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If 4 white guys in a red truck randomly started calling you out, then they drive past you saying their going to shoot you and start making gun shot gestures with their hands and mouth.

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....... Write down the license plate and call the cops? Dude thats pretty messed up. 

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Oh, the Giant Bomb staff likes to mess around with their members sometimes.  Don't worry about it.

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shoot them first.

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Did this happen to you ?? Cuz if not this is a pretty random post

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"White guys." You make it sound like a race thing.
I have had people (both white and black) do similar shit like that to me before, or yell shit at me.
Either get their plate, or ignore them. If they really wanted to do something to you, they wouldn't be such chickenshits.

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yeah it all just happened today when me and my friend were walking from taco bell back to my place
i knew their were just screwing around to get a reaction out of us so we just ignored them, but i didnt get a chance to see their plates
sucks, i shouldve been able to look there when they were driving away
im pretty sure their college students because my apartment is just across the street from the college, we thought that they were probably drunk
and i said "white guys" because they were white guys lol
i have a feeling i'll see them again sometime...