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I found that grapes make the best snack while playing video games. 

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grapes would be ideal. Juicy, tasty and they dont gunk up your pad.

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anything with sugar helps my gaming by at least 15%  
by sugar i mean cake or cookies those are only 2 examples
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My preference is potato chips, but I do not really do it anymore as I want my controllers staying clean. 
And also, if I were to eat chips every time I played a game I would be one large man. 
But actually, grapes sound like a fantastic idea.
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Pop tarts, oh yeah.

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@ahriman22 said:
" Pop tarts, oh yeah. "
I believe you just won the topic.
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@N3onThr33 said:

" @ahriman22 said:

" Pop tarts, oh yeah. "
I believe you just won the topic. "
 Toaster Strudels!    
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Nothing, I never eat while playing.

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gamer grub! lol jk yea green grapes are the best

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Wine and Oblivion was great Witcher too and STALKER to some extent. Beer and Tiger Woods for the Wii is a must, other consoles no snacks just tobacco, chewing tobacco. Snackless.

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I don't eat while gaming because I'm usually smoking... something. And food would be wasteful unless eaten well afterward.
I usually drink sodas and/or vodka while playing though. Sometimes orange juice or V8/tomato juice if I'm just too hungry to continue playing. 
And sometimes that sense of hunger is falsely inflated due to the rumbling of my chair carrying through to my stomach.

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Eating while gaming is too much of a pain.  But I do enjoy a good beverage when gaming.  What beverage I desire varies wildly based upon my mood.

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The only game where I really eat anything is Flight Simulator 2004, because I leave autopilot on for long flights which, in turn, leaves my hands free to grub. Console-wise I have found that a Redline will help me destroy in FPS's and racing games (Specifically Burnout Paradise and R.R.7) for a good hour before the crashing process starts and I go to complete shit.

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Depends on what's around the house, usually I snack on some mike & ikes or butterfingers when I play games

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I eat sunflower seeds a lot, but I'll often save a bag or two for when I game.

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I drink while I play, but I find if I eat and play at the same time I get my controller all messy/greasy, so I refrain from it as much as possible.

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@Black_Rose said:
" Nothing, I never eat while playing. "
Me 2.
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I drink White Russians while gaming.  
I don't eat food while playing, don't want to make a mess.

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blood of my enemies!
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I don't eat while I play my 360 but I usually have a little snack while I play on my computer.

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Chips and Salsa

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Chupa Chups, a Red Bull and Wipeout HD. Ice cold.

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I'm too hardcore to take a break, I also wear a diaper when I play

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I don't eat when playing. I'll usually have something to drink though.

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Usually a cup of lemonade and nothing else I guess.

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Wasabi flavored almonds or chocolate covered coffee beans.

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XL Pizza.

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Cashew nuts

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Redbull/Starbucks is a must. Nacho Cheese Doritos or Lucky Charms (Depends on which one I have at the moment).
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  • The no name cheeses that don't have a lot of powder on your fingers.
  • Chunks of brick cheese cut into small strips as well as those small sliced ham, peperoni and salami in a bowl.
  • Pizza
  • Mini-Pizza
  • WRAPS!
Pretty much any food that doesn't leave stuff on your fingers or take two hands to eat with. Nothing worse then trying to hit the A key on your keyboard to sidestep an incoming zombie only to have it slip off and hit the caps lock!
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Pizza Rolls!

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I would also have to say Grapes.

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Pizza or Cheese & Crackers are choice while gaming.

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@MasterOfPenguins_Zell said:
" I eat sunflower seeds a lot, but I'll often save a bag or two for when I game. "  
Ah yes, sunflower seeds: nature's crack-cocaine.  
As for me, I usually don't eat while gaming. I'll drink some water though, maybe a root beer sometimes.
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Used to be BBQ flavoured pringles so long ago, nowadays i just live off massive amounts of pepsi-max during gaming...and well during everything actually Pepsi-Max for President!!
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I'm a fan of donuts in the intermission between online games of Call of Duty.

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Gamefuel And Wonderbread 
mmmmmmmmmm good shit.

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I don't really like to eat while playing, but for some weird reason I always enjoyed waking up and having a cup of coffee while playing a JRPG. When Grandia 2 was out that was my morning routene for how ever long it took me to finish it.

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 I love me some carrots
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It is hard,but i gotta say,hmmm....Cashew Nuts are ideal,but i'll say grilled potato chips.
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 I don't normally snack while I game. Although I almost always have a beverage at my side, such as Pepsi, Root Beer, or Sprite.

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frozen target branded fruit snacks, colored goldfish, and cold water. (being serious)