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Whats your absouletly favorite album cover of all time?Mine is without a doubt Red Hot Chilli Peppers by obviously,Red Hot Chilli Peppers

   Or Radiohead (The Best Of)im a huge Radiohead fan.
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Can't beat the classics. 
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 Not sure I have a favourite, but I've always really liked it.
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Beck was awesome in the 90's.Right now he's shit.I loved Odelay though.
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Can't beat the classics.

  Unless  it's with another classic. 
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This one is pretty good 

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@sagesebas said:
" This one is pretty good 

Isn't that the avatar of a fellow member on the GB forums?
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I don't like the album itself all that much but I like the cover.
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@OutOfBounds9000: It might be I dunno.
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The is already a massive thread here.

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Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow 
Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica 

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Baby, you know I dig it the most! 
Runner-up was probably The Beatles' Revolver. Other contenders included Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, Dark Side of the Moon, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? (although the album kind of sucks,) Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Abbey Road, ...And Justice For All (compared to Master, the album sucks,) The Wall, Cheer Up! (REEL BIG FISH!!!,) and Disraeli Gears.
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Not an amazing CD by any means, but I like the cover. 

 Not this CD in particular, but rather all of the compilations. Me gusta!
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I don't have one in particular, rather a few favorites. 

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Dude, yes! Not only a great cover, but also an awesome album.
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 i love I Come to Shanghai
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 Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures  
 Matthew Dear - Black City
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   This will be forever inscribed into body when I come of age.
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New Order
Blue Monday 
This cover cost more to produce than the actual cost of the album. A close second is the first Durutti column album cover, which was originally made of sandpaper...
EDIT: sandpaper that was cut and glued together by Ian Curtis while the rest of Joy Division watched porn.
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On a more serious note, this is pretty epic.
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I'm a big fan of this one. Just something pleasant about the lighting on the road. Not their best album but their best cover.


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@AlisterCat: Nice to see another Crazyfists fan.  Unfortunately, I didn't like their last album.  Never thought I'd not enjoy a Crazyfists album. 
@zudthespud: LAWL  My gamertag is BigBearinIt.  Ya know, 'cause I'm doin' big thangs in the 5-9. 
Also, this topic has existed about 500 times already, and I've probably given just as many different answers.  Here's one that I've never given: 

 Says a ton about the man and the album without being overcomplicated.
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@jakob187:  I saw them live at a very small gig not that long after this album came out. Haven't heard anything from them since.
I'm also a massive fan of the City and Colour - The Death of Me EP. Don't know why.
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@AlisterCat: I've always wanted to see them live, but they rarely come down to Texas of all places.  The album after Rest Inside The Flames was The Tide and Its Takers, and that album was phenomenally good, but still just a hair under Snow-Capped Romance.  Their newest one, Collisions & Castaways, sounds like every other metalcore album from the last ten years, which is disappointing in so many ways.  Crazyfists have a pretty unique feel to them, and it felt like they were incredibly held back from their creativity because they wanted to make this faster form of metal.  I'm all for bands evolving, but they evolved into everyone else. 
I dig Dallas' vocals, but I prefer Alexisonfire over City and Colour.
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