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#101 Edited by Shinedown220 (148 posts) -

Dust Bunnies!!!!

And an extension cord leading to my alarm clock and a lamp.

#102 Posted by Xeros606 (545 posts) -

some 10lb dumbbells i use whenever i think im getting too lazy.

#103 Posted by pbhawks45 (736 posts) -

A rescue ladder in case there is a fire.

I wouldn't trust the sturdiness of that ladder with my worst enemy.

#104 Posted by capitanm1 (205 posts) -

Shoes and school books.

#105 Posted by CB (116 posts) -


#106 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2884 posts) -

My PS1, my PS2, dust, dog hair, old backpacks and some wicked old gaming magazines magazines.

#107 Posted by Hybrid_SyntaX (1 posts) -

floor , some boxes , some kinda devices , a pair of balances , a chest , dust  and i don't know the rest !

#108 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3501 posts) -

Storage bags filled with winter clothes, shoes (at the edge), and about 15 stuffed animals (all penguins).

#109 Posted by joshrocks2245 (238 posts) -

Nothing right now except for the carpet :P
I just moved into another room in my house so i currently have nothing under my bed 

#110 Posted by sizu (391 posts) -

Nothing much.  Just a bit of dust as I haven't swept the floor in a few days (its wooden).

#111 Posted by CleverLoginName (678 posts) -

Oh crap I have like 5 empty cans. I need to clean up this place.

#112 Posted by Ultimate_pwr_rngr (774 posts) -

trash, drawings and books.

#113 Posted by Happy_Cloud (190 posts) -

I asked it what it was, but it wouldn't tell me.

#114 Posted by microwavedapple (160 posts) -

Under my bed there is old clothes that are REALLY dirty because they've been there so long, old cans of Fanta, some wires coming from my laptop and my PS3 and my PlayStation Eye camera can be found there.

It's so dirty under there that I wouldn't go under my bed.

#115 Posted by chronicsmoke (996 posts) -

my 357.magnum gotta protect my game collection

#116 Posted by serbsta (1867 posts) -

Some weird strings, some DVD's, a few rap posters and 1 old basketball.

#117 Posted by Wolverine (4281 posts) -

I having nothing under my bed but it used to be really messy. I cleaned it up about a year ago.

#118 Posted by AttackedCamo (817 posts) -

A baseball bat just incase someone brakes in.

#119 Posted by KiLL3r (100 posts) -

The boogie man. Seriously, all I have under my bed is Shoe boxes and shoes.

#120 Posted by Riicochet (94 posts) -


Nah, just kidding i would have no one to hide from it anyway and who needs magazines when there is this big thing called "THE INTARNETS!!"

#121 Posted by EndlessMike (516 posts) -

Some old mattress and a bunch of empty beer bottles/cans.

#122 Posted by Veronin (87 posts) -

Probably hair balls and shit because my cat and dog sleep under there sometimes.

#123 Posted by DarkBlyth (112 posts) -

My decapitated Victims

#124 Posted by Strife88 (225 posts) -

Just a few boxes from my skate shoes, hd box and another one where I keep a few things like skate mags, strat guides and random stationary objects.

#125 Posted by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

Lots of spiders - i know this cos they always run down behind my bed

Im scared of spiders - so seeing as i know theres at very least SPIDERS under my bed  -  I am not going to go and check what else is under there

#126 Posted by Major (506 posts) -


#127 Posted by Verdugo (2001 posts) -

Baskets full of old books and shit. Probably an old board game or something, and lots and lots of dust.

#128 Posted by MOSES (217 posts) -

I dont have a bed.

#129 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

A box full of controllers.

#130 Posted by Zola (53 posts) -
MOSES said:
"I dont have a bed."
Are you like a hobo or something?
#131 Posted by CleverLoginName (678 posts) -
Zola said:
"MOSES said:
"I dont have a bed."
Are you like a hobo or something?
I've seen homeless people at internet cafe's. Maybe they want to keep up with the games.
#132 Posted by bigmini77 (28 posts) -

lol i have another bed under my bed i guess you could call it a 2bedder 

#133 Posted by Bartiemus (253 posts) -

Since I just cleaned out under my bed my floor and a guitar hero controller there's no where else for it

#134 Posted by JoeDubbs (38 posts) -

Guitar Hero guitar.

#135 Posted by Corsaer (66 posts) -

Dust rhinos.

#136 Posted by MisterSpiffy (880 posts) -

A Heroscape box. :p

#137 Posted by rpajr93 (10 posts) -

A portal into the gaming universe. I built it after I killed the monster that was living under there.

#138 Posted by DeathStar (253 posts) -

I sleep on the floor =P

#139 Posted by Player1 (3867 posts) -

A container with all of my old baseball uniforms and socks in it. So when im trying to find that one red sock before a game,  I can go to that container, and try to find it. 

#140 Posted by TheCreambun (119 posts) -

I keep a big drawer-ish thing down there. In it are a bi portion of my clothes.... And thats about it... Moved my bed not long ago so its pretty clean but before that there were a lot of dust and a mess of wires and cables.

No porn though... Mags are way too analog :)

#141 Posted by thefjk (137 posts) -

Dust, and a lot of junk!

#142 Posted by PharoahCapcom (480 posts) -

Drugs,Bloody Money and Dead Bodies.

#143 Posted by Systech (4078 posts) -

I used to keep coke under there (not cocaine) when I was little and wanted soda before bedtime.

#144 Posted by L (1681 posts) -

I have some random junk and a DVD recorder box under mine.

#145 Posted by infect999 (355 posts) -

a whole bunch of crap from my earlier stages of childhood...everything from diecast Thomas the Tank Engine trains to Beyblade tops.
#146 Posted by Katsuri (43 posts) -

Lets see....
There are alot of old things, like old games and boxes....and these old boxes contains pictures,memories I'm trying to forget.

#147 Posted by Jothel (925 posts) -

a fold up bed

#148 Posted by WhySoSerious (646 posts) -

My bed sits on my floor, so I'll take the smart ass route and say the floor.

#149 Posted by Evolution (87 posts) -

loads of shit. i used it as a bin for a while and now i dont dare enter in there.

#150 Posted by Jordan23 (1000 posts) -

The evil monkey was living under my bed for a couple of years.

Seriously, I just have a couple of my sneakers under the bed.