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Man.. This kinda just makes me sad. Um, I mean I have a Gmail account. But ah, first thing in the morning I kinda like to see a bunch of color.

Go to school, come back and my homepage, "changes." Ah, its fine dudes. I kinda just wanted to see your guilty pleasure sites, and didn't think it was gonna be all Google. Maybe I should of phrase this differently. Whitespace, I'm okay with. I do the GB. It just doesn't update That often. ~ Its still a little interesting, I guess. I liked:

@hector said:

You guys are gonna hate me......IGN.

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Google News

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I use Google.

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30 thumbnails of the webzones that I like to visit the most, using Speed Dial.

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bbc world news.

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GiantBomb, Facebook and Reddit on chrome

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adblock usually takes a second to start properly and subsequently fucks up a homepage load. therefore.


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The Most Visited sites on Chrome. Of which Giant Bomb is #1.

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@hector said:

You guys are gonna hate me......IGN.

Well atleast you knew that going into this.

I just use chromes most visited.

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Google, son.

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I have the New Tab page in Chrome which is annoying me more and more. I should just put Reddit or Giant Bomb to avoid clicking those first in my bookmarks tab anyways.

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I just found out it was Google. I always just have my browser set to reopen the pages I'm closing.

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Google, though it's useless since I use Chrome's address bar to search.

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iGoogle, still can't believe they're going to stop supporting it at the end of the year...

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I have Giantbomb as my homepage

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I still like:

@hector said:

You guys are gonna hate me......IGN.

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The most visited page on chrome is the only answer

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A blank page on Google Chrome.

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had the same email address for years, how can I change it now?

people stole my name on gmail

gotta check my mail though

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Chrome opens to three pinned tabs: Reddit - Giantbomb - Youtube

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Google. Probably set it to tumblr or something, if i remember to.

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Speed dial on Firefox.

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@sythonx7 said:

Chromes most visited sites page, couple of middle clicks and I've got all my tabs up that I use regularly (Gmail, Facebook, Giantbomb and Youtube etc.)

This is the answer I expected most people to have.

Do people really still set sites as their homepages?

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My home page has been Giant Bomb since 2009.

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Google on Firefox.

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Does Chrome not have google-search in the address bar or something ? since so many uses it as homepage..

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it was blank until i realized you could edit the number of sites about:newtab lists. 25+ thumbnails of sites i visit often is super convenient.

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Google on Chrome since that's the browser I use. IE and Firefox have whatever pages they came with (only use those for testing).

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I have Giantbomb as homepage.

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More like pages... Google, Tom's Hardware, Anand Tech, The Washington Post, Nationals Journal, Nats Insider, MASNs Nats page, Yahoo Mail, GMail, Giant Bomb, Giant Bomb forums, Gamespot, Tested, APOD.

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Psyched you fuckers out! It's Giant Bomb.

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