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I want to grow my own mustache.

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Tough choice. I guess a well groomed goatee would be my favorite. Muttonchops are a close second.

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@SexyToad said:

King Bob-Omb is that you?

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The hairy one.

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Gotta love the good old stubble.

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I like to keep it simple

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Friendly mutton chops.

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A beard

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I like the goatee/pencil-beard combo

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I'm a stubble man myself but would love to sport a V for Vendetta Fawkesian style. Some day I tell you, some day....

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I like a full beard.

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I always like myself clean shaven, I would also like my future boyfriend to be clean shaven. But I think I would die if Ryan or Will shaved, I wouldn't know whats happening.

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For myself, it's always stubble. The last time I was clean shaven was 1st November 2011, for Movember. I also have sideburns if that counts. They're not huge though, they come up to just above my earlobe and I get those suckas trimmed back whenever I have my hair cut.

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On who? On me or on others? I hate having any facial hair and my body supports this decision. I grow facial hair EXTREMELY slowly and it never fills out slowly. On other, it's a case-by-case basis. Some people are able to rock some looks really well and others look awful with it.

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Eyebrows, people look really weird without them.

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Because I can't do it, my dream is to one day have 5 o'clock shadow.

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Big full beards, with or without mustaches. I'm talking about majestic things dwarves would rather die for than lose.

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A full beard.

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Go full beard or go home.

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@McGhee said:

Go full beard or go home.

Well, it's a good thing I'm at home already with my pathetic stubble.

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Actual facial hair, I cant grow any really, cept for a light goatee but meh :(

edit: if I could grow one this dudes

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a full beard.

if i could, i would grow one. i don't really get a thick, full beard. i have spots here and there.

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@NTM said:



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Big full grown beards. There is no other choice.

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The "You're into prog rock, aren't you" goatee.

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Hobo beard.

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The Henri Quatre/Ringbeard. Aka as de 'Pratende Kut' (Talking Cunt) in Dutch.

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Mutton chops! 19th Century facial hair is the best type of facial hair.

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Stubble, on a guy who can pull off stubble.

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I had a chinstrap for the longest time and it was my fave. Gives you good jaw definition without the scruffiness of a full beard. Goatees are pretty great too.

Wish I could grow some epic mutton chops though.

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The non-ironic stache. If you have a mustache everyone things you're a cop, a molester or a gay porn star. But they are just jealous because only the most strong jawed and handsome can pull it off.

It's a conspiracy of epic proportion.

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On women? I like my woman to have a thick beard.

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Did someone mention facial hair?
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tier one beard

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Viggo Mortensen's beard from The Road is my kinda beard. Post-apocalyptic grief-beard, oh baby yes.

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Since it's 2012, either clean shaven or a full beard -- stubble on off-days because we're only human.

Assholes, douchebags and date-rapists have ruined everything else -- goatees, chin-strap, soul-patch, etc. This isn't the 90's. Sideburns down to the earlobe or mutton chops are unattractive too, and kind of make you look like a creep, but I admire guys like Brad or Pope for their commitment to the burn. Nerds have this weird fascination with long sideburns, it's weird.

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Everybody should have a full beard, I mean absolutely everyone.

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Horseshoe moustache.

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A lot of people here in the Midwest have incredible beards that make me sad to be so patchy faced. I'm still slowly getting more facial hair at 23, but I doubt I'll ever have a good enough mustache to make any kind of facial hair worthwhile.