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I haven't bought nothing to expensive. But me being curious as always what about you. Name something that you bought that was of high value, and was it worth it?

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White Leather boots for a LOT of money. Worth every penny, they look rad as fuck doe

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Probably my truck from my grandpa for 3000

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Oh wait yeah I've got guitars and amps and keyboards haven't I, I guess them then

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My first computer.

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Parts to build my gaming PC last year which amounted to about $1,100. If you're asking for a single item, it was probably my First Edition Bundle Vita for $300.

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Things that I've bought, or things bought on my behalf? The most expensive thing that I've bought is a year of university for about 8 grand.

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Trip to Barcelona for two.

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A uni course - $40,000.

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Yamaha electric drum set.

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I hope one day I can get a good job. There's so much stuff I want to buy.

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Just spend around $330,000 on a house, totally worth it.

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My car
My most recent Guitar

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If I count paying over time then my Impreza but the most expensive all at once item was prob my PC for about 1400

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If you count the my PC as one single entity, then that is by far the most expensive, but i put it together piece by piece, and I don't think any component was ever more expensive than my 360... That I can remember at least.

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I guess each year of university for £3200, out of material goods its an Alienware Mx11, which needs to be repaired for the third time in two years :-( .

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That's easy, my house is the most expensive thing I've bought. 

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£345 of clothes

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My bike

Edit: Actually that was bought for me so I guess my gaming rig.

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my imac with a warranty for $2100ish

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My first wife.

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My car - $2000

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My wife and I were tired of having money, so we bought a house a few weeks ago. Renovating a kitchen mostly late 60's/early 70's kitchen and replacing 80's windows is a quick way to spend more still.

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@g6065 said:

My first wife.

I can only imagine.

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My bass for about £600

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physical purchase is my macbook pro for $1200

otherwise college loans takes the cake

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I bought a nice looking guitar back when i was a young adult for £500, its not the most expensive thing i ever bought considering my PC that i have was £700 but it was definitely my most frivolous expensive item, It looked good but it sounded like complete shit, I learned my lesson about being a hipster douchebag that day, just because something is hand made and from a small company doesnt mean its actually good. I thought i was the bees knees when i got it too.

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My house

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@EVO said:

A uni course - $40,000.

Yeah...that' do it, what are you studying man? hope it's worth it

@ZeForgotten said:

That's easy, my house is the most expensive thing I've bought.

Yeah, i'm of the fence going down that road, I've got enough to either commit myself to getting a house and then being able to do it up and flick it off later with an increase in value, or, I can go on an OE, which is probably what I'm going to do, I've got around 25'000 dollars if I wanted to get a house and of that If I were to go on my OE for around 2 years I have 14k now with an aim to have at least 20k by this time next year

Biggest purchase I'd have made so far would be my 3rd car, 1st being a 1986 honda civic hatchback my dad gave to me, I had it for 3 months before it shat itself and wasn't worth repair,

Next car was a Holden (Vauxhall) Vectra (An absolute lemon of a car I was to find out)

And the Car I bought with trade of the Vectra with 6 grand his way so around about $10'000 at the time was a Mitsi Legnum the car from my avatar, I had to sell it 2 years later when I was made redundant and couldn't afford it anymore, that was back in 2008 I've had two cars since then with the one I'm driving now a legnum as well, but, it just ain't the same, which is a massive pity and a total waste of money....

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My apartment. After that I guess my old Alienware laptop.

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i have an idea for your next thread... why not ask people what the last thing they bought was.

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A computer for ~12 000 SEK.

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My Car at around $24K. Since I have a car payment, I don't know if it counts.

I think when I bought my TV is was around $1500? My IRS bill last year was 7K$, I technically bought my freedom?

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@Bell_End said:

i have an idea for your next thread... why not ask people what the last thing they bought was.

I already have something else in mind. But thanks for the suggestion.

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I bought a project car to work on, for about 8k. It was running and needed some finishing engine work to have it running at 100%.

That was over a year ago and I haven't really had any work done on it since. Maybe I'll turn around and sell it.

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About 1500 bones for an iMac last year.

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Alot of you guys must makes some good well deserved money.

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College education.

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My car.

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PS3. I think it was around 450 euro at the time.

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My car. 8 g's

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Jumping in with the other duders that said, "my house." Same here.

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Sort of a "duh" question once you reach a certain age :P but ye, like several others have said, my home (apartment).

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My Macbook for about $2500.

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My apartment.

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Yeah having a house got to be expensive. The only way I see myself buying a house will only be to raise a family.

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Considering my age, it was my car. I didn't pay for all of it, but it was still $7000 out my own pocket, which was essentially all of my money bar a couple hundo.

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My car around 6 years ago for about $5,000. Basically bought it for school (had driven my parents' car) to do a one hour commute back and forth for those 6 years. I don't do such a long commute anymore so I hope it'll last me another good long while.

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My house.

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Quite a few ridiculously expensive things. Being a musician'll do that to you if you want anything quality. £1500 for one of the most beautiful sounding drum kits to ever grace my ears is probably the most expensive singular purchase I've ever made.