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Pick one of your song playlists, what's in it and whats it called?

Air Guitar!

  1. I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness.
  2. Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi.
  3. Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce.
  4. The Final Countdown - Europe.
  5. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey.
  6. Circle the Drain - Katy Perry.
  7. Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance.
  8. Bad Reputation - Avril Lavigne.
  9. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses.
  10. Hit Me With Your Best Shot. - Pat Benatar.

I think thats a solid list!

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@Hizang said:

Pick a playlist, what's in it and whats it called?

OK. *goes to YouTube and points at random*....Goddamn it.

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I never use playlists.

Well fuck.

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Leftfield - Storm 3000

Nathan Fake - Castle Rising

Burial - Loner

Röksopp - Happy up here (Boys Noize remix)

Noisia - Split the atom (Kito Remix)

Leftfield - Song of Life

Burial - Ashtray wasp

Nathan Fake - Outhouse

Benga - Little Bits

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I dont know, Im making a playlist though.  I normally hate Tyler the Creator but damn, this song is good.  Goddamnit Frank Ocean 

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@Sooty said:

I never use playlists.

Well fuck.

Nor me. I don't see the point in them.

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lol right now all it is is the new mars volta album, which is actually pretty good (I wasn't expecting much after Octahedron or whatever)

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Maaya Sakamoto - Poketto wo kara ni shite

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I'm limited to 8GB on my iPhone, so I have a playlist of about 500 songs that I put on there, with stuff from people like Anamanaguchi, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, b4kn, Ben Howard, Big Giant Circles, Bit Shifter, Blink-182, Bon Iver, Braids, Brand New, Bright Eyes, Broken Social Scene, Cage the Elephant, Casey LaLonde, Cold War Kids, Cuttlefish, Daft Punk, Dan Deacon, Danimal Cannon, Darren Korb, The Decemberists, Electric Children, Fleet Foxes, George Barnett, Giraffage, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, I Fight Dragons, The J. Arthur Keenes Band, Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, King Crimson, Kishi Bashi, M83, Madeon, Mumford & Sons, Muse, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Oh Hello's, Paper Lions, Ratatat, Relient K, Robot Science, sadnes, Starfucker, Starscream, The Strokes, Sufjan Stevens, and much more.

So mostly electronic and indie music.

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Every song by Josh Homme including: Desert Sessions, Eagles of Death Metal, Kyuss, Queens of The Stone Age, and Them Crooked Vultures.

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80's Soul

Batillus, Electric Wizard, Thou, Sleep, Conan, Cough, Pallbearer, Balam, Dopethrone.

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I have a K-pop playlist featuring 4MINUTE, Apink, f(x), IU, Girl's Day, KARA, Rainbow, Secret, SNSD, and T-ara.

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Instrumentals: my collection of video game tracks that don't have lyrics, mostly from some of my favorite PS2 jrpgs. I bust it out mainly when I really need to get my homework done. I find it almost impossible to write when I'm playing songs with any kind of lyrics in them, which sucks.

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  1. Defiance, Ohio: Anxious and Worrying
  2. Yeah yeah yeahs: Pin
  3. I Come to Shanghai: The Commute
  4. Au Revoir Simone: Shadows
  5. Vampire Weekend: Oxford Comma
  6. Kavinsky & LoveFoxx: Nightcall
  7. Dropkick Murphys: Bar Room Hero
  8. Red Alert Soundtrack: Hellmarch
  9. Beirut: Elephant Gun
  10. Gogol Bordello: Start Wearing Purple
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There are already multiple "what are you listening to" threads and we really try to discourage even those. Closing since this is pretty redundant and is pretty much only a collection of random lists.