecraft book that I don't remember the title of. Don't care much for horror books either.

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Amnesia is the scariest shit in existance. So definitely that for games.

I don't really find scary movies, you know, scary. But I remember being slightly scarred by the Exorcist when I was younger.

Books... I haven't really read anything scary. Not to my memory at least. I need to pick up reading again....

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@le_zane said:

Audition directed by Takashi Miike (1999).

These things can never be unseen...

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Scariest game? Fatal Frame 2, definitely. I don't go for "OOGA BOOGA RAHHH" scares, I like the shit that unnerves me and makes me uncomfortable to even advance. Atmosphere and general "what the FUCK is going on" feelings do more for me than jump scares or vicious monsters.

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For movies I'd go with an Italian one called Demons. I used to rent the VHS back in the day at the video store. No matter how many times I watched it I was freaked out by it. But I kept renting it. =P

For those that might find a copy of the tape there was a cool trailer for a TV show called Crime Story. Excellent trailer and the intro song for the show was Del Shannon singing a new version of one of his most famous songs "Runaway." That alone make the tape worth it.

I do remember the dogs in Resident Evil being a nice shock to the system but the atmosphere in the first Silent Hill game was so creepy. Me and a friend would spend Saturdays playing it. One part had us screaming like a couple of bitches. One of our friends joined us once and he jumped so hard he broke through the beach chair he was sitting on. Fell right through the chair. Funniest shit. We still talk about that.

I read a lot, but can't say much has scared me. Although when Coraline by Neil Gaiman first came out I did find it to be creepy and unsettling at some points. Also House of Leaves did a great job of kind of freaking me out a bit.

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game: amnesia. i'm even too scared to touch it.

movie: not a big horror movie fan but "kill list" was the last movie that really had me stay up longer.. i was frightened like crazy.

book: nothing yet.

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Well I've never had books that has scared me but there's 2 video games and 3 movies that has scared the most!

For the video games, there was this game called "D" that was on the PSX. I haven't played it but my older brother did when I was around 7. Straight up shook me up, especially when him and my dad cut out all the lights in the basement. The other is Mortal Kombat for the Genesis. I was 6 and I had no problem playing the game with others or playing it by myself. The problwm was not playing it. Just listening to the music and watching the cpu play in the dark freaked me out.

As for movies, the original Halloween, the second, and the 4th one Michael Myers is a bad mofo!

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@TooSweet said:

For movies I'd go with an Italian one called Demons. I used to rent the VHS back in the day at the video store. No matter how many times I watched it I was freaked out by it. But I kept renting it. =P

Hah, I love both of those movies. Dario Argento is the man. He only wrote them, (Bava directed), but those are both great. I've never seen either one for sale, but I have them both on Divx. I don't find either one to be scary; they're almost campy they are so over the top, but awesome regardless.

They remind me a bit of the (original) Night of the Demons series. Have you seen those? If you liked Bava's Demons, you'll prolly like those too. Wicked fun.


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Movie department - "Silence of the Lambs". Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of Hannibal Lecter still gives me the heeby geebies...

Game department - F.E.A.R. (the first one)

Book department - Anything by H.P. Lovecraft

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@zombie2011: If you see it again, you'll notice it's more like a comedy/horror that makes fun of horror films. It's a really good film because of that. I'm not into horror films, not because they scare me, but because they don't interest me that much, unless you're talking about sci-fi horror films (like alien). Scream isn't scary, but it is good. The first two work, and then it starts getting worse at three. You should see it again and get over it, you'll laugh not only because of the film, but because you'll wonder why you were scared of it in this first place. The bad guy is the most vulnerable slasher character in film history.

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anything with ventriloquist dummies....ugghhhh

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E.T. gave me nightmares for years when I was a kid.

Also Signs scared the shit out of me when I first saw it.

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Movie: [REC] for some reason, it freaked me out big time. 
Game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent 
Book: IT by Stephen King

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Amnesia: the Dark Descent

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Video Games that have scared me in the past: 
Resident Evil 2 
The Penumbra Games: Overture and Black Plague 
Amnesia the Dark Descent 
There may be more but that's enough for now I suppose 
IT by Stephen King 
I have a book that is a collection of Horror Stories called "Book of Horror" which has H.P. Locecraft and many other great literary horror themed stories. Some of the best (and most classic) are things like the Raven, The House and the Brain, The Signalman, The Bodysnatcher, The Spider, The foot and the mummy and so on  
Jurassic Park, the book, is fairly intense and at times scary 
The Talisman by Stephan King and Peter Straub 
Dracula by Bram Stoker 
I can't think of much else at the moment, but I remember reading a lot of books as a kid, some really god collections of horror stories and what not, but I cant recall any names from those ones. (There was a weird one about a kid whose teddy bear talked to him at night while sucking his blood, a poem about a guy drilling a hole into his own head, and some weird scary stuff like that). 
Strangely as an adult anyway (not so much as a kid) I don't find movies scary anymore. As a kid, though, I thought Child's Play was the scariest thing ever. I do recall being really disturbed and sometimes frightened by Sixth Sense (When i was a young adult). As a kid I know there are more movies that scared me but really I cant remember (I do remember being scared by the TV Movie version of IT). As an adult, now, I don't find anything in movies to be scary. Quite often Disturbing, yes, but not particularly scary.

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Just about any game/film can do it if you're wrapped up into it enough for a jump scare to work but overall I think that Amnesia & Silent Hill Shattered Memories for games have worked well recently as there's not a lot of combat plus they do a good job on the atmosphere/mood of the game.

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@TwoLines said:

Silent Hill 2, and Blair Witch Project.

A man after my own heart

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@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto said:

Book department - Anything by H.P. Lovecraft


As for movies and games, I usually steer clear of the horror genre.