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I don't know, that's why I'm asking. What do you think the most powerful, and in an evil "I will destroy you" kind of way, not a "Oh, I am holy and I can heal the univerrrrrse!" No. Now, some examples, from a video game point of view would be, Combine, Reapers, Covenant, Chimera, and etc. What do you think? Discuss. There's probably a definitive one out there, and I don't know it, but someone might, or maybe there isn't. Right now, I'm thinking about the Engineers from Prometheus 'cause that films been on my mind ever since I've seen it a few weeks back, and the Reapers because of the new ending DLC, that's basically why I made this thread. Oh, and as for the question, I don't really know I'd think the most powerful is, but I'd like to discuss it if you would.

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Reapers duh!

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Chaos Gods and Daemons.

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Flood? They seem pretty unstoppable once they gain enough strength.

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@Kaiserhawk said:

Chaos Gods and Daemons.

One important weakness for the Chaos gods is that if mankind dies then the chaos gods will also die or be severely weakened. Mork and Gork are also more powerful than the Chaos gods   
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Hybrid from SC. Zerg and Protoss together, ready to fuck some Terrans up.

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Reapers probably... seeing as they wiped out all other races? Seems like an easy answer!

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Daleks? I dunno.

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the combine are pretty nefarious.

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Probably the Reapers.

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Whatever Q is.

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@braveortega: From Star Trek: TNG?

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@NTM: mhm

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also, Yuzhann Vong an Protoss seam up there.

Oh! And the Tribbles

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Zerg or The Flood.

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Definitely the reapers, although they're more synthetic than alien.

If we're talking real alien, then the Krogan, unaffected by genophage. Ridiculously tough lizard people that live for hundreds of years and breed at a ridiculous rate. Pretty unstoppable.

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@Red: Well, I would still consider them alien organic or not. Anything that doesn't come from Earth is alien.

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The Viltrumite from Invincible

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The Kardashians.

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@Jimbo said:



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Durge from Titan AE. Only the Creativity of Human kind, and a planet named Bob could take them down.

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@Jimbo: Shep?

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I'm excluding someone like Star Trek's Q, because picking a group of inconsistently-written, supposedly omnipotent beings doesn't seem to be in the spirit of this question.

I'm going to go with Babylon 5's Vorlons. Millions of years more advanced than us, almost impossible to communicate with, them going to war basically means they start blowing up every planet with even a tangential relationship with their enemy, and, of course, they've got those funky shower curtain costumes. Babylon 5 is a space station that basically functions as a kind of Space United Nations for all the different aliens, and having the Vorlons open up an office there is as much a surprise as if God had descended down and opened up an embassy in Washington DC.

Warhammer 40k's Tyranids are also pretty damn unbeatable. Imagine the Zerg, but am order of magnitude more powerful, and they've already consumed a few galaxies before moving into our own. Those awful flesh-tearing mouths? They aren't connected to a digestive system! That mouth exists only to tear your face off!

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Zerg or the Flood. Krogans if they weren't genophaged.

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Are we calling Lovecraft's the old ones aliens or are gods separate from aliens? Because I'm pretty sure they'd sort of eat everything.

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I don't know. I wish I knew the answer to this question because then I'd write a book about it.

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Whatever the opposite of the aliens in Battlefield Earth is.

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@braveortega said:

Whatever Q is.

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Fat Scientologists.

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I feel zerg are significantly weaker then Tyranids fictionwise.

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Evil destroy the universe aliens? Daleks, every time.

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The Reapers.

Because it takes literally ALL of the other aliens to take them down.

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The Time Lords- just biased cause I'm a Brit though

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This fucker right here.

If it had landed anywhere else on earth it would've taken over... seriously, just a drop of The Things blood is capable of making people become infected. They are Necromorphs... ON STEROIDS!!!

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Thanos or Galactus of course.  
But my favorite is the Xenomorphs easily.  

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@VierasTalo said:

Are we calling Lovecraft's the old ones aliens or are gods separate from aliens? Because I'm pretty sure they'd sort of eat everything.

Gotta agree here (and was glad at least someone put the elder gods up here.) When you figure that the best the other super powered aliens could do to the real bad guy elder gods was put them to sleep.. I gotta go with space alien elder gods.

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Evil Alien Conquerors. Obviously.

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Q, and it isn't even close.

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Humans they beat prity much everything you people just listed.

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@CheapPoison said:

I feel zerg are significantly weaker then Tyranids fictionwise.

I'm going with Tyranids on this one. Tyranids wiped entire GALAXIES of life in their never ending desire to evolve and consume. They don't stop, and whenever they are defeated, they just learn, adapt, and evolve.