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For me, It's definitely these two, and no mods, this is not a youtube spam topic... so don't even think about it.

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That might literally be all of them.

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Pretty much every standard tune in Zelda and Mario. The main theme of Metal Gear is no slouch either.

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This thread is the very definition of YouTube spam.

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Aww man this thread gorped chrome .Lets make it worst I guess ?

The pinnacle of NFS , it was all downhill from here .

Oh and the soundtrack to a little game called WipEout 2097.

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All of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2's soundtrack.

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@Jrinswand said:

This thread is the very definition of YouTube spam.

Nah, TheHT's post is.

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And my personal favourite...

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Best fighting game ever

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars battle music


Remember watching my brother play this, then playing it myself about two years later.

Oh man, that music brings back the nostalgia pains real bad. I may need to play that game again.

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Unfortunately stating that a thread is not YouTube spam within a thread does not stop it being YouTube spam. This thread is almost entirely YouTube videos with very little discussion and so does not merit a spot on these discussion forums.

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I've been playing those games and immersed into their worlds for hours and days and weeks :)

It was back in my innocent days where I didn't think about gamer scores and achievements and competitions and only enjoyed games for what they were. I didn't rush through games because I already had the next one on my list, but took my time and had them take me into their realm. I wish I could go back to that. When I finally finished Terranigma I was so captivated by it's message and atmosphere I cried. It was the first game that made me get so emotional until years later, when I played Nier.

Secret of Mana and Terranigma will always have a special part in my nostalgic heart ♥

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Keepin it real.

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That one song reminds me of being a carefree little kid. Chrono Trigger's soundtrack does as well but I didn't actually play that as a kid, so I don't think it counted here. Mega Man X and Super Metroid get honorable mentions but none of their songs have ever jumped out at me as much as the above one for nostalgia.

Also, the OP probably isn't even on these forums anymore, but his post is the only one older than 2 days. Just an oddity.

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@believer258 said:

Also, the OP probably isn't even on these forums anymore, but his post is the only one older than 2 days. Just an oddity.

I rediscovered a Serious Sam song from my childhood and wanted to share it, so I searched the forums for "childhood game music" and got this thread. I then proceeded to spend a half hour finding every video game song that screamed "HEY BRO REMEMBER YOUR CHILDHOOD?! HERE IT IS IN AUDIO FORMAT!!"

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I chose this one because time signatures.