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I'm in a terrible class and I need something to play. Anyone know of a good flash game to kill time?

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I found this to be entertaining the first time I played it: 

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@Alias01:  Not a big fan of tower defence but should hopefully kill time
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Chaos Faction is my favourite; might wanna try out xeno tactic and brainsplatters 2.

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Check out:
 armorgames.com - Great quality games
 casucalcollective.com - This one has online games so its pretty awesome, also great quality.
Blurst.com - You have to install their flash player thing, but its worth it.. these guys make amazing games.. SUCH AS: Minotaur in a China Shop (Amazingly addictive.),  Off Road Velociraptor Safari, Splume (awesome physicsy puzzle game), and a ton more.. huge recommend =P I'm about to play time donkey.. lol. Oh and we cant forget Jetpack Brontosaurus. =P

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@CaptainObvious: God damn you, I dont think I will get work done ever again
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I just played Samorost and absolutely loved it. So I really think you should try it out. It's also quite short...

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@Peter: Hehe, i warned you! :P
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FarmVille :)

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Defend the Castle

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NickM posted CANABALT earlier this week. It's all I've been playing lately.
Edit: Already posted I see.

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Typershark or Plants v Zombies courtesy of popcap.

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Just thought I'd throw this out to anyone out there. Orisinal has a collection of simple but exceptional and charming games.

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@CaptainObvious said:
"http://www.adamatomic.com/canabalt/   Warning: Addictive! You may also want to turn off sound, it's pretty loud.  "

you son of a bitch!!! I will never get any time now to do anything!!!
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@eroticfishcake said:
" Just thought I'd throw this out to anyone out there. Orisinal has a collection of simple but exceptional and charming games. "
Holy crap, I remember playing these like...8 years ago. Jeez.
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Do a Google search for Ikaruga or Super Mario on flash.  I still recommend emulators over browser games any day.

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cookie clicker will steal your soul and replace it with cookie dough.

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cube field 2 is great game to kill time .i am playing it hen i have free time

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It's pretty damn old at this point, but I still like playing Bowman 2

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Frog Fractions of course!

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2048. It may arguably be a clone of Threes, but 2048 doesn't require an iDevice.

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What a good timing for a necro, I just spent hours yesterday (procrastinating) playing Dikembe Mutombo's 4 1/2 Weeks To Save The World and Problem Attic. They're both good flash games in different ways!