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#1 Posted by Orange (206 posts) -

I'm not referring to the brand, but what you have actually named it.

I just got a new external hard drive and was wanting to name it something video game-related but I can't choose between the options. It's killing me.

Proceed with your hard drive names!

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HxC Motherfucker

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256 SSD, 128 SSD, Raptor, Storage on my gaming PC.

128 SSD, TV1 2tb, TV2 2tb, Movie1 2tb, Movie2 2tb, Temp 1tb, Storage 2tb, Images 1tb on my home server.

Tardis, Bootcamp, Storage, NTFS on my Macbook

Not horribly interesting. At once point, I had a second gaming PC for guests. PCs were named Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar.

I go swimming through so many hard drives, I need to know what's on it once I've mounted it.

#5 Posted by AlexW00d (6280 posts) -

Local Disk.

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@Atramentous said:


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Local Disk (C:)

My external silver-colored Seagate drive is called "Silver Bullet". Because I thought it was clever.

#9 Posted by FritzDude (2263 posts) -

(C:) & (D:)

#10 Posted by thebeastwithtwobacks (140 posts) -

I named mine "My Very Existence". Seemed appropriate

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Sataday Girl and Son-of-Sata. And that's true.

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Hardest Drive

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This is stupid.

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Also I named my backup storage unit "The Ark"

#16 Posted by ShockD (2403 posts) -

Local Disk. They've always been local disks for me, even the external drive.

#17 Posted by HatKing (5973 posts) -

Nothing too clever on the PC, generally just let it stick to whatever it defaults to. But, on the 360, I thought it was weird that it asked me to name it so I name it "Jim". Jim, unfortunately, was kidnapped. His son took over his spot though, Jim Jr.

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I name them based on the operating system and content. Such as "Win7" for the drive that holds my windows installation and most programs. "Win7 Games" for the drive that holds the games to that installation of windows, and Steam. And "Storage" for music and videos and miscellaneous crap. No SSDs yet.

#19 Posted by damnboyadvance (4060 posts) -

"Hard like my dick drive."

Nah, I just use the factory name.

#20 Posted by NoCookiesForYou (761 posts) -

I name my harddrives based on norse mythology. My C: is called Odin and i store my games in hdd that i've named Valhalla.

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Local Disk and Shite.

#22 Posted by Mackinder (74 posts) -

C, D, E, F, G.

One day I'll have a H.

#23 Posted by gakon (1952 posts) -

My hard drive is named "Macintosh HD", because, y'know. Pretty much all of my external devices/drives have Starfleet designations for names. My thumb drive is NX-74205.

#24 Posted by akeripper4 (154 posts) -

a mixture of favorite pornstars and internet names: devinn, inari, skin, zochvina, zoch

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Wow, that's literally the name of my Xbox hard drive. I'm not sure why I renamed it to that... I don't know.
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@Voxel said:


Wow, that's literally the name of my Xbox hard drive. I'm not sure why I renamed it to that... I don't know.
Please tell me your PS3 hard drive is named Squiggy.
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Me and My Dad name all our network stuff after robots/computers that take over the world.

Our first computer was named HAL, my Dads was named somthing I cant remember, My new computer is named GORT, and my Laptop is named WOPR

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They can never just get along.

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  • Macintosh HD for the internal drive
  • Iniba for the time machine drive
  • Midgar for the external drive
  • Galia for the PSP memory card
  • Key Chain for the thumb drive on my key chain

I should probably rename my key chain one to be my name or address for incase I lose my keys. Macintosh HD could use a more interesting name too.

#30 Posted by Daveyo520 (6786 posts) -

The very creative name of C.

#31 Posted by Inkerman (1451 posts) -

@Irvandus said:

Hardest Drive

That's fucking brilliant.

#32 Posted by RazielCuts (2958 posts) -

issun for my usb stick, red-xiii for my slightly bigger red western digital and big-daddy for one of my terra's.

#33 Posted by believer258 (11948 posts) -

It's just called "Justin (C:)". I did that two years ago and have paid it absolutely no attention since; it is "C:" to me.

I have a second partition that used to be named "Music, Movies, Games (G:)"; the reasons should be pretty obvious but it now houses Ubuntu (...OK, not really, but that would take a long time to explain) as well as my movies.

I have third that the damned Windows 8 Beta created that's just a recovery partition. I formatted that sucker but it's still called "HDDRECOVERY (K:)" and has... stuff on it. I've got to rename it something creative along with the other two because of this thread now.

#34 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

D is main one and then k is the new hard drive. the main one would be C but friend made the portion for windows called C.

#35 Posted by StarvingGamer (8281 posts) -

PC: Izumi
Laptop: Ryoko
iPad: Hikaru

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@Skyfire543 said:

@Atramentous said:


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Local Disk (C:)

Not sure why you would need to name it.

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"None shall disturb the triumvirate."

Other times I switch it to:

"Eternal Jimmies."

#41 Posted by ajamafalous (12007 posts) -

Local Disk (C:) and Local Disk 2 (G:)

#42 Posted by Hilikus (279 posts) -

OS (C:)

Local Disk (D:)

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@Irvandus said:

Hardest Drive

When I get a new computer, I'm naming one of the drives that.

#44 Posted by Stonyman65 (2724 posts) -

Local Disk (C:) and Storage (D:)

I usually have my C drive named "windows" or "OS", but I didn't bother this time. I just plugged it in and let Windows run the formatting wizard and I was done with it. The other drive I had to enable, so I just went ahead and chose D: and named it storage.

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@AlexW00d said:

Local Disk.

This on PC. On Mac, HD 500. I know, I'm clever and imaginative.

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