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Hey gang, the season of spooks and boos is upon us, and I know for me my favorite way to celebrate it is by eating nothing but Count Chocula brand cereal. I was curious as to your guys' favorite flavors.

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Boo Berry

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fruit brute and yummy mummy sound perverted.

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For some reason I never thought there was an actual cereal brand named Count Chocula, no matter how many times people referenced it.

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I'm convinced that the only reason Boo Berry is so hard to find these days is because the government had no choice but to classify it as a controlled substance.

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@Kevin_Cogneto: Weird, in my town its impossible to find Franken Berry.

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My favorite flaver of Count Chocula is Count Chocula

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Sorry but that shit is gross.

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Fruit Brute. Only because I've only seen it in the wild one time.

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Stupid bastards don't sell it where I live anymore so I can't get my hands on any. Count Chocula is my favourite though, if only I could have some now...

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I've never even heard of Fruit Brute.

I haven't had any of them since I was a kid but I liked The Count the best. That's what I call it... The Count. Because I'm awesome?

This makes me want to go see if I can find any at a store now.

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Franken Berry, duh.

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There is only one flavor of Count Chocula. That is Count Chocula.

That being said, all of the monster themed cereals are pretty fantastic. Never experienced Yummy Mummy or Fruit Brute, as Fruit Brute was gone before I was born, and I never saw Yummy Mummy anywhere before it was canned.

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Where I live we used to have them all, but slowly they disappeared. Count Chocula was the last to disappear from every grocery store in my city, which was about 3 years ago. My favorite of the monster cereals is Boo Berry. The last time I had it was around 1985. Curious to see how I'd take to it all these years later as an adult.

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They're considered seasonal brand cereal now and aren't usually carried year around anymore. I believe they got discontinued in the late 80's early 90's, but most major markets and retail stores will carry them around halloween. Best thing to do is mix them all together and have a "Monster Mash" of sorts. Try it its a once in a lifetime sort of thing!

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I went with Yummy mummy because of the name.

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Fruit Brute?

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Wait, these are all real?

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Whatever happened to these? been awhile since I've seen any in a store.

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I've never had any of these. We always buy generic cereal because we're poor. I'm gonna go have some Crispy Rice.

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Ive never been one for the cheap cereals with marshmallows. I can recall having some lucky charms which I thought were god awful. Honestly I dont think Id tried any of those Ghost themed cereals. I was more into Captain Crunch, French Toast crunch for kids cereal. That or Frosted mini wheats, that stuff is still the shit!

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They don't have any of that where I live.

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@Jrinswand said:

Fruit Brute?

@Bane122 said:

I've never even heard of Fruit Brute.

@BisonHero said:

Wait, these are all real?

Fruit Brute was introduced in '74 and was discontinued after '83. Mummy was '87-'93. The rest are still being made.

Count Chocula>Franken Berry>Boo Berry

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Ah, well that explains it. It was discontinued when I was three.

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It has to be Franken Berry. It's the only one of the above cereals that has a medical condition named after it.

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what is your favorite flavor of Count Chocula?  
it only comes in one flavor, chocolate.  get it? Count CHOCU(late)la. 

never thought i'd have to explain that play on words.

Should have asked what is your favorite Monster Cereal. 
and fuck you all, i've ate them all. yes even Brute. 
(sucked by the way and so does Boo Berry)