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@sungahymn: Thats a good idea. Dammit.

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anything that isn't winter

right now is great though. Just great. It's magical. It needs to be always like this.

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Why isn't this a poll?

Winter is my favorite. I hate the heat.

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Probably spring time.

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@ShadowConqueror said:


This. Halloween is also my favourite holiday. I don't celebrate it exactly, but I love the atmosphere it creates and watching all of the Halloween specials and movie marathons on TV.

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Summer of course. Who doesn't like wearing shorts?

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Depends on where I am. Summer is without mercy in Shanghai, which is my favorite time of year back home.

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Spring/fall. The perfect temperatures.

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I love summer nights, spring mornings and fall afternoons.
Winter can go take a flying fuck...

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Fall and Spring, because winter is too cold and summer is too hot, so they can both go die in a hole somewhere.

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Just before E3 time, that's when it's just starting to look like summer, the buzz of E3 rumors are in the air, and it's typically when arcade racers and rockstar games release. Examples of mid to late may titles: Blur, Split second, Red dead redemption, LA noire, Max payne 3.

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Every season besides Spring has redeeming aspects to it, but either late Fall or early Winter have the least shitty aspects to them.

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E3. The conferences are both always interesting and unintentionally hilarious. Vinny helps to enhance these moments with his signature blend of crazy.

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oh that must be it. everyone who says winter probably lives in a warmer climate

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E3 time.

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May/June. Hype for new video games it at its peak and the summer block busters start to come out. Also my birthday.

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Fall is my favorite, with spring coming in at second place. Temperatures are just perfect that time of year.

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Late Fall, November/early December. Best temperature range (for me) in my area, highs generally in the 50s.

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Summer, mainly cause off the loooooong vacation I usually have and cause I love the warm weather.

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Autumn because conkers.

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mid/late spring.

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autumn. the weather and temperature are perfect, the falling leaves make everything look colorful and beautiful, and it's also November when all the huge games come out that keep me inside so i don't enjoy the great weather.

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Spring. It is hot here in Dallas, and there are no annoying bugs. It's perfect!

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Overall, my favorite's Spring just because the weather is so pleasant here (Texas). I would say Summer because I love to get out of school, but Summers here, regardless of how much rain we've gotten (we've actually gotten a lot of rain so far this year), are just so relentless; I've seen the temperature get up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit/41.7 degrees Celsius before.

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When autumn's warm, it's wonderful. But tbh, I tend to end up hating every season once I'm actually living in it. Damn you, relativism!

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late spring

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I like winter. Snow is awesome.

@FancySoapsMan: I don't think I made it through ten seconds of that video, let alone ten minutes.

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Winter because I have an excuse to play games.

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May (My birthday) June (E3 and the end of school) July (When summer is at it's peak)

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Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year. I think I'm in the minority though...

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Fall and winter
I suffer from reverse seasonal affect disorder so im pretty irritable and such during spring and summer

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Summer because of no school. Duh!

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Summer here because it only creeps up to 20 degrees and occasionally around 25 but thats about it.  Then again, Vancouver does rain a lot at times during the summer.  

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Summertime and Dec 25 because of the receiving of GIFTS!!!

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Winter or fall.

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Late December and early January.

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October through November. Fall is my favorite time of the year.

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Winter. Perfect temperature.