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" Metal Gear Solid The Essential Collection it had MGS 1-3 for $30 new. "
for ps3??
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two tickets to "Remember Me" with Robert Pattinson. A surprisingly decent movie completely destroyed in the last 10 minutes by one of the worst endings I've ever seen.

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BF: Bad Company 2

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BFBC2 on the PC and in about to get God of WaR 3

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Since natetodamax mentioned music, I'm changing mine; it's "Call It Rock N' Roll" by Great White.

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Darksiders, The Orange Box, and Mass Effect all at once.
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A few nice bottles of decent spiced rum to have with my friends before we go out and get wrecked on cheap, Czech beer.  We call it rumming it before slumming it.  Good times.

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god of war 3 and battlefield bad company.

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The first and second season of Breaking Bad on blueray.  This is a bad a** show more people need to watch it.  Who would have thought the dad from Malcom in the Middle had it in him.
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@DeShawn2ks:  Fuck yeah, he's hardcore. That show is awesome.  
I just bought.. some used DVDs from a closing Blockbuster. Good deals on some weirder documentaries. 
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Mass effect and orange box

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I bought a ceramic white ps3 controller just in case the black one I took apart yesterday broke.  Which it did not, fortunately.

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Bought a DSi XL, mainly for playing the new Pokemon games and  I'm pretty happy with it.  
Even if they announce a new Nintendo handheld at E3, I'll likely hold off on buying it for quite a while.
Also got Perfect Dark on XBLA which is simply awesome.  Rather dated in one or two areas, but still great fun and should keep me going for quite a while.

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Bought a Ds Lite along with Soul Silver.

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Two books on screenplay writing from Amazon: The Bare Bones Book of Screenwriting, and Screenwriting for dummies. You gotta start somewhere, after all. 

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A carrot cake and some Cool Whip.

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Infinite Space

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I just bought Lead and Gold on Steam. 

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@ZeForgotten: Yea it WAS awesome,though its buggy.Thank god for the patch coming on the CD >.>! I found out about in a magazine called 'Pc Play' with the theme of the issue called 'Top 10 games that exceeded the limits part 1',and saw it in my store and was all like "Eh,why the fuck not!"
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Most recent...
video game purchase: Metro 2033
device purchase: iRobot Scooba
drink purchase: Cactus Cooler
Snack purchase: ReeseSticks
other purchase: 50 ft. of CAT5e cable
Next likely purchase: Chicken Nachos.

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Peptol Bismo
Urg... Well I'm all better now!

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" @sopranosfan said:

" Metal Gear Solid The Essential Collection it had MGS 1-3 for $30 new. "
for ps3?? "
No, for PS2.
Last thing I bought was an XBL 12 month Gold card for $38.
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Last gaming related purchase was God of War 3. Last actual purchase was a bag of munchies. 

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Last thing I bought was a pizza and a coke.

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Both excellent purchases.
Last thing I bought was an iced coffee and some chips. Last game I bought was God of War III... twice. One for me and one for my poor friend.
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chinese food for dinner lol  i bought final fantasy 13

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Pokemon SoulSilver for the DS. 45$ is a steal for this.  
XIII is a kick ass game. i had a lot of fun with it on PS2 / PC :D

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@AjayRaz: I know,right?And the critics soooo underrated it....man!If only there was a sequel...*sigh*
@EVO: Why thank you good sir!
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Dragon Age Origins - Awakenings.

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Worth every penny  : )
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Last game related purchase was God of War 3.

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God of War III.

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A Sayer's sausage roll.

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Hey,the back of the XIII box said it contained a map editor-where is it???

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I bought some groceries last night.
Last gaming-related item I bought:

Box Art NA
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Pokemon HeartGold. I'm still waiting for it to ship from Amazon though.

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The first season of Law and Order UK and the 4th season of NCIS on DVD, and Kane and Lynch: Dead Men for $14 :)

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I bought some MS points which I used to purchase perfect dark, some guiness and a pack of smokes.
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6 NES Cartridges.

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Vanilla Coke at Rubio's

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The last thing I bought was Godfather 2I got it from GameFly, they give me a $5 gift card every three months for being a member for so long and it was about to expire so I decided not to let it go to waste and bought the cheapest game that I had any interest in.  I actually rented the game and didn't much care for it, but I think I was just being impatient with it, I'm going to give it another go. 
I also rented the movie The Limits of ControlI've heard mixed things about it, but I guess I'll give it a whirl because Bill Murray, John Hurt, and Tilda Swinton are all in it. 

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@RandomInternetPerson: That game absolutely pissed me off. The save feature screwed me over because I saved with like 5+ health. A guy with a shotgun outside the elevator automatically killed me so I was stuck. It was inevitable. Last thing I bought was a enjoi skateboard.
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a shit ton of Goon