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Does anyone have a example of what the website used to look like from its first design to the current one?

Just wondering how the site used to look.

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You can always check gamebomb.ru. They are usually a few redesigns behind.

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If you go back to the beginning with the Way back machine you'll also see it used to be just a wordpress blog and you can listen to the very first Jeff Ryan bombcast. ;p

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Whoa half star review, I didn't remember you existed on this site!

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This thread is freaking me out

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Wow, I can't believe how different it originally looked. :O

I was around at that time, but I couldn't even remember it looked liked that.

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I never realized the site was so old actually.

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off topic : Does anyone know what "BDDT" means?

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@marzy: Same here. I remember the old WordPress theme way more then I remember any of these old full site designs...

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@ajamafalous: I really think that the one from 2010 was basically perfect - the only thing I would change is stretch it a bit to fit in the Community Showcase and that's it.

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2010 design for life.