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Title kinda says it all, what is your biggest purchase youve made that was like throwing cash out the window of a moving car.

For me, as of right now I'd have to say my 3ds purchase which included 2 forty dollar games and the extended battery. That ran to about 350 dollars and most of the time that thing stays shut on my desk. My girlfriend has used it way more than me which makes it a bit more justified but still I can't help but regret buying it, and missing the damn price drop by a few weeks.
Also I bought 2 more games when they came out thinkin I'd play em so you can pile that on as the icing on the cake

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4 out of every 5 Magic booster packs I bought between 9th and 11th grade were utterly worthless, which winds up being a total of about 600 dollars.

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I got the extended warranty on my car for $5,000 even though I was specifically warned that was a poor investment beforehand.

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About $1500 on a learning course for which I could easily have bought a few textbooks for $20 and gotten a better result.. Live and learn.

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We need some Jeff in this thread. From the stuff Ive heard on the bombcast he could destroy it with his hate for money

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Every game on steam that isn't Dota?

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@BaneFireLord said:

4 out of every 5 Magic booster packs I bought between 9th and 11th grade were utterly worthless, which winds up being a total of about 600 dollars.

I know the feeling, I played Lord of the Rings TCG when I was younger, almost aaaaall my money during those years when on booster packs and whatnot.

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15 years of being a smoker. £1000's and £1000 literally set fire to and BURNT...

... what an idiot i was.

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This doesn't count for me but my parents bought me a ton of Pokemon cards.... See how far that got me.

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Some work out equipment that I never use since I'm incredibly lazy!

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Spent $200 (traded in a ton of shit to Amazon) on a Supergirl statue. But...but...hear me out, they only made 7500 so I had to do it, right?...right? lol, a waste no doubt, but it's a nice display piece.

...except it's not actually on display because I'm too lazy to buy a display case.

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When AMD first released their X2 chipsets. 650$ CAD on a X2 4400+ in 2005.

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@BabyChooChoo No no you had too... You had too... All is well.
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I'm not a smoker but I think that take she cake... I guess I would have to say Yu-Gi-Oh cards or Mage Knights (which I still think are kind of awesome, I just never had anyone to play with).

I try not to be wasteful with money anymore... It's proving difficult.

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A lot of Steam games.

I guess, collecting Pokemon cards and Topps Football stickers was a pretty big waste, considering the frequency of duplicates.

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Airsoft, I can only

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$600 for rosetta stone to learn spanish. then 2 weeks later remembering how much i hate spanish and how ugly i feel the language is. and never touching it again.

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Nexus 7 tablet. It was an impulse buy after watching the tested quick look. I just have no need for the dam thing as I'm always in front of my PC and it can do anything the tablet can do only much much much much much better. I'm also addicted to buying games that I deep down I know I will never play. I got hundreds of games on my shelf collecting dust and I still keep buying new ones.

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I would have to go with my ps3 spent like 800 bucks on the thing at launch with a couple controllers and have barely used it.

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Airsoft, I can only
Play half the year because it snows so much here, so I have 1000s of dollars of toy guns sitting in my closest along with 175 dollar vest Cus I had to have a real load bearing vest from the south African bush wars. And I call my self a grown man.

P.s. I accidentally hit submit my phone so I replied to myself, I couldn't find a edit button, sorry if I missed it.
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It's hard for me to pinpoint one grand waste of money, but you can bet that I have wasted money on stupid little trinkets that probably amount to over $1000 when totaled.

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I spent £200 on a DSLR camera a few weeks ago, I never intend to use it.

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Depends on whatever hobby I decide to get into at a certain time, I tend to do such things when I get bored.

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My car. I hate it. I hate owning a car. And I hate putting money into it. By far one or my biggest money drains. I have to have it as I dont live in a metropolitan area with public transit.

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Magic cards. No contest. I spent more money on Magic than I care to admit. Hell, I can't even guess how much money I have spent because the number is so high.

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@IBurningStar: Have you considered reselling them? I paid for a significant percentage of my current laptop with money I got from selling mythics and rares to Card Kingdom.
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@IBurningStar Card games are huge money suckers. I mean you don worry about a pack or two but soon all that adds up to a nasty total
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@Demoskinos said:

My car. I hate it. I hate owning a car. And I hate putting money into it. By far one or my biggest money drains. I have to have it as I dont live in a metropolitan area with public transit.

I'm with you. Glad that my commute to work now means just crossing the street. Something that cost me $14k and is now worth a quarter as much plus paying insurance for it every six months. I can't wait to sell the damn thing and buy a bike.

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250€ on some cool looking shades, which I lost two months after.

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@Hizang said:

I spent £200 on a DSLR camera a few weeks ago, I never intend to use it.

Just be thankful you didn't fall deeper down the rabbit hole before realizing you're never going to use the camera. £200 is not small change, to be sure, but some of the hardcore photography people I know have over $10k USD in equipment and some of them rarely use any of it.

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@Jeust Ah I did something similar. Bought I nice pair of sunglasses only to have a 450 pound man sit on them. I never saw them again
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PSP. launch day.

Walked past the store and thought, "Why Not?". Best MP3 player I've ever owned.

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I'm pretty terrible, and have wasted a LOT of money on a lot of things. It seems like every year at tax time I blow money on something that I end up regretting shortly after doing so. One of the first things that comes to mind is that I bought not one but two PSPs and ended up trading them in for less than half their value for other things.

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@Terrorbite: Nah you didn't, the mobile site doesn't have one for some reason.

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If we are talking about money wasted on needless stuff and hobbies: if I recall correctly, the most money I've spent on a single product in such terms was probably on some PC part or an OEM PC.

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Beer and runway clothes.

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I know I shouldn't be saying this but the ps vita, bought it day 1 and now it just sits there on my table

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@BaneFireLord: Yeah, I sold them a few years back. I ended up making like $700 off of them. I don't know what percentage of my losses I made up, but I'm happy with what I walked away with in the end. Although that money went to buying a PS3 and vidya games, so...
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My laptop. Bought a 13 inch model for 1000$(plus another 100$ to upgrade to 8Gb RAM) in favor of the 15 inch model which was 800$ and had better specs. I thought that the better portability and battery life would make up for the lower specs. Turns out that I can't do my job properly (web dev here folks) on a 13 inch display and I have to use the laptop at work because my employers are incredibly cheap bastards. Oh, and the battery barely lasts 3 hours. Damn you Lenovo!

But it's not all bad, I may be getting a promotion next month, maybe I'll get an ultrabook. What do you guys think? Would that be a good investment? Please don't tell me to buy a Mac, they're really expensive where I live and good luck getting customer support for Apple products in Romania.

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Spent like over £50 on Habbo Hotel shit. But I phoned it all through the home phone lol

Thanks mum and dad.

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Lots of things, but mainly clothes. I once bought a pair of Armani jeans that mysteriously got smaller (or I got fatter.) Those ran me about $200-275CAD, I forget the exact amount.

Also, Ipods.

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http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/boan420 $4100 on steam games , tho theres alot of sale and develoepr bundles there so probaly 50% off that whole figure .. but still dang

plus that does not show all the fucking DLC :(

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I bought a wii and balance board and games at some point a few hundred dollars wasted. Aside from wii sports and no more heroes I hardly never used it. I could couldn't even get through the zelda game cause I didn't care for it. I since given away games, board, and controllers to anyone else who has a wii and asks to borrow them. I'm now wondering if I can take the system and trade it in for a new $60 game?

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On paper, it'd have to be all the money I spent when I played Warhammer.

Had some really good times though, so I'm not sure I really regret it. Still, spending $40 for $.10 of plastic...

I did spend about $1500 on a gaming laptop years ago, and it taught me a valuable lesson about why you should never buy a gaming laptop.

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Trading cards. Had I not bought so many in my younger years, I could have greatly expanded my collection of awesome, not useless soviet gas masks.  

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I keep buying stupidly expensive sunglasses which I don't need at all. I only have one pair of eyes and it's not even sunny here that often.
@beeftothetaco said:

Lots of things, but mainly clothes. I once bought a pair of Armani jeans that mysteriously got smaller (or I got fatter.) Those ran me about $200-275CAD, I forget the exact amount.

I bought a pair of Armani jeans which turned out to be about 4 inches too long for me and they've just sat in the drawer ever since. I'm hoping to grow into them.
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Blew $20 on a Sims 3 expansion.

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Payed a little over 250$ for a Prestige Edition of MW2 on eBay because it wasn't available anywhere when I decided to get it. Kind of a waste, I could've settled for the Hardened Edition. And now it seems like I might make the same mistake with the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition for Borderlands 2...

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@zombiebigfoot If that's the most than your doing alright
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Diamond engagement ring I bought because, hey, you're supposed to do that. Pointless. Hey, let's start a life together, and to kick things off I'll go into debt for this ridiculous trinket of wholly artificial value.

Also a house, but at least that was a bad investment. With the ring, I knew it was a total sucker's purchase up front, and knew I was roped in by social pressure created by one of the stupidest and most counter-intuitive (and obviously successful) social marketing campaigns ever devised. My wife's ring finger screams consumer culture, eschews financial responsibility, drips with the blood of slave labor, and is a symbol of our undying affections...this makes perfect sense, right?