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#1 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4309 posts) -

I'm wondering what creature comforts y'all Bombers do. What's the first thing your browser comes up to when you poke it?

I use Gizmodo. They've done really annoying practices the last couple of years. but, its still the place where I learned how to make vodka soaked gummy bears. ~ Cheers!

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#2 Posted by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

Google on chrome.

Bing on Firefox.

I never use Firefox.

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#3 Posted by Kerned (1184 posts) -

I've used Google as my homepage for years and years. It's super stupid to do that now, since Chrome's address bar serves the same purpose, but old habits die hard I guess.

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#4 Posted by JasonR86 (10147 posts) -

Google on chrome. I try to avoid my other browsers. But occasionally I have to use IE and on there I just have the default homepage which is MSN.

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#5 Posted by Beaker (98 posts) -

I use Chrome's most visited/Apps page.

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#6 Posted by SythonX7 (142 posts) -

Chromes most visited sites page, couple of middle clicks and I've got all my tabs up that I use regularly (Gmail, Facebook, Giantbomb and Youtube etc.)

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#7 Posted by Maximus_VI (63 posts) -

Google for me as well. It should probably be Facebook, as that's usually the first thing I check after opening my browser, but I'm too lazy to change it.

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#8 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -

Google like most people.

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#9 Posted by Morningstar (2364 posts) -


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#10 Posted by kaos_cracker (978 posts) -

New tab page for chrome. Basic Google on Firefox.

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#11 Posted by Demoskinos (17286 posts) -

I just have a blank page load up on chrome.

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#12 Posted by handlas (3138 posts) -

CNN...only way I'll keep up with the news.

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#13 Posted by TheLighterDark (20 posts) -

@kerned said:

I've used Google as my homepage for years and years. It's super stupid to do that now, since Chrome's address bar serves the same purpose, but old habits die hard I guess.

This. I just use the most visited pages for my homepage and search for everything in the address bar.

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#14 Edited by BlatantNinja23 (931 posts) -

new tab page on chrome

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#15 Posted by illegalnull (117 posts) -

I always used google before, but now just search in address bar and use Safari's "Show Top Sites" on the desktop (equivalent to most-visited-pages).

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#16 Posted by pr1mus (4158 posts) -
@kerned said:

I've used Google as my homepage for years and years. It's super stupid to do that now, since Chrome's address bar serves the same purpose, but old habits die hard I guess.

It's useful for a quick access to google drive of gmail all in one place.

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#17 Edited by MildMolasses (3200 posts) -

Yahoo! motherfuckers!

I don't actually use it, it's just that it's been my default homepage since the 90's and anytime I get a new browser, I automatically set it as my home page. Otherwise I only use my bookmarks or the google search bar to find anything

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#18 Posted by Canteu (2968 posts) -

Google obviously.

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#19 Posted by Icemo (713 posts) -

Google.fi. I use gmail too so it's convenient to have google as a homepage.

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#20 Posted by Branthog (5774 posts) -

I don't. I use Speed Dial 2 Pro so I have immediate access to everything that is important to me.

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#21 Edited by TooWalrus (13384 posts) -

Chrome tiles.

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#22 Posted by RedCricketChase (462 posts) -

Google News feed. Booooo-ring :P

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#23 Posted by Hector (3546 posts) -

You guys are gonna hate me......IGN.

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#24 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Most visited on Chrome.

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#25 Posted by mikey87144 (2091 posts) -


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#26 Posted by NyxFe (252 posts) -

I thought Gmail would be an obvious answer but apparently I'm alone in that. It's the page I need to visit most frequently by far for work/information/communication.

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#27 Posted by probablytuna (4704 posts) -

Facebook. I know, I'm horrible.

However, I don't even use the homepage because whenever I open Chrome I just continue with where I left off with the previously-closed tabs.

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#28 Posted by Krataur (486 posts) -

I've used iGoogle for years. I'll have to find a new homepage soon, though, since they're ending iGoogle this November.

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#29 Posted by ManU_Fan10ne (688 posts) -


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#33 Posted by Tearhead (2428 posts) -

Technically Google, but I have my Chrome set to save the tabs I had opened when I close it, so I usually just see whatever I was looking at before I closed the browser.

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#34 Edited by Aaron_G (1681 posts) -

I don't open to anything it opens to my tabs/most visited sites on Google Chrome.

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#35 Posted by Winternet (8372 posts) -

Google. For no good reason, just because.

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#36 Edited by JJOR64 (19665 posts) -

Google. Easy way to test the internet to make sure it's on.

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#37 Posted by Nightriff (7019 posts) -

google.com/ig on all my browsers except for firefox which is my backup and don't care what the homepage is

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#38 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2784 posts) -


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#39 Posted by Ubersmake (771 posts) -

The Currently extension with Chrome. It turns the Most Visited tab into something with the time and weather on it, because the default tab is completely useless for me.

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#40 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

Blank, I am too petty to give any site free visits.

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#41 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

about:blank is my homepage.

I never see it though, since I never close Chrome.

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#42 Posted by JaredA (850 posts) -

Google.com and Torn.com

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#43 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2475 posts) -

I'm using Chrome and my home page is Google.

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#44 Posted by lebkin (341 posts) -

Don't use a homepage. Just leave it as Chrome's default grid of most visited sites.

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#45 Posted by NiKva (133 posts) -

New tab page. I haven't used homepages in years.

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#48 Edited by rpwll (105 posts) -

I use Safari's 'Top Sites' page limited to 6 pages. I think Giant Bomb sits at like number 5 there.

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#49 Posted by Slay3r1583 (712 posts) -

On my desktop I use Chrome and I just have it load up the most visited sites thing.

On my laptop I use Firefox and I use about:mozilla.

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