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@ahaisthisourchance: @sharkethic: I agree, pickled herring is delicious! New potatoes, butter and pickled herring make a great lunch. And how could you say no to this delicious sandwich?

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Back in high school I raided my parents liquor and mixed everything I could find into a bottle. Rum, vodka, red and white wine, whiskey, various cocktail mixes, and even some dirty old beer. Probably the grossest thing I have ever consumed but man did I ever get drunk.

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@yummylee said:

Ginger beer....seriously that stuff is nasty!

While I would agree with you, that day my friend and I bought all the weird drinks from the college grocery store, the maple soda was the worst.

For me though, Maker's Mark Whiskey is the incarnation of smoke and death in liquid form. Holy shit that was oppressive to drink.

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Slim jim that I got from my father for xmas that went bad from the due date 6 months before. I got food poison and I'm a dumbass for eating the whole thing. He wouldnt take me where he got it and is not allowed to gift me food ever again.

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A bottle of Sambuca

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I had pig skin, not the dry kind you buy at 7-11, but wet pig skin

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I thought for a second it said "...eaten while drunk". Then I realized it didn't, and therefore I choose to not participate in this discussion

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Jelly Fish. As a kid. Traveling Asia with my parents. At a restaurant in Hong Kong. Stole a fork of butter noodles of the plate of my mum. Delicious. "How do you like the Jelly Fish dear?". Grossest revelation ever. I was not prepared. Got over it quickly though. Jellyfish makes for an awesome substitute for noodles.

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Black pudding. Disgusting.

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As an 8 year old kid, i put chocolate yogurt in a hot dog bun with a piece of hubba bubba chewing gum in the middle. The worst part is that at the time, I liked it.

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@icemo: That looks tasty as hell!

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I forgot to bring Patrick this at the meet up in Iceland but something else that is a tradition here is this: Testicles of rams pressed in blocks, boiled and cured in lactic acid. It's too sour for my taste.